Alfero Artisan Gelato offers a range of Italian gelato so authentic that as they say "Even the Godfather loves it!". continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-29
See pictures @ http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/04/alfero-artisan-gelato-orchard-gateway.htmlBest pistachio gelato around. It was creamy and rich and wonderfully nutty, I loved it, and I'm not even a fan of pistachio. The mango passionfruit sorbet is refreshing but nothing compared to the pistachio flavour. Skip the chocolate and tiramisu, both were forgettable. continue reading
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Review with photos at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/03/18/alfero-artisan-gelato-orchard-gateway-singapore/Alfero Artisan Gelato is now located to the heart of Singapore shopping belt, Orchard Gateway. The man behind Alfero Artisan Gelato, Marco Alfero, is an Italian who grew up eating gelato and even as his regular meal. Me too am one who does that at times does too. Lol! He ditched his profession as a Finance Manager for a Gelato Chef, a passion he holds since he was a kid. His first outlet was opened right after his training at the fame Gelato University of Carpigiani in Italy.At Alfero Artisan Gelato, there are 3 guiding principles; Be Natural, Be Nice, Be Excellent. That’s explain the consistency in quality of all flavours anytime. Most of the ingredients were imported from Italy or Europe, except some of the local ingredients. And the interesting part about Alfero Artisan Gelato, you won’t be able to spot the physical gelato. They are all hidden within the pozzetto cabinet so as to maintain and ensure the best quality gelato is served to their customers.At Alfero, both gelato and the sobert are offered. Each day there are about 2 dozen or so flavours for diners to choose from. Oh my, we are so spoiled for choice. It really complicate decision. Lol! The good news is that as all Gelato shop, diners could try before ordering.I tried almost all the flavours. Most flavours were outstanding but there are a few which somehow I am dazzled, fall head over heels with. Pistachio and Bacio are my ultimate favourites. The new flavour was the Raspberry Lychee Rose which was a little too sourish for me. I find it acceptable if I have it in a small quantity. Certainly not the entire scoop. The other new flavour was the Masala Vanilla.Fresh with a varieties of flavours is how I would describe Alfero Artisan Gelato. I am sure everyone could find their favourite flavour or even flavours at this dedicated gelato parlour.More reviews at http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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Alfero Artisan Gelato at Orchard Gateway #B02-06 got the most yummy Gelato Ice Cream on the island. With a voucher for $5, Mrupupup tried out the Gelato at Alfero Artisan Gelato.Mrupupup looked at the various tubs of Gelato. The tubs were chilled and hidden inside those tubs were various flavours of Gelato. There were flavours of hazelnut, durian (premium), chocolate, berries and many more. As we were trying to match the flavours for two scoops, Mrupupup ordered the Matcha Green Tea and yuzu flavours. These two flavours - one sweet (matcha) and the other a bit sour (yuzu fruit). The combinations was yummy and smooth. With the voucher, mrupupup paid only $0.90 of the $5.90 price. Mrupupup also had a nice seat inside the shop which was crowded on a weekday night. People were just chatting over the Gelato and having a good time. Oh, taken from the table-note about Gelato as compared to normal ice cream, Gelato contains all natural ingredients which gave a richer & smoother taste and had lesser fats than ice cream! Have a good Gelato day everybody! continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-24
Armed with our groupon voucher of $5.90 for 2 scoops of Artisan Gelato from Alfero, we trooped down to their spanking new outlet at Orchard Gateway (otherwise known as the mall squeezed between Somerset 313 and Orchard Central. Hidden in the basement, Alfero is tucked amongst the many F&B options in Orchard Gateway and with its chic black interior, could have been easily ignored. Unlike most gelato shops that proudly display their goods in as outlandish a manner as possible - really, am I REALLY going to be getting that tub of nutella along with my scoop of nutella gelato -, Alfero has gone down the low-key route, covering their gelato with tin caps, as they claim that it keeps the gelato fresh and safe from air and light pollution. As the saying goes, "less is indeed more" and the less gelato on display, the more we hankered after them. Between the both of us, my sister and I probably sampled all of the available flavors - ranging from the usual vanilla/chocolate/strawberry to the exotic hazelnut and pistacho. The ice cream girl was really lovely and incredibly patient with us, the tin caps clanging as she gave us samples from one flavor to the next. In the end, we took her recommendation of the Pistacho (crowd favorite!) and Dark chocolate to heart and ordered a cup of each flavor. (The chocolate was quickly appropriated and guzzled down by my sister before I could get a snap of it so you guys will just have to settle for a shot of the pistacho.)And what a shot indeed (and brownie points if you got the "Godfather" reference on the cup)! While the dark chocolate flavor was intense and a chocolate lover's delight, the Pistacho was the one I was fighting tooth and nail with my family over. Pure nutty goodness in a pretty packed cup, we definitely savored every rich and creamy spoonful of it - a crowd favorite indeed!Coupled with excellent service and a narrow yet cosy interior, I'll definitely be heading back here whenever I'm in town for a sugar fix! And if you do try it out, DEFINITELY opt for the Pistacho.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)