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Level4 2013-07-29
Shopping with hubby at Plaza Sing, wanted to try out new restaurant for a change.. the ambience was cozy and neat with limited seats. While there’s a lunch crowd, the staff was still holding out well with friendliness. We ordered Ton Katsu Ramen and Cheese & Sausage Ramen.The Pork Katsu Ramen was dry and tough, had to soak in the soup a bit more so it softens. But batter becomes soggy by then. There’s generous portions of corn and beansprouts.This Cheese&Sausage Ramen is a must try as it’s unique and special to me, haven’t really seen or tried this elsewhere, would definately go back for this again! continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-09
Went for lunch with a couple of friends to this japanese eatery as it was the first one along the Tokyo Walker (few japanese stores next to each other. You can order from one store and bring it to the other!) and we were really hungry! Got attracted into the store by the tantalizing set menu that they were advertising outside the store. The tables were lined in such a way that it felt a little cramp if given the normal tables instead of the booth, but the environment was still quite good as the interior had some japanese related drawings and paintings. I ordered the tofu burger set - $8.90 (?). It was soooooo yummy! The omu rice made me feel like i was in a korean (rooftop prince) drama (i know it's not jap, but i love it!!!!)! It was not the normal white rice but the rice was mixed with tomato which gave it a stronger taste. Coupled with the tofu burger (tofu + beef), it was a match made in heaven! I love it!! Plus, the egg omelette was a little runny and not overcooked! PERFECTION! The fries that was given was ok, nothing special. But it was piping hot! Fresh out of the frying stove (plus point!). I felt the broccoli and tomato was only for aesthetic purposes. Soup served along was minestrone soup, a bit too sour for me but it was still delicious! There were huge chunks of carrots and onions floating around! The whole set was very worthwhile of the cost. Plus, the service was quite good as well. Although some of them do not know english very well, they try their best to explain and understand what we were asking. Service was also very prompt and they served water without us asking! (free-of-charge!)I will definitely come back and try the other items as i heard that they are more well-know for the ramen! continue reading
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Level4 2012-04-10
My friend wanted to try this so we went in.There wasn't many people at around 6pm plus so service was quite ok I order this fried tempura prawn set and my friend ordered a sushi udon set.My fried tempura prawn set was quite scrumptious! It comes with an omelette rice, fries, 2 fried tempura prawns and a mushroom soup.I was surprise at the portion, mine cost only $8 plus if i didn't remembered wrongly.I ordered a strawberry soda drink that was top up for the meal at $2 too.The drink was surprisingly refreshing for me to quench my thrist.For my set, the tempura prawn was quite poorly fried and abit soggy and oily.For the mushroom soup, i would say it's more of a watery mushroom sauce than soup.My friend's set was slightly more expensive than mine, she had the udon, 2 pieces of fried chicken balls and 1 platter of sushi.She said hers was ok except that she didn't really like the fried chicken as she find the flour coating a tad too thick.Overall, i recommend this place and would be back to try others.I have a very good impression of their big portion and affordable prices continue reading
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Level4 2011-05-21
Was catching a movie at Plaza Sing with a friend. After we bought the tickets, we went to have our dinner. As we didnt really know what to have for our dinner, we just simply walked into this Japanese restaurant after seeing their menu. I was actually attracted by their menu, thought this Japanese restaurant seems to serve quite authetic Japanese food.I have ordered a terriyaki chicken set while my friend had ordered their signature chanpon set which come with 3 crabs sushi too.My terriyaki chicken set came first, so i actually start my dinner first as i was feeling hungry. The chicken was so-so only, infact it was overcooked which made the chicken meat quite dry. The cabbage was dry too, which i think it must be left in the open space after sliced for too long. The cabbage has lost the most of its moisture. The cold tofu was average too.The portion as you can see was really quite small. I actually finished my set before my friend's chanpon came. They actually missed out his order which took them quite awhile to prepare. Anyway, i tried my friend's chanpon when it arrived. Its was quite dissapointing too. It was actually more like a bowl of mixed vegetables with lots of raw cabbages. The vegetables was too overwhelming, so much more than the noodles. Anyway, nothing special about the noodles, it tasted very much like our chinese yellow noodles, just that chanpo noodles was much thicker. The crab sushi was also very disspointing. The crab meat and the rice were not fresh, The sushi actually 'stick' on the plate. I was having a difficult time of picking the sushi up. The rice was a bit sour and sticky too, and thats why the sushi just stick on the plate. continue reading
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Level2 2011-03-03
This is the first time that I dine-in at a Japanese restaurant. The food was not bad. The main course was alright with quite some variety and creativity. I think that the desserts can be improved as the choices available are rather limited. The placing of the furnitures can be improved as I find it a little crampy. The atmosphere can be improved with some relaxing music. It was rather annoying to keep hearing the repetition of the advertisement of the neighbouring restaurant. The service was average. There is definitely room for improvement. continue reading
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