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Through a Malaysian government-funded initiative, Agrobazaar Singapore brings to the progressive Southern nation the fruits of Malaysian agriculture. At Agrobazaar Singapore, one might expect to find the very heart of Malaysia – its food, its agriculture, its hospitality, and most of all, the culture that binds it all together. continue reading
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Penang Asam Laksa
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Level4 2015-08-25
Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore is a one stop place for shopping, dinning and chilling out with friends, family and loved ones. It is a hub of promotion solely for Malaysian grown and Malaysian produced goods, café (KopieSatu) and a restaurant named Verandah. There have 2 levels where the 1st level is the shopping hub with the café. Going up to level 2, it is the restaurant with indoor and alfresco dining.I was here for the tasting session few weeks ago and had a mini tour around the shopping area at level 1 before proceeding to level 2. Once we arrived at level 2, the alfresco dining area, we had a mini game before the tasting session began. Each group has to produce fruits art and the best winner will win away some prizes.Foods were served in buffet style instead of their standard serving. Thus, the photos shown here are all based on our own proportioning and plating. However, the foods served are all in the menu with their standard portion and pricing. Here are the overall foods shot that I took in buffet style.Homemade Chicken Satay S$7.90. Tender chicken marinated in spices.The satays were grilled and served with coconut influse peanut sauce. I personally enjoyed the texture of the satay with minimal fats in it.Tauhu Bakar S$4.90. Grilled crisp tofu packets served with spicy peanut sauce which is one of the signature dish for Malay cuisine. There are spicy version ones and I am glad the one here doesn’t taste that spicy. With the add on peanut sauce, it gives the crunchy bite.Mee Bandung ‘Muo” S$8.90. It is known as a popular Malaysian noodle dish with distinctive gravy of mashed potatoes,chicken stock, tamarind, blended chilli and curry powder. I used to have this during my recess time at school times.Penang Asam Laksa S$8.90. It is ranked 7th most delicious food in the world by CNN. If you are a fan of asam laksa, go for it.Rainbow Durian Cake S$8.80/slice. A rainbow coloured sponge cake with durian goodness. Instagram-worthy colour and visual satisfying. However, I find the durian taste was not strong though.Chendol S$4.00. Traditional dessert made with shaved ice, coconut mild, green starched noodles with pandan flavouring and palm sugar. There are choices with cut fruits S$4.50 and with durian S$5.00Crispy Banana Fritters S$4.90 for 7 pcs and Crispy Cempedak Fritters S$6.90 for 7pcs are available too.Ice blended caramel S$7.00 are available at level 1. We were served the sample portion so fret not with the price offer, they do serve a standard portion for the drink.Traditional Teh Tarik S$2.00 for hot and S$2.50 for cold are available as well.Overall, we have a fun time with the owners and foodies. The foods have strong and rich flavours. The local delights are appetizing and delight our tastebuds. continue reading
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