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Serving typical Thai fare at low prices, this no frills restaurant gets crowded for lunch and dinner. continue reading
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Mango Salad Mookata Tom Yum Soup
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Comfort food hunting ground.Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen probably isn't the absolute best Thai food you can get in Singapore, but it does the trick perfectly for me. I've been there twice in a week, somewhat manipulating my friends to go there just because I was eager to return for the taste again. At least, their Thai Iced Milk Tea is a must-order from me, thick and luscious, a bit of an overkill on the first few sips so that it doesn't get watered down when the ice melts. The truly divine milk tea comes from Aloy Thai though.Aroy Dee's Green Curry Chicken was quite spicy, but very shiok with strong flavours of the curry seeped deep into the chicken. The curry itself is quite light and goes very well with the rice. The spiciness and saltiness, however, meant spamming more rice to go with it. In fact, you could very well order this and simply eat this with rice. The Cashew Chicken is another regulars' favourite, with the sweet and sour sauce coating every part of the tender chicken evenly, and real cashew nuts sprinkled around the dish. There is a hint of spiciness in this as well but that makes it even better! The Stir-Fried Kailan with Straw Mushrooms turned out to be a good decision as it allowed our palates to take a break between the intense flavours of these dishes.Aroy Dee is very comfortable for long conversations, their service staff are always friendly, efficient and prompt with orders, and there's always Just for Laughs: Gags playing on TV to ensure that the little ones don't ever get bored.For more food reviews: www.amiehu.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-04
My friend had eaten at this place before and wanted to bring us here for dinner. We ordered 5 dishes plus rice to share among the 4 of us.1) Crispy Kangkong with SeafoodThis was kinda like tempura, except it's kangkong instead of other vegetables. There were also some prawns and squid in this dish and you were given a spicy sauce to dip in or pour over the dish. I thought this was something interesting and I quite liked it! Definitely something that you can't find in other places. 2) Deep Fried SquidCan't remember the proper name of this dish but there was the word 'marinated' in it, which surprised me because the squid was kinda tasteless. This was very average fried squid, nothing to shout about. Most other places will have nicer calamari. 3) Tom Yam Seafood SoupThey had clear and red tom yam soup available, and we chose the clear one which was less spicy. Most tom yam soups are too spicy for me and this one was just right for me For those who enjoy spicy stuff they may want to select the red tom yam soup instead. There were many ingredients in the soup with a substantial amount of prawns, squid, big slices of fish and straw mushrooms. Will order this again if I'm back.4) Kailan with Straw Mushrooms: This was basically kailan stir-fried with straw mushrooms, a simple dish and I think you can't go wrong with it. My only fault with this dish was that it's bit salty.5) Basil with Minced Pork: not bad, quite spicy.This was mince pork stir-fried with basil leaves and chilli padi. This was quite spicy for me but nevertheless very yummy.6) Thai Iced Milk TeaI ordered the Thai Iced Milk Tea for myself which was not bad. The amount of milk was just right for me. It was quite sweet at the start but after the ice melted it was better. continue reading
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For a detailed post, please visit my blog http://hannahchia.tumblr.comI was there at about 10pm thus there wasn't a crowd. Service here is very average but the good thing is they don't charge gst and service charge.I ordered Fried thai seafood tang hoon ( $6), Tom yum seafood soup ($8) , Basil leaves chicken ($10) , 1 thai lemongrass tea ($2) and 1 thai lime juice ($2) and I spent $28.50 in total.The food here is not bad but more on the salty side. On top of that, the place is relatively spacious and toilets was clean as well. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
This branch is quite new i think, as the whole place was clean, spick and span! There were a decent amount of crowd, but lucky we didn't have to queue... The staff are very friendly and helpful too! Sawadikrap!We ordered a Ribena, Fish Cake, Basil Minced Pork, Tom Yum Soup, Calamari, Kailan and Chicken Wings. Ribena was the choice to quench thirst from the hot weather.The fish cake was nice and tender, pairing off nicely with sweet chilli dip. Basil Minced Pork is just so appetizing with rice, makes you just want to eat more. Tom Yum Soup was great and the prawns in it were really fresh! Again, another appetizing factor! The Calamari was a little too soggy and too chewy; so that's a pity... could be better! Kailan and Mushrooms were fresh and crunchy. Chicken Wings were a little skinny, more like the kampong chicken type. Careful of summon officers if never park properly, otherwise your nearest carpark is Peace Centre/Sunshine Plaza. continue reading
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