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The culinary legacy of Goubuli [狗不理] began in 1858 by the establishment of its first outlet in Tianjin, China. The legendary Goubuli Baozi was invented by Gouzi [狗子] using half leaven dough, richly flavoured meat and a delicious soupy filling. The famous Baozi attracted patrons from all over China and business was soon doing so well that Gouzi became too busy to engage in small talk and people started calling him Goubuli (which means dog ignores). Hence the name Goubuli [狗不理] was born. continue reading
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Goubuli baozi (狗不理包子) literally means “the dog not give it a damn” in English, a name hardly can one makes the connection with a reputable food popular in Tianjin China and now a well known buns prevalent in many parts of the mainland China.The original restaurant was opened in 1858 in TianJin China, the man behind the shop started the business with his tantalizing buns that even the Empress was deeply impressed, the business was so overwhelming to the point the boss had to ignore whoever approached him in order to make more buns, the arrogance and boastful attitude annoyed the public and everyone started associating him in a relegate manner describing him with a conceited pet.After more than a century, Goubuli has found it ways into Singapore, setting up first restaurant and introducing the famous buns here at Singapore Marina Bay Sands.We managed to try all the three types of buns with different fillings. Meat ($2.60), the Wagyu beef ($3.50), vegetable ($1.90) fillings, the beef and vegetables filling were the most delectable and flavourful amongst the three varieties, the bun skin was soft and fluffy; however, we wish the fillings can be more compact to fully enjoy the goodness of the buns.9 Guobuli may be specialised in the baozi but somehow we prefer the cooked dishes more than the buns in our opinion. The succulent Dan Dan Noodles, Fried Diced Chicken in Chili to the Braised Fish Maw in Superior Soup are enthralling and awesome. We like the dishes for it well balanced in the seasoning, not too heavy in sweetness or saltiness (ok..a little numbness) and truly a comfort food that most of us find it alluring.Please refer to www.ieatandeat.com for details review. continue reading
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