Addictions Café & Remedy Bar centers on a tongue-in-cheek attempt to celebrate the full flavor of life while striking a balance between good and evil, sinful and healthy, but most importantly, to satisfy addictions with an appropriate remedy. Diners will be spoilt for choice with a multitude of options ranging all-day dining choices to holistic hearty meals and Addiction Café’s own interpretation of popular sweet treats. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Cold Vermicelli with Crispy Chicken Leg Crab Bisque Garlic Rosemary Lamb Burger Sanguine Surprise
Review (8)
Chicken sausage which was actually decent. Portion looks small, and is small. Not recommended for big eaters.I got this Smoked Salmon Benedict and... I was disappointed because when I was first served with my first plate of smoke salmon benedict, my benedict burst even before I ate it.I refuse to accept my poached eggs bursting even before touching it. So I asked for an exchange. They did exchange for me but unfortunately.. it wasn't really very good. My toast was bad. It was just like 'bread'.Overall, sorry but no. I didn't enjoy myself and I didn't like the hollandise sauce either.See the actual post here: http://www.pepperminter.com/2014/09/cafe-addictions-cafe-remedy-bar.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-12
My friend was in town for business trip on one of the weekdays so we decided to have our dinner session at Marina Square shopping mall. The mall was newly renovated last year and there are new additions of F&B restaurants available for shoppers and patrons. We were considering which restaurant to try on and decided on Addictions Café at last. The café has a spacious open concept layout which apparently ideal for small gatherings.For the mains, I had the half spring chicken in pommery mustard with french beans and baby potatoes @S$19.00. I enjoyed it as the chicken is nicely marinated and crispy on the outer’s skin. The meat texture was tender and succulent. The portion is quite generous and filling for me.Truffle fries with parmesan cheese shavings @S$10.00 was served as our ala-carte. The portion is quite decent with the value price offer. I personally feel that the parmesan cheese shavings are not equally spread all over the fries. We barely taste the parmesan cheese and truffles halfway through.I had their signature non-alcoholic drink which is the Berry Orange Raise @S$10.00. It has a complex independent taste that includes orange, watermelon, apple and strawberries. However, watermelon was out of stock when I ordered and they add in more orange into the drink. Thus, orange taste is much stronger than other fruits that are in it.As for dessert, we tried the Flourless chocolate cake with coconut cream cheese icing, brandy chocolate ganache and vanilla ice-cream @S$10.00. The chocolate taste was strong and sinful and if you are a chocolate lover, you should give it a try.Overall, the café provides a wide range of selection from appetizers, mains and dessert which is quite comprehensive. The price and the food quality are reasonable and affordable and it is conveniently located in the shopping mall which is a few meters walk away from City Hall MRT station. continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-19
Monday is the worst day of the week. Just a few hours of work is already killing me. I decided to walk over to Marina Square to find some remedy.There I spotted the cafe called Additions Cafe & Remedy Bar. It was still quiet at 11.30am, no lunch crowd to fight with.The first thing I noticed is their unique menu. The menu was made of wooden board instead of the traditional paper menu. I was served with a wine glass with cold pink liquid. I was just about to wonder whether the wine glass was pink or my eyes were playing tricks with me when the mystery was solved by the kind waiter that they have added some sweet preserved cherries into the water. I have decided to just order their Truffles Fries.The Truffles Fries was served with shredded cheese and parsley sprinkled on top (S$10). They also comes with condiment of chilli sauce, sour cream and ketchup served in a 3 in 1 sauce dish. The fries were crispy and full of truffle's flavour. Now and then, you can also taste a hint of cheese on them. I actually skip the condiment as I thought will "destroy" the full truffle's flavour. Indeed a good remedy for my Monday Blues continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-13
Found a place for truffle fries. To me, not many cafes served that awesome fries.I was fascinated by the pink water while waiting to be seated. End up, it is just some plain drinking water with colourings or sort.Truffle FriesThis one makes me feel like I'm having normal fries at Mcdonald's, except that the oil used is different. Still prefer a thicker fries version. But nevertheless, the whole bowl was wiped out by us. Just love the crispy cum crunchy sound coming out from our mouth. Love!Soft-shelled crab saladOther than the soft-shelled crab, I love the salad underneath. The former is indeed soft but a little cold, which is not crispy but not very oily too. The latter was good. I love spinach. The dressing blends in well. Tastes the sweetness. It also helps strike a balance for our diet. Shall come back for their main course one day. continue reading
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I was wondering around at the newly makeover dining wing, The Dining Edition, at Marina SQ looking for something unique for dinner. This cheery open-concept eatery tempted me with their eye-catching bright yellow, green & blue chairs and off-white tables, pillars and floor.I went over to check out their menu on display at the entrance. A manager guy came over and convinced the skeptical me that they serve good value food made with fresh quality ingredients and they have a good mix of western and asian selections. I finally decided to give it a try.The cafe has a all-things-natural type of decor theme. Check out the off-white tables & pillars that looks like deliberately aged painted wood etched with signature deer antlers signs, the interesting wooden framed Drinks menu boards carefully divided into several categories, and the hand-drawn animal prints photo frames on the wall. They also have low sofa type seating for patrons who wish to chill out with drinks only.At every table, there is a bottle of Antipodes water $9++ (pure aquifer groundwater from NZ). I asked if they serve regular ice water, they do, so I had ice water instead. The ice water had subtle hints of grapefruit flavor and is slightly pinkish in color. I realized that this was infused water that contains grapefruit slices & cherries...nice, and best of all it is complimentary (served upon request).The main menu is simple and well categorized with a handful of items under every category. Selection isn't exactly extensive but I managed to pick a main course from the 'Asian Delights' offering. I also ordered a fresh squeezed fruit juice from the 'Elixir of Life' category from the drinks menu.My Spiked Melon $10++, a mixture of fresh watermelon, rock melon & honeydew. Nice presentation with a wedge of watermelon as decor. This was refreshingly sweet and had layers of flavors coming from the three different kinds of fruits, I enjoyed it very much.Slow cooked pork belly with tomato rice & asian greens $16++. Generous portion of chunky pork belly slices topped with thick curry gravy. The pork was cooked till really soft, it was juicy and tender and goes well with the spicy curry sauce. The tomato rice was flavorful but a tad dry, I wish they had more curry gravy to go with the rice. The asian greens here was stir fry caixin which was fresh and crunchy. Overall, a pretty delish dish.The service here was very good, with smiley waiting staffs checking on us every now and then to see if we need anything else or if the food and drinks were ok. A slight raise of hand would have them rushing over to serve you...nice! Food quality was good and reasonably priced, and the ambiance was great. I would gladly return to try the other interesting items on the menu.For full review and more photos, please visit http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2013/09/dinner-at-addictions-cafe-remedy-bar.html continue reading
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