Boldly symbolic of burning wood-fire and glowing embers, G Restaurant Awards of Excellence winner Ash & Elm is a vibrant restaurant featuring three culinary theatres – a charcuterie and cheese room; a wood-fired oven; and an open charcoal-grill kitchen. Set within a striking venue that embraces spontaneity and energy, Ash & Elm dishes hearty food presented with flair. Ash & Elm prides itself on the use of fine produce sourced from around the world, and boasts a la carte options with a selection of sharing platters, house-cured and Michelin Guide-recommended premium meats, as well as sustainably-sourced seafood. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-11
See the full review, including the invited tasting, @ http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/04/invited-tasting-revisit-ash-elm.htmlHad wildly different experiences at the new restaurant at the freshly invigorated Intercon. The invited tasting was really quite fantastic, and I'd thought to myself "AHA! Bugis finally has a upscale option serving decent food, yay!". This may be the reason for the many glowing reviews of Ash & Elm currently floating around. BUT, my revisit was such a dud; I thought it was disappointingly pedestrian and the husband was terribly regretful that he'd wasted his calories on a lackluster dinner.The silver lining, was that service was surprisingly more attentive and personable at the revisit, as opposed to during the invited tasting, which was clunky and bumbling.Still, I don't see myself returning to Ash & Elm anytime in the foreseeable future.We had the following at the revisit:1) Beef Tasting Platter ($108): cooked well, to the medium doneness as requested, but the meats were a little gamey. The vine tomatoes and garlic, I also distinctly remember being more scrumptiously browned at the tasting; these were noticeably underdone at the revisit.2) Seafood Linguine ($31): insipid and flat in taste; that wonderful stock base that was present at the tasting was hardly featured here. To compound matters, the squid and clams were overcooked and rubbery.3) Slow-Grilled Spanish Iberico Pork Chop ($39): well-maintained in standard; as yummy as I'd remembered at the tasting.4) Line-Caught Yellowfin Tuna Steak ala Basquaise ($30): seared-lightly and served with a tomato-based sauce, Basque-style, with grilled root vegetables. I liked it, but the husband thought this was quite the humdrum dish continue reading
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After the closure of Olive Tree Buffet Restaurant at Intercontinental Hotel, the renovation is finally over and has rather recently re-opened as an entirely new Modern European restaurant, Ash & Elm. The a la carte dining restaurant exudes an intimate, exquisite ambiance with its dimly-lit decor; service was polite and professional as well.Beef Tasting Platter was next, paired with a glass of reds. There were USDA New York Striploin, Australian Rib-Eye Steak and French Bavette D'Aloyau, served with sides of vine tomatoes, asparagus, mashed potatoes, sautéed mixed mushrooms as well as potato wedges. Sauces comprised Bearnaise, Peppercorn and Natural Jus - I enjoyed Peppercorn the best as it added a tangy touch to the meats. The beef were tender, juicy and deliciously-marinated.Mains were served next, starting with this French Free-range Yellow Chicken Supreme, made up of 30 day grain-fed chicken from Savel. Served with it were thyme, rosemary, creamy polenta, sweet corn with bacon and mushroom sauce. Chicken was beautifully-infused with the heavier gravy, and had a delicately tender texture.Seafood Linguine was unlike any other that I have ever tasted in a western / European restaurant. The pasta (made of wheat?) looked and even tasted like the Chinese ee-mian; only smoother, finer in texture. The seafood portions were generous and comprised scallops, shrimps, squid, clams, olives tossed in a basil and crustacean sauce. Palatable was the name of the dish and this dish left a deep impression on me - something to order when I return.We had the Spanish Slow-grilled Iberico Pork Chop next - succulent and well moistened bone-in slab of sweet black pork. The sides had the faintest hint of crisp and smokiness, seeping into the natural flavour gently.Finally, time for desserts. We began with Chocolate-Hazelnut Pizza that contained chocolate brioche, 3 types of chocolates (dark, milk and white), praline, marshmallows, cocoa granite and white chocolate ice-cream. It is a chocolate lover's dream come true, all on a rich, delicious chocolatey cookie base that crunched and melted in decadent pools in the palate. I kept having craving for its unique texture and taste for days thereafter.The Peach Melba was up next - ruby peach parfait, almond strawberry genoa bread, and strawberry tuile looked too pretty to be devoured. Peach parfait was gorgeously flavoured with peach's natural flavour so distinctive, heightening the flavour of the pastry. The berries added a zesty hint to this lovely piece.Finally, Yuzu-Citrus Combination with its colorful presentation, especially the alternating colors of grapefruits as plating. Lemon sable breton was a crunchy pastry base with citrusy notes, tuned up by lemon curd, mandarin orange reduction and yuzu sorbet. This was the perfect ending to a heavier-flavoured dinner, refreshing the palate and senses totally - an invigorating dessert dish.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to refer to:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/03/media-invite-dinner-at-ash-elm.html continue reading
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Taking over from the defunct Olive Tree as the InterContinental Singapore hotel's in-house European restaurant in September 2015, Ash & Elm is poised to be amongst the trendiest hotel restaurants around. The 150-seater Ash & Elm boasts sexy and elegant ambience, no less than 3 culinary theatre kitchens, fantastic service and big name chefs, with a wide variety of modern European food, much of it made in-house!Ambience at Ash & Elm is modern and sleek, courtesy of design firm FBEYE. Modern dark wooden, light wooden, marble topped furnishings, comfortable and plush booths, all lit by white, pink, blue, and purple lights from the hand-cut crystal chandeliers overhead. Private alcoves offer a measure of intimate privacy, but those who want something more exclusive may opt for the private sound-proof dining rooms! Of note here are the 3 culinary theatre kitchens, the charcuterie and cheese room with its meat aging freezers and carving station, the open wood-fired oven area where you can watch bread or pizza being baked, and the open-grill kitchen where all other dishes are prepared.Service at Ash & Elm is professional and refined, befitting a fine dining restaurant. Staff are friendly and welcoming, quickly seating diners. They demonstrate good knowledge, being able to describe each dish when it's served, and they also assist to arrange space on the table when serving orders. However, I note that staff don't clear away empty / dirty tables quickly, leaving the mess to sit for awhile, I guess mainly due to the low manpower. But they're proactive in ensuring the comfort of diners, making sure water glasses are filled, accomodating requests when asked, and checking for feedback on the meal. There usually is a short waiting time for orders, about 15 minutes or so.Food at Ash & Elm is modern European, inspired by French, American, and British cuisine, with a focus on aged meat, steaks, cold cuts, bread, and pastries. Generally, I find that much care has been shown in the preparation of food here, with a lot of hand made items, and taste is usually above average. Dishes are crafted with 1 or 2 main ingredients highlighted, with other supporting ingredients enhancing the overall flavour. Portion sizes are large for individuals, and sharing is recommended. Prices reflect the gourmet dining status of the restaurant, budget about SGD $70 ++ per person for a meal here. Great for special occasions!Ash & Elm was initially conceptualised as a premium steakhouse, and they've retained that meaty beefy spirit. This is most evident in their star offering, the Beef Tasting Platter (SGD $108), a giant sharing platter with 3 premium cuts of beef steak, served along with 3 sides, and 3 sauces (bearnaise, peppercorn, natural au jus). The beef has a medium rare doneness (the default), yields easily to the blade, and carries good savoury flavour, all charcoal grilled with Manuka wood chips from New Zealand. The huge portion is best shared between 4 - 5 people, though I think 2 - 3 big eaters could possibly nail this as well. Be warned that this requires a 30-minute preparation time. Highly recommended!The Tasmanian Salmon Fillet A La Plancha (SGD $46) has a medium sized, sustainably farmed, fresh fillet of Tasmanian salmon fish, done medium rare, which results in a light pink colour, a smooth and moist texture, a fresh sweetness with some oily fattiness. The skin is crisp and salty, crunching beautifully in the mouth. Sides of mixed vegetables, including sharp zesty grapefruit chunks, tender zucchini, soft spinach, and crunchy edamame soy beans round out the plate. The modern grapefruit hollandaise was unique, tasty in its own way, but a little too odd for me.The refreshing, perky Yuzu-Citrus Combination (SGD $14) has zesty yuzu curd on a crunchy lemon sable breton (shortbread crust cookie), with slices of fresh, sour sweet grapefruit and mandarin orange, glazed with a mandarin orange reduction. A zesty yet cooling yuzu sorbet, and sticks of chewy marshmallow, round out this pretty looking, delicious dessert. Highly recommended!Full Ash & Elm review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/03/ash-elm-tasting-session.html continue reading
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