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Aoki Japanese Restaurant is a collaboration between the Les Amis Group and Head Chef Kunio Aoki. The restaurant has made a reputation for itself as one of the premier Japanese dining establishments to visit. continue reading
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Aoki is definitely my most-frequently visited Japanese restaurant. It is own by the Les Amis group, which is the largest fine dining food chain in Singapore. Aoki probably provides highest-quality set lunches with the best reasonable price in town. Not that high-ended as Shinji, Hashida, or Ichi those kinds of most expensive sushi places, but Aoki is the best besides them. We always come back for its Mazechirashi, but this time we decided to try something new.Their lunch menu is really worth a try!Complimentary appetizer: Seaweed with soy braised tuna chunks & Potato SaladAll the set lunches come with a fresh salad. It was nicely dressed with Japanese yuzu dressing.Here’s my favorite food in AOKI, also my favorite Mazechirashi($40) in Singapore. Comes a very large and pretty bowl, but the food inside is even much prettier.The sashimi cubes to shari rice ratio is 2:1, all the sashimi are in very high quality, and there’s no cheap salmon inside.(When i went to Japan and visited several Michelin 3 stars Japanese restaurants, i confirmed with the chef that high-end Japanese restaurants will not sell salmon, because salmon means ‘cheap’).Instead, what we got is toro (fatty tuna), tamago (sweet omelette, which is some of the best in town), yellowtail, ikura (salmon roe), etc. and UNI!!!Nigiri Sushi Tokusen ($55++) comes with 9 pieces of nigiri sushi and 1 tuna roll. Compare to the Nigiri Sushi Gyo-Sen ($33++) which comes with 7 pieces nigiri, this one uses the more expensive fish.How can i resist toro? It is one of the best pieces in the set, absoultly melting in my mouth. Besides that, the unagi was also melting in my mouth. Their tamago is always my favorite as well.The Nigiri Sushi Tokusen also comes with Chawanmushi, which you won’t get in the Gyo-sen set, neither Mazechirashi or other cheaper sets.There are lots of ‘liao’ inside, which includes shrimp, chicken, mushroom, kani…Then the server comes with a two layer box, which was the Shokado (松花堂 $42++). She opened the box for us, it looks so pretty and makes us mouth-watering.Some dessert to end our lunch. The ice cream of the day was mango flavor, along with housemade matcha pudding and mint jelly. Their pudding is all time favorite in their dessert section, really smoothie and strong flavor. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-11
A friend bought me chirashi don lunch@ aoki today on 10.12.2014.this like the gold standard of chirashi don, according to many reviewers. ^^ well was it for me? must say it was very good. we were served an otoshi. very nice. not sure what it was. some shellfish maybe. mirugai (geoduck)?? texture yes but didn’t look quite like. nice salad with ponzu sauce. & the main event mazechirashi don. there was uni (not much), chutoro (seemed quite a bit), & the usual hamachi, salmon, maguro, tamago, bits of anago (conger eel), and ikura, also some pickled ginger. the sashimi amount was substantial & very tasty eaten with the rice. basically it was a barachirashi don. it would beat tatsu’s very expensive & ordinary S$40 chrashi don hands down. ginza kuroson S$20 chirashi don lunch set didn’t have uni or chutoro, so not really up for comparison but that was just S$20!if i am just looking for a very tasty barachirashi don set, then the one at sun with moon was pretty good. it came with an excellent salmon fish head miso soup too. again w/o expensive uni & chutoro. and recently i had very good chirashi don lunch set at sumiya for just S$18.80. it had thick cube cuts so it was more of a chirashi don than a barachirashi. so i guess indeed aoki would ace them all. all except mikuni for me. mikuni’s chirashi don had 2 thick slices of chutoro, hotate, uni, botan ebi, aburi salmon etc at S$45 (after 50% feed at raffles discounts). for me even aoki’s very nice barachirashi don was no comparison. & it is available for dinner also. but of course feed at raffles 50% discounts only for up to 5pax on sundays & mondays & for only 2pax other days. no perfect deal. nice pickles (not salty) & ginger. Quite nice dessert, a plum jelly, nice penn a cotta & ice cream. For S$40, i can definitely do this again!See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/12/11/great-mazechirashi-don-aoki-restaurant-on-10dec2014/ continue reading
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Level2 2014-06-01
{Visit lazyfoodies.com for a full review with pictures}A fine-dining Japanese restaurant by the Les Amis Group whose Chirashi Don is highly raved.MazechirashiThis is the star of the meal. Be sure to order this earlier as there are limited bowls per day. It was indeed worth the rave – juicy fatty diced up chunks of sashimi (including sea urchin and my favourite swordfish) with lots of other ingredients like their sweet tamago. HEAVEN. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-10
Am not a newbie here, and i have been eating chirashi for so many rounds until a friend recommended me to try the beef rice here, which is a seasonal item and it is not on the regular menu. First up is the otoshi, the starters which cost $3++. Their otoshi is pretty standard. I ordered a 80g Omi beef with white truffle and onsen egg. It was a bowl of heaven. Definitely 100 times better than the chirashi set. But 80g is a tad too small of a portion, perhaps its wiser for sharing if the group is having other set. The sesame pudding ($6++) has became a usual for me whenever i dine at Aoki. Its refreshing and smooth to the taste bud. And not many Japanese restaurant serve this. continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-17
Click Here for Full Review and Photos: http://look-see-eat.blogspot.sg/2013/10/trying-out-aokis-wonderfully.htmlMany top-end restaurants in the City have prohobitive Dinner prices while serving up a surprisingly affordable weekday Lunch menu. Aoki's lunch sets start at $30, so if you're in the mood for some quality Japanese (primarily sushi) but don't want to break the monthly food budget, their lunch is definitely a steal.We tried the Nigiri Sushi Tokusen ($50) which comes with chawanmushi, 8 nigiri, one maki and tamagoyaki and the Mazechirashi ($35). Both orders come with dessert included.Sushi is good, although you get it all on one platter instead of getting it served one by one. The star of the afternoon is definitely the chirashi though, which is about 2 parts assorted fish, salmon roe, creamy uni and egg to 1 part rice. Would definitely come back multiple times for this.Considering that you could easily eat up a bill much higher at other subpar chains like Sushi Tei, Aoki's lunch is terrific value and definitely highly recommended. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)