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4 Colors Set Pork Belly Kimchi Stew
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Level3 2017-12-28
Was craving for Korea BBQ and search for this place from review.It was at level 4 quite coner just near elevator. We ordered their signature 4 colour sliced pork and favour bingsu. This order consists of 4 colour set of pork with original, herb, spicy and special Korea sauce. The overall was cooked by their trainer staff which it very polite and nice service. There are alot a of side dish along like beans sprouts, tufu, vegetables, seaweeds etc. Just like Korea eating style wrapping vegetables with some spicy sauce, a slide of pork and choose those toppling need. Just place inside your mouth and enjoy this special treat. I like to dip pork directly to sauce which is tastefully done too. With the combo set, there is a seafood stew with spicy 🌶 korea soup. Toppling of seafood include 2 big clams , prawns, tofu, vegetables and sotong. I personally like the soup texture as it is spicy and “hot” in hot plate. The last was strawberry serenade (Bingsu). The toppling with almonds , strawberry , ice cream and a lot of peanuts. The thin sliced iced is made from milk...Very nice looking shape and sweet. Without any milk topping is already sweet. For those who take care of their body ? Like it or hate it. Hmmm continue reading
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Level4 2016-10-10
Surprisingly 8 Korean BBQ originated from the heart of Korea Town in Los Angeles, California, America. Its first outlet in Singapore was opened in The Central. Recently in September, it had opened its second outlet in the recently upgraded Shaw Centre. The second outlet was much smaller compared to its first outlet with only indoor dine in area. The tables here were arranged to seat 4 each, each with 2 stoves, one for grilling, while another for stews. Check its stools, where one could lift up the top, to put bag in.Iced Yucha Tea ($4++)The drink was commonly known as citron tea, was a traditional Korean tea (herbal tea) made from the citrus fruit yuzu. It was light with a slight citrus taste.Passionfruit Makgeolli ($35++)Organic House Brew Makgeolli slushed with PassionfruitIt tasted milky with a slight citrus taste.We were served pickled radish, boiled spinach, and boiled potato as Banchan (side dishes). The plain looking potato was peaked up with a sauce made with syrup and soya sauce.Korean Grilled Squid ($18++)It was grilled with butter on the spot, served with a mixture of soyu and mayonnaise. The squid tasted tender and bouncy.8 Colours Set ($98++)8 Flavours of Pork Belly from Mangalitza (Mahn-ga-leet-za) Hog, a rare pig of Hungarian origin.Original/ Wine/ Curry/ Garlic/ Miso/ Herb/ Kalbi/ Red Pepper Paste Interestingly the meat was covered with a sheet to prevent oil spattering. Out of the 8 different flavours, the garlic flavoured one tasted the strongest. The rest seems to be similar in taste.The kimchi and marinated bean sprouts were served on the lower end of the griller, as it soaked up the flavourful oil released out by the fatty pork belly when grilling. This gave the usual vegetables an enhanced flavour.Army Stew ($24++)It was instant noodles served with luncheon meat and sausages. Felt that the version here was a tab plain.Kimcheese Fried Rice ($20++)Tossed with raw egg, cheese, bonito fish flakes, which gave it an umami taste. Everyone's favourite.Seafood Pancake ($20++)Served with soyu, it tasted average.Pork Belly Kimchi Stew ($18++)Looked simple, the pork belly was tender and smooth.Wild Mushroom Set ($18++)I was surprised how good it smelt as the garlic butter melted on the mushrooms. The golden mushrooms soaked the flavour of the butter rather well.Choco Loco ($18++)Nutella strips hidden under a hill of melt-in-your milky shaved ice, topped with chocolate powder, brownie cubes, chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream, marshmallow, and crunchy chocolate balls.Bibimbap Bingsu ($28++)Served in bibimbap stone pot, the shaved milk ice was topped like a rainbow with rainbow-coloured mini marshmallows, crushed oreo, toasted almond slices, chopped grapes, chopped strawberries, red bean paste, granola, chopped kiwi and peach. It looked so pretty that we did not remember about the sauce for it. Looked great and tasted great!If you are coming with a group of friends, don't forget to order Seoul Train.Grab a spoon and hit the first shot glass lightly to activate the Seoul train! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)