Starting out as a small fried chicken eatery tucked in 2nd floor corner of City Plaza, Arnold’s Fried Chicken’s humble beginning is the brainchild of 2 entrepreneurs who were on the verge of being jobless. <br>Nonetheless, that is a story for another day. So, with sheer hard work, determination, some brilliant ideas and strokes of luck along the way, Arnold’s Fried Chicken moved in a slow but steady pace to what it has become today. continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-15
I was thrilled when I heard that Arnold's Fried Chicken was opening an outlet in Yishun. The last time I last ate Arnold's Fried Chicken was in early 2012 at City Plaza. With this new outlet, it will be so much more convenient. Arnold's Fried Chicken specialises in serving fried chicken, has been around for more than 25 years and is one of the first Singapore fast food joint to be certified Halal.Arnold's Fried Chicken in Yishun is located at Yishun 10 Cinema Cineplex (just next to North Point), 5 minutes away from Yishun MRT station. We visited on a Friday evening and there was a queue (around 20 persons) outside which stretched to Wendy's. Nevertheless, we decided to queue after all there was just 20 persons in front of us. Guess how long we queue? You would not believe it... Read on to find out the answer. MenuThe menu which looked so much more colourful and appetising compared to their old menu! Easy to read too. Good job! The answer to how long we queue: we waited for a total of 1hr 20mins from the point we started queuing to the point we received our food. There was virtually 3 queues in total. The first queue was to queue to get a chance to reach the counter to order the food (without making payment). Once you manage to order, you will be given a queue number where you would be placed in a second queue; to wait for a table. When your queue number is called, you would make payment and then be give a buzzer which would activate (shake) to inform customers that their orders were ready. This was third queue. 2 Piece Meal $6.60Good news for those who prefer the 2 Piece Meal. It cost only $6.60, a 20 cents (3%) increase compared to 2012.2 Piece Meal $6.60The 2 Piece Meal consisted of 2 pieces of crispy fried chicken served with mashed potatoes (normally comes with fries, but we switched to mashed potato) and coleslaw. Half Spring Chicken Set $7.10 and a Root Beer (Reg) $2.10I ordered the Half Spring Chicken Set $7.10 and a Root Beer (Reg) $2.10. The price of the Half Spring Chicken Set has increased by $1.20 (20%) compared to 2012. I am not sure why there was such a huge disparity in increase in prices for the two sets. I should have just ordered the 2 Piece Meal. Half Spring Chicken Set $7.10 Half Spring Chicken Set comprised of a 1/2 deep fried spring chicken served with potato fries and mashed potato (normally comes with coleslaw, but I switched to mashed potato).Half Spring Chicken Set $7.10 The freshly fried chicken was still pipping hot when it was served. It was crisp on the outside and the seasoning of spices and herbs made the skin so sinfully addictive! The meat inside was succulent and well marinated. As seen in the above photo, it was still moist, not dry!I hope they would review the queue system soon. I want visit Arnold's Fried Chicken again as the chicken was delicious. But the thought of the queue system along with a possible 1 hour 20 minutes wait are the deterrence. If you really want to visit, my suggest is to go during non-peak hour or to just order as takeaway (please note, there is a takeaway counter with a way shorter queue. I believe the waiting time is way shorter as there's only 1 queue). Another area of improvement would be the service - clearing and cleaning of the tables so that the turnover would be faster. On several occasions, we noted that when customers have eaten finish and left the table, the staff tasked with cleaning the tables were chatting away and only started cleaning the tables when instructed by another senior staff who was manning the counter. http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2014/03/arnolds-fried-chicken-yishun-10-cinema.html continue reading
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Full review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/arnolds-fried-chicken-halal-fried-chicken-better-than-kfcFollow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookWith the recent craze of fried chicken served with assorted seasoning in Singapore, Arnold's Fried Chicken remains unwavered and continues to serve traditionally battered and fried chicken. Arnold's Fried Chicken is one of the pioneer Halal eateries with more than 25 years of experience! To date, they franchised 2 outlets (Yishun and Hougang) with Paya Lebar's (in City Plaza) as its main branch.Arnold's Fried Chicken offers Combo Meal (2, 3 & 5 pax), Ala Carte (Fish & Chips as an outlier) and Sides (classic Mashed Potato and Coleslaw).Arnold's is the bomb! It is clearly better than KFC! I'm not particular about KFC's 11 spices secret recipe as Arnold's wasn't too shabby either. However, Arnold's crispy skin are simply out of the world 'light', 'crisp' and melts instantaneously liken eating shaved ice dessert, except that it's warm.Tender, flavourful and juicy, period. Truly Singapore's pride! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-18
Tonight the family decide to have dinner at the fast food restaurant. As it is just 5pm, the place is quite empty and we have our choice of seats. Fried Chicken Rice ($5.50)It is a plate of chicken rice with a piece of deep fried chicken, served with a cup of coke. This dish is available till 5pm at this outlet. The rice is different from the usual rice which we have. It tastes quite garlicky and full of ginger taste too. Very well flavoured rice. Spring Chicken Meal ($11.90)Whole young & tender spring chicken specially marinated and deep fried till golden brown served with potato fries and coleslaw.The chicken is very juicy and full of spices taste as it very well marinated. The skin is thin and very crispy. Chendol ($4.20)Although it sounds quite expensive for a local dessert, it is served in a quite huge cup. Inside it is filled with Gula melaka, shaved ice, red beans,  chendol jelly, and vanilla ice cream. It is quite a thick and creamy dessert.Overall the food is very nice and reasonably priced. Service is very good too. When little JJ overturned a cup of coke, the staff quickly mops the place up and replaces with a new cup of coke. Great service. continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-13
Not a new name to the local fast food scene, Arnold’s is a local born and bred fast food outlet that specialises in fried chicken. Established in 1984 with its first outlet located at City Plaza, it has since opened an outlet in Hougang Green, and the latest one in Yishun 10 just less than half a year ago.A quick decision was made when we ordered the two person combo meal. It came with 5 pieces of chicken (usually two breast, two thigh and one wing), fries, coleslaw, two buns and two soft drinks. What’s not to like about a fried chicken with a crispy and tasty skin and a succulent, tender and juicy meat that comes off the bone so easily? The fried batter was similar to KFC’s spicy batter less the overwhelming saltiness and spiciness, and significantly less oily; a rare breed for fast food in recent years.The fries are thickly cut and crispy and contains much potato in them. It also carried a light garlicky flavour in it, hence eliminating the need of salt to make it come to taste. We love our coleslaw fresh and cold and this one is sufficiently so. It carried a milky flavour much like KFC’s but slightly lighter on it, which we thought was more well-balanced.On top of the meal, we added the Soup Of The Day which happened to be Cream of Mushroom. It was decent for a fast-food restaurant as it was not too liquid and seemed fairly rich. A generous amount of mushrooms were added for texture and enhancement of taste.Since we were curious on how would their seafood dishes fare, we also ordered a Fish & Chips. The batter was crispy and the fish was flaky and fresh without any odour. Tartar sauce was also fresh and tart, which somewhat eliminates the need of lemon.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/arnolds-yishun-10/ continue reading
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