14 Recommended Restaurants for Japanese Omakase Cuisine!
Instead of making the orders yourself, why not leave it up to the chef to surprise your taste buds? “Omakase” refers to the Japanese concept of entrusting your own dining experience to the chef, which means you don’t make the orders — you leave everything up to the chef! In return, the chef will do their best to serve up the finest meal, sometimes based on their own recommendation.

Interested? Great, because we have 14 restaurants you could “omakase” at!

Aoki Restaurants offers one hell of an omakase dining experience that takes a full course; appetizers, sashimi, soup, grilled dishes, tempura dishes, sushi, and desserts. If your wallet is too tight for the omakase course, we highly recommend opting for their lunch sets instead; they go easier on your budget and feature a course that’s close to full.

Kanda Wadatsumi is one place you should seriously consider if you’re ever craving that finely sliced raw seafood. The restaurant works with Japan Fisheries Association to import the finest quality of seafood and wagyu beef from all over Japan. Even their tableware is Japanese-imported! They also do a monthly “theme” whereby they serve different food coming from different prefectures in Japan. Their menu is diverse and they also offer a hefty 8-course omakase meal. What’s a reason to not splurge?

Hana Restaurant is best known for their “flying noodles”, where udon noodles are actually flying in the air! But you know what else Hana Restaurant is known for? Affordable omakase meals. You’re probably familiar with omakase meals that start from $100. Well, you’d be thrilled to know Hana Restaurant dishes up omakase meals at just $30 per person! Do note that the $30 price tag is only applied for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays.

An omakase experience at Teppei Japanese Restaurant will be a memorable one for you, as not only is the food stunning and elegant in presentation and flavors, the chefs themselves are a cheeky bunch who will bring smiles to your faces. Prices are also fairly cheaper than many restaurants, clocking in at $50, $60 and $80. Sit back, relax and let the chefs do the job for you!

IKYU goes the extra mile with their whopping 11-course omakase meal! As their tagline says, IKYU very much dares to be different from other Japanese restaurants. They present traditional delicacies that aren’t easy to find in any Japanese restaurant, ranging from raw marinated squid to fish fins. Not to mention, they sure do take the freshness of their food very seriously, as we’re pretty sure every single piece of raw meat you’d have here will be the freshest there is!

Fresh sushi is the best and Sushi Mitsuya certainly knows how to do it. Their sushi is exceptionally fresh and special because it’s actually preserved and prepared using methods all the way from the Edo period. The chef works hard to ensure all patrons are able to savor the highest quality of sushi with meat so fresh you’d think they just came out of the ocean!

Shinji is known to be one of the top tier Japanese restaurants in Singapore and probably outside of Japan in general. Naturally, with such a commendable reputation, the prices will not be easy on budget-conscious people at all. Four types of omakase meals are available and all four types will cost you your kidneys. That being said, for the price, your meal will be the finest and highest of quality there is. After all, Shinji is not known to be a top-tier restaurant for no reason!

Mikuni Restaurant is another addition to the high-class omakase dining scene, with multiple options to choose from, ranging from 6-course to 8-course depending on how many people are with you or how big your appetite is. The service is commendable and the food will surely surprise you. It’s not cheap, but it’s never bad to treat yourself once in a while!

Omakase isn’t just an option here; it’s the signature here! Keyaki Japanese Restaurant has both tatami and western-styled private dining rooms for anyone who’s bringing a group of people in. The Seasonal Keisaki Omakase Presentation is Keyaki’s special, bringing you through an adventure of well-crafted dishes with the utmost elegance and truest of flavors. You won’t regret splurging here.

Hashida Sushi is operated by the son of a popular sushi chef from Tokyo, Japan. They stand out in particular, as, first and foremost, the sauce they use for some of their dishes is made from a recipe that was passed down to the owner by his father. The omakase meals for dinner are a tad more expensive compared to other establishments (they can go up to $500), but you can also opt for the omakase meals during lunch that is priced around $100+.  

Ki-Sho doubles as a restaurant and bar, serving elegant omakase meals and a wide range of alcohol. Ingredients are flown in twice a week, from all over Japan, to ensure freshness. You can pair the sake with your omakase meal, although it will cost you’d be charged a hefty extra if you’re willing to splurge, trust us — it will be more than worth it. What’s better than being able to down and finish up your meal with a glass of delicious, well-toned sake? 

Sitting humbly on Telok Ayer Street, JIN Fine Dining does as its name says – they introduce and will redefine what fine dining is like with their specialities. Each dish is carefully thought out so as to successfully deliver excellent dining experiences for each and every single one of their patrons. Moreover, their omakase meals aren’t too expensive either, easily earning them another value in visiting them.

Two reasons to visit Hakumai: Koshi rice imported from Niigata and seasonal seafood imported from the Tsukiji Market. You can either opt for the sushi omakase meal — eight pieces of assorted premium sushi, thread-sail filefish, soup, and ice-cream — or the omakase full-course meal — comprised of seasonal signature dishes — depending on how hungry you are. The presentation shines with creativity and each ingredient is paired well to create the most appropriate flavors. Hakumai definitely knows what’s up when it comes to omakase meals!

Shinzo pushes boundaries when it comes to culinary creativity, using non-Japanese ingredients, such as foie gras and century eggs, and making them work with traditional Japanese food. The price of the omakase meals can range anywhere from below $100 to be more than $120, depending on the time during your meal. In any case, we highly recommend the Jonetsu Omakase if you have $180++ to spare for an awesome full-course meal.
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