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A coveted famed tearoom and pâtisserie from Paris known for its delicatessen and rich heritage. A worldwide symbol of the French "Art de Vivre". continue reading
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The entrance of the famed Parisan pâtisserie, Angelina, into Singapore sparked rave media (both conventional and unconventional) reviews as well as long queues in the initial stages. Fast forward almost a year later and the queues seem to have vanished (at least on a Friday afternoon during the lunch period) and only a handful of tables were occupied.We were ushered to a table in a corner with an adjourning extension, presumably for us to place our drinks/side orders as our main table was rather tiny. It was so small that we had problems trying to sit around it comfortably as our knees were hitting the legs. Talk about impracticality! To be fair, only a few tables (rounded ones) had this issue.Old Fashioned Ice Chocolate “L'Africain - Touted as one of the definite must tries in Angelina (albeit the hot version, not the cold one), the ice chocolate is apparently made from blending cocoa beans from Niger, Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire and Papua New Guinea and served with unsweetened whipped cream. My humble take on this? Rich and satisfying but the whipped cream didn't quite do it for me especially since the drink was cold and the cream remained in clumps for quite a fair bit of time (stirring didn't actually help much). And personally, 15 bucks a pop (after tax) is a rather ludicrous amount to pay for a glass of chocolate.Complimentary Bread - Crusty on the outside yet compact on the inside with a tinge of sour dough-ness, the mini baguette wasn't really warm and came served with chilled butter. Which presented a small problem. The bread was warm enough to melt the butter and we ended up having to exert quite a fair bit of pressure to apply a smooth layer of butter onto the bread.Seafood Risotto - What a feast for the eyes the Seafood Risotto was; boasting a variety of colours from the prawns, squid, scallop, clams and cheese shavings. Unfortunately it really did look much better than it tasted. The risotto was al dente (I'll give it that!) but lacked creaminess whilst the seafood just didn't quite make the cut. The huge singular scallop, for example, was a little too soft througout and lacked any discernible sweetness. Ditto the prawns, which didn't come across as very fresh. Overall palatable but no great shakes.Truffle Croque Monsieur - I was enticed by the truffle quotient in this particular rendition of Croque Monsieur and on hindsight it probably wasn't the wisest equation to select. Two crisp slices of toast bearing onto a slices of ham and cheese and topped with a layer of gooey melted cheese, followed by a generous drizzle of truffle oil and finished off with two thin slices of black truffle (more for that visual effect honestly). The wonderful aroma (from the truffle oil) aside, it was nothing much than a decent ham and cheese sandwich with truffle oil; nothing more, nothing less.Mont Blanc - Another of Angelina's signature dishes, the famed Mont Blanc pureed chestnut dessert. Maybe the issue lies with me but I really didn't quite fancy it. The chestnut puree came across as a little too heavy and stodgy which made this small dessert rather nauseating to consume after a few bites. So much so that I left half of it untouched. So much for the high expectations.Lunch for 2 came up to about $60 after a 50% discount only on the food (~ $105 without discount) which was still acceptable for the rather pedestrian quality of food. However, take away that discount and Angelina would be seriously overpriced in my humble opinion. Service was reasonably competent but stiff.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2016/04/angelina-singapore-famed-parisan.html continue reading
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Founded in 1903 by confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer in Paris, France, the Angelina Tea Room And Patisserie is a reowned retailer of artisanal French pastries and desserts, particularly popular with the Parisian aristocracy and celebrities. Named for the daughter-in-law of the founder, Angelina Tea Room And Patisserie opened their 1st Southeast Asia branch in Singapore, within the revamped Capitol Galleria, in May 2015. Ambience at Angelina Tea Room And Patisserie is bespoke elegance, designed by architect Edouard-Jean Niermans. The place has a charming, refined sophistication, with colour themes of white against wood, elegant yet comfortable furniture in sturdy wood with marble tops, fine crockery, and a open concept seating area that lines the "street". While the layout of seats are closely packed, it still manages to feel like a tranquil place to chill, and while away the time chatting with friends, very much like the typical French Parisian cafes! I also like the small side tables provided to place your belongings. A drawback in ventilation, the place can get rather warm.Service at Angelina Tea Room And Patisserie is very good. Staff are friendly and polite, quickly greeting and seating guests. If questioned about the menu, they are able to describe dishes simply and accurately. I like that they proactively offered to top up our water glass, as well as asked for feedback on the meal. They're quick to clear away empty / dirty tables, and carry themselves with a professional, unhurried air. I find service to be attentive and personal, very good! When a diner next to ours accidently knocked over her glass, which smashed on the floor, staff gently enquired if they were all right, quickly moved them to another table, and cleared up the mess.Food at Angelina Tea Room And Patisserie is classic French, and as a patisserie, they naturally offer very good artisanal desserts! But their appetizers and main courses are just as tasty, made with fresh ingredients, and well executed. Portions are designed for individuals, but vary from dish to dish, some are large, some are small. Consistency is good, the kitchen maintains quality in each dish. Prices are high, as reflective of a restaurant, but the overall package makes it very good value for money, and I find it worthwhile to dine at Angelina Tea Room And Patisserie. Will definitely return again!The Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate L'Africain (SGD $13) is a decadent, luxurious dessert beverage, smooth and thick with a viscous texture, deep and rich in chocolate taste. A complex blend of 3 different African cocoa beans from Niger, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire, this sweet velvet is served with a cup of chantilly cream, which helps cut through the richness. Excellent, among the best hot chocolates I've had. Highly recommended!Hailing from the city of Lyon, in the Rhone-Alpes region of France, the Chestnut & Madeira Veloute is a creamy, velvety smooth soup / broth, traditionally consumed in winter. Made with chicken stock, water, pureed roasted chestnuts, butter, onions, salt, and a Portuguese Madeira fortified wine, then topped with a light milk foam, edible flowers, a touch of spice for colour, and fresh herbs. Taste is savoury, sweet, earthy, and nutty, a delightful melody of flavours on the palate. Excellent, wish it could be on the regular menu. Highly recommended!If a Paris-Brest got together with a Cream Puff and had a kid, the result would be the Paris-New York Pastry (SGD $13). This modern reinterpretation has a chewy, light choux pastry shell, filled with a crunchy pecan praline, layered with a light pecan praline cream, topped with a choux pastry cap and a pecan nut. Equal parts sweet and nutty, chewy and creamy, it's a fairly good dessert.Full Angelina Tea Room And Patisserie review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/12/angelina-tea-room-and-patisserie.html continue reading
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We chose Angelina Restaurant / Tea Room because of its quaint, sophisticated beauty and because Coco Chanel frequents this elegant exquisivity (in France itself, of course) often. The exterior suggested a classic touch of elegance while the interior exuded artistic charm and comfort amongst a strong French setting.For mains, *L had the Truffle Ravioli (SGD$29.00) - tiny little jagged squares of pasta stuffed with cheese. Lovers of cheese would gladly indulge in this pasta dish, sinking their teeth into the firm pasta so that the burst of cheese could fill the mouth deliciously - truffle hints were detected amongst the cheesy indulgence.*J went for the Wild Mushroom Risotto (SGD$23.00) - actually all three of us were eyeing this dish. It did not disappoint, not with its rather generous serving of truffles, rocket salad and brothy-rice. The flavour could have been a little stronger, more sapid with mushroom taste, but we were only able to taste it here if we bit into one of the shrooms pieces literally. I also thought that the grains were cooked till too mushy, lacking the bite that I usually enjoy in risotto dishes.For me, I chose to have the Steamed Black Cod (SGD$35.00) served with Shellfish and seasonal vegetables. Black cod always contains a scrumptious buttery smoothness to its texture, combined with a taut, slightly springy tone; the flesh was saccharine. I also enjoyed mussels and clams, being a seafood lover. But oh, the broth, the broth was the ultimate climax - combining the goodness of the seafood and every sip drew out the need to want more; even the soft baby potatoes were sufficiently immersed with the tasty broth.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/06/lunch-at-angelina-tea-room-patisserie.html continue reading
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Level2 2015-06-18
So much hype about this place and totally does not live up to its expectation.  The saving grace was the Mont Blanc, its signature of chestnut on meringue. The signature hot chocolate was just a thick version of the normal hot chocolate bought off the shelf, without any depth in its taste. So what was memorable for me?  The sweeping of the floors just beside me while having my dessert.  Totally changed my impression of the place. It really spoilt the evening and you can be sure this will be my last time there.if you want to pay exorbitant prices for dessert with poor service, this is the place. continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-01
For more reviews and photos: http://hazeldiary.comAngelina has a long history since 1903 and has built its reputation as a tea room with sophistication and indulgence. This reputable brand has finally opened its branch here in Capitol Piazza, Singapore. Hannah, Luna and myself were at the same building last Saturday and decided to check it out after our event. It was an impromptu lunch as we are so excited with it's opening. It was only the 2nd day of soft launch and surprisingly we did not need for long. We managed to dine in within 15 minutes waiting time.We ordered Old Fashioned Ice Chocolate "L'Africain" S$12.00 and Angelina mix Iced Tea S$9.50. Ice hot chocolate L'Africain has the chocolaty taste that is not overwhelming and flavorful. I am loving it! The mixed ice tea serves with a syrup serving where customers can customize your own sweetness level. Light taste to pair with desserts.As for the mains, we decided to try Pan Fried Scallops S$29.00 served with 4 seared scallops with black venere rice and shellfish cream. The rice has the unique taste that best to have it with the shellfish cream. Otherwise, you might find it's hard in texture and tasteless.We also had Chicken Supreme S$23.00 served beautifully with the art plating. Chicken breast roll with chestnut puree and braised endive (leafy vegetable on top of the chicken roll). The servings are nicely roll up and very easy to consume if you are going for a date here. The meat texture was tender and flavorful with the chestnut puree.There is always room for desserts. Although Mont Blanc is the signature dessert in Angelina, we decided to try other desserts. So, we had Paris-New York S$13.00. Choux pastry with pecan light cream and crunchy pecan praline heart. Beautifully presented on the table for us to feed our cameras before we attacked it. Some may find the cream too sweet but I personally feel that it is just fine. So, it's all depends on individual preferences.We glad that we ordered Choc Africain S$13.00. Combination of 3 chocolates which are African pure dark chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie and bitter dark chocolate cream. If you are a chocolate lover like me, you definitely should give this a try. Well-balance of sweetness and bitterness that best to enjoy with your companion.Despite of their 2nd day of soft opening, the operation staffs are friendly and polite towards customers. The foods are served less than 15 minutes time. If you would like to have a classy yet affordable dinning, I think Angelina cafe can be one of the option. Although, the price is at a steep side, their foods and desserts are indeed quality and nicely plated on the table. This truly live up their brand's reputation throughout the years. I can see myself returning back to try other dishes and desserts soon. continue reading
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