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Level4 2013-12-04
Roti Prata is amongst my usual options for a simple breakfast. This prata stall replaced a Malay stall that moved away. That Malay stall used to serve nice prata and curry puffs that i still miss quite a bit. It was one of those mornings that i do not know what to eat so i decided to give this new stall a go. I ordered 2 pieces of plain prata to take away. Those prata have already pre-prepared and stacked up by the side. Upon order, they threw it back to the pan and heat it up a little. When it was ready to serve, the stall assistant slapped it a little using bare hands to loosen its texture before placed them on the brown paper to wrap it up. He was using the same hands to handle cash when i paid him later. Honestly, i was a little uncomfortable when taken the hygiene issue into consideration. Do you find this to be acceptable?Though effort has been made to heat up the prata to give it the slight warmth but it still did not taste as crispy as expected. Perhaps it might fared better if i eat it right there. Apart from greasiness, the texture of the prata was rather light and fluffy. It actually tasted quite nice. It might even be better if i did not witness he handled it with bare hands. The curry sauce that accompanied it was quite good. It has got an aromatic curry taste and rather thick in texture with a comforting level of spiciness. Though it tasted better than expected but i am not too sure whether would i go back again. continue reading
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