The place is run by the same people behind Alibabar The Hawker Bar in the Katong area. Serving mainly burgers, an all-day breakfast menu is available too, as well as craft-beers. continue reading
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Classic Beef & Bacon Burger Beef Surf & Turf Burger
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Level1 2016-03-13
Here in Singapore for my business trip again, staying at my favourite hotel at Park Hotel Alexandra. Today is such a nice weather on a Sunday, who can resist a patio breakfast?So I passed by this place, while remember last visit was not too pleasant as many of the items on menu were not available to serve, but then last time they just newly opened. So I decided to sit down and give them another chance. After all, its just breakfast.Sat down looked at the menu, decided to go with Egg Benedict... not available. Well, not a big deal. Let's go with the full breakfast then.Back to my seat, the picture only showed one egg is to serve. Really? Full Breakfast? So I asked nicely if at least I can have two eggs, in exchange maybe they do not need to serve me the big sausage on the combo. After all, I expect two eggs at a 'full breakfast'. The waiter replied, he will see what can be done.So this is what's on the plate at the end:- Sausage was still there. My favourite bacon was gone.- The toast was not as shown on the menu. It was really small, and definitely not a breakfast toast. - Coffee was nice I have to give them that. So this really don't bother me at all. Its just breakfast. So I decided to get a glass of water when my meal was done. Too bad, they only serve bottled water. While I started to think this SGD16 breakfast was not too worth it after all, who cares. The bill came and it was SGD22.70. Coffee was not even included. What kinda full breakfast is this? So I told the waiter how unsatisfied I was. He then came back to me with a nice glass of water with ice. The Egg Benedict, the toast, the sausage, the extra charge on coffee, the water. I will not come here again.   continue reading
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