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Level4 2013-06-13
At 6 Fortune Village, it is actually a food outlet that sells bubble tea, crispy chicken of various flavours, waffles and breads. In fact when I step in, I wanna try their waffles but ends up, I turn to the crispy chicken rice set. There are various types of crispy chicken like salted crispy chicken, sesame seed crispy chicken and so on. At a price of $5.20 a set which does not include a drink, I go ahead and try their sesame seed crispy chicken rice set.Whether is take-away or eat-in, they serve their food in a box for take-away. So I choose to eat-in.The amount of crispy chicken is quite generous, along with half braised egg, salad top with tartar sauce and preserved mustard greens. Do you think is worth from what you see?First I taste the braised egg. It is a little harden, maybe left outside for awhile. Two mouthfuls and I'm done with that average taste egg. Al I finished is the preserved mustard greens and salad. I ate it together with the rice. Both are tasty plus crunchy. And lastly the crispy chicken. I asked for a light spread of chilli. But the sweetness of the chicken is overwhelming. Nice tender chicken. But I don't get it how this is sesame seed flavour. The taste to me is more like a honey glazed chicken but a deep fried type. Overall, at least the food are warm and pleasing to our taste bud. I can't finish everything. Sometimes we unexpectedly get cold food, which is not very good for our body sometimes.During a period of unpredictable weather, I suggest we have something like instead of this. Now is school break so the crowd is less. But even during school time, the crowd is not as overwhelming like others. I guess not many people will want to have crispy chicken everyday. continue reading
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