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Level2 2016-07-29
Ah Seng really live up to his name for quality durians. MSW was really good. We also tried their MQ (Mei Qiu) also tasty but it's best to eat MQ follow by MSW. Today price only $15/kg. We had 7 durians and cost us only $140! As usual long queue... But can be fast. Must call to make reservations beforehand to avoid any sold out disappointment. Reservation @ 9465 6160. continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-20
Well, it's close to the Christmas period and a time to indulge, so me and 2 friends went to Ah Seng's after lunch for durians !! We have tried the D24 and phoenix durians here before, and they were all good and reasonably priced. But today, this review will just focus on the "red prawn" variety which I'm trying for the first time When I told Ah Seng (the friendly stall owner) that this is my "virgin" try for red prawn durian, he happily offered me a short introduction to deciphering if a red prawn durian is authentic. Well, firstly the durian seeds aligned together in the shell resembles a prawn shape - hence it's name. Also, if you look at the picture below, near the "head" of the prawn, you have a little crevice/hole there where the "eye" of the prawn will be. The durian flesh itself also has a slight reddish tinge. So tada!! Now you are one step closer to being a durian expert. Psst...the red durian is an award-winning variety (it won prizes in Penang before, a tasty nugget of info provided by Ah Seng) We bought one durian for $10 ($6 per kg) and there were at least 20 seeds inside, which gave us plenty to share among the 3 of us. Only the seed for the biggest piece, the "head" is slightly large, else the other seeds were all really tiny...yummy lotsa flesh. The flesh is rich and creamy and I think it ranges between 30-40 % sweet and the rest bitter. If you are the kind who likes the "kor bak" or bitter taste type of durians, this is definitely for you! Personally, I feel that if the durian is not too overwhelmingly sweet, you can really pop many at one go without getting sick of it too soon hehehe. Two happy-looking prawns (actually we are the ones we looked happy) below. The durians were so finger-licking good, an auntie who passed by us actually smiled and commented jokingly: "Careful ah, don't eat your fingers". LOLThere is a little table next to the stall where you can eat the durians right off the shell. You can wash your hands too after that using a water-dispenser container thoughtfully provided by Ah Seng.Well there you go, a picture of happy Ah Seng which reflects our feelings too after our durian feast. Will be back for more to try out the other varieties!! (One only has enough stomach space after lunch to focus on a specific variety ) continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)