Arriving by Public Bus: #52/132/162/162M/163/165/166/167/410/640/855/980 (Bus Stop Number 53041 - bef Thomson Ridge) Nearest MRT: Exit A - Marymount Station (CC16 on the Circle Line) Nearest Carpark: Upper Thomson Road Carpark continue reading
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Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant is situated in Upper Thomson and serves authentic Korean dishes such as Kimchi Fried Rice, Duck Pok Ki and Korean Jajangmyeon. continue reading
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10:00 - 22:00
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10:00 - 22:00
Signature Dishes
Ddeokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake) Kimchi Fried Rice Pa-Jeon
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Full Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/03/auntie-kims-korean-restaurant.htmlFor over a decade, Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant has been quietly serving authentic and great tasting Korean food at affordable prices. Because of this, their loyal following has grown tremendously, and the small parking area outside their location is normally packed with their diners.Ambience at Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant is simple, with wooden panelling and few decorative items. Floor area is small and rather cramped, and both indoor and outdoor seating is limited. Prepare to wait up to 30 - 40 minutes during peak periods! Reservations are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.Service at Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant is fast, efficient, and friendly. Staff will do their best to help you get a seat, and are relatively able to advise on menu items. Some staff are more friendly than others though.Food at Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant is excellent. Dishes are tasty, and prepared from scratch, which means some waiting time before you're served. Their banchan / side dishes are rather limited as compared to other Korean restaurants, and just decent in taste. Prices per dish average about SGD $18 - $25, quite affordable. For the most value for money, visit with at least 3 - 4 people, as the portions are meant for sharing.The limited variety of Banchan / Side Dishes helps them to focus on the quality of each. Taste is generally strong and flavourful, and ingredients used are fresh and tasty. The worst was the Potato Balls which was relatively tasteless.The Bulgogi / Marinated Beef (SGD $16) is very savoury and flavourful, with the marinade coating the meat well. Absolutely fragrant when it arrives at the table, the portion looks small but is sufficient for 3 - 4 people. The meat is a tad dry though, perhaps a slightly thicker cut would prevent this.The Haemul Pajeon / Seafood And Scallion Omelette Pancake (SGD $18) here is hands down, the best Korean Pancake I've ever eaten in Singapore. With fresh prawns, squid and scallions, the entire pancake packs a well balanced taste without being too greasy.The Mool Naeng Myun / Cold Buckwheat Noodles (SGD $18) is supposed to be an after meal palate cleanser, but it was served first! The broth is slightly sour, slightly tangy, with a clean, refreshing taste. Love the healthy and tasty noodles too! continue reading
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Dinner gathering w 4 other frenz recently. Parking outside e restaurant was worrisome, cos' it seemed like e whole stretch of vehicles were parked illegally. Waiter said it was ok, I doubt! Try ur luck! We were received by a local waitress in a Korean dress (she doesnt looked like she welcomed us at all), & were seated quickly. The empty tables ard us were filled subsequently - real popular!We were given 5 re-fillable appetisers, of which, i enjoyed the spinach best (no shout to all actually, juz cold bland veg). We ordered the following dishes to share among us:BibimbapAverage. Kim Chi Fried Rice made this dish unwanted.Spring Onion & Seafd PancakeReal tasty!  It's like eating fried carrot cake, onli u're eatin more flour w spring onion. As for seafd, i dunno where it was in e pancake...Zha Jiang MianOrdinary. Rather bland actually.  The serving can b for 2-3 pax. B sure u really like dis dish b4 u order!Kim Chi Fried RiceBest of all dat we've ordered! V tasty! The egg served on top has runny egg-yolk!  I wld order dis dish again (if i hav to visit again).Ginseng Chix SoupNo shout. Bland. Tasted like there's shoju inside. Pork BellyI din eat dis, bt my fren commented dat e serving is little. In addition, we werent pleased w e earlier waitress. We had asked for a re-fill for 1 of e appetisers, she came by & retorted if we had asked earlier, which we didnt of course. When she returned w e fd, she prob tried to made amendments by sayin dat she tot she missed out serving e dish.  Poor liar! Total Cost: ~ $30/ pax. 2 of us felt it was too expensive. I wldnt initiate a re-visit (i wonder y it is so popular), w consideration of e "unforgettable" service as well. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-16
Auntie Kim is a longtime establishment in Thomson run by Koreans. There were several Koreans when we ate there, testimony to the authentic Korean cuisine served. One note though: the side dishes are only refillable once and only two side dishes can be refilled. We had the bean sprouts which were good. For mains, we had the sliced pork belly to share and we liked what we had. The pork belly seemed braised / steamed for quite some time and when wrapped up in lettuce, it was delicious. continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-21
Well the thing about eating korean is all about the banchan. i love these little servings of appetizers that you munch on before the food arrives.munch on while you're having the mains.munch on after the food is finished.and of course i love how the veggies make my meal a lot healthier than its meant to be. but here at auntie kim's they aren't as generous with the banchan as togi.they actually limit the times for a refill. we had an order of the saba fish.generous and mackerel that's grilled just right. order that and a bowl of rice. you're all set! continue reading
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Having just came back from Korea on a holiday, I had been craving for authentic korean food and I was glad to have Auntie Kim's restaurant to satisfy my cravings.All this intricate side dishes were complimentary. Initially we were unsure if we would be asked to pay extra (just like the peanuts in many chinese restaurants) and were glad to find out that all these were complimentary and we could even asked for a refill in 3 of the side dishes. I absolutely love these side dishes!This is korean dumplings with rice cakes ($15). There were 4 huge dumplings and I love how the skin of the dumplings was chewy and not too thick. The stuffing was a tad spicy but all in all it complemented very well with the rice cakes and the clear soup.The serving of the pork bulgogi ($14.50) was really huge and can be easily shared among a few people. The pork was tender and cooked just nice. This is milky beef bones with noodles($16) which has a very nice aftertaste and I really think it is a great dish to eat in a rainy day!!This is my favourite dish among the rest!!! This is the dish ($15) which one can often see the lead actresses slurping hungrily when they called for a take-out! I love the chewy texture of the handmade noodles and especially the nice flavour of the onions and meat (made with special sauce). I think I can easily finish a bowl for myself!Given the huge serving, I would recommend to share- ordering just a few main dishes (1 or 2 depending on the number of people) and complementing it with rice since there are quite a no of side dishes (since it can be a tad expensive compared to other korean restaurants)! Alternatively, one can also BBQ there too! Oh and the shop serves free flow of barely tea too (apparently it was said that it can cleanse away the excess oil and makes u feel less bloated after a heavy meal)Definitely going back again to try the other dishes like the kimchi pancake!! THUMBS UP!!! continue reading
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