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Step into buffet and ala carte Azur Restaurant and experience the best of both worlds – an extensive range of Asian and Western cuisine to cater to discerning palates with a penchant for variety. The restaurant boasts a show kitchen concept with chefs presenting a lively multicultural cooking theatre surrounded by beautiful ceramics sourced from the region in calming ultramarines and greens. continue reading
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Review (11)
Level3 2017-05-01
Staycation at Crowne hotel was a fantastic experience away from busy schedule. It provide breakfast from 0630-1100hrs. The food is most local food possibly for tourist and not bad at all. The eggs scrambled can mixed your customise from garlic to tomatoes. Never count but option from hard boil to half cook. Combine them with hot dogs, hams etc. For porridge lover, there is 2 type of porridge, plain and century eggs with you Tao and salty eggs was a perfect combination. The breads section consists all my favourite from cross buns to toast piece. You can opt for butter or jams. For India foods consists of Prata , curry and crackers. I like it. Very nice aroma inside your mouth. Fruits and yogurts should not be miss also. Coffee or tea is refillable for all. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-06
Travelling to Changi for dining is quite an uncommon task that we will do in our checklist. If not for the pair of winning weekdays dining tickets to Azur Restaurant in Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, we would not have been here for a buffet and travelling extremely far end to the East from West (where we are residing).Conveniently located at level 2 of Crowne Plaza, Azur Restaurant's winning award buffet offers an extensive range of Asian and Western fare both suitable for locals and foreigners.This 150 Seating restaurant has a beautiful interior with ceramic tiles in Ultramarine and black.Quality and standard of food was above average and with good services rendered. Food were constantly topped up when it is almost finished in the heating pot. Variety may be limited over here as compared to the larger scale buffet in Singapore but I felt that the spread was already very decent.Enjoy a bowl of Asian Favourites, Salted Vegetable Tofu Soup. Salt was well balance by the natural sweetness from the meat as well as carrot. You can never go wrong by starting off your meal with this as it's quite appetizing. With Asian Soup around, they also catered in the westernized flavoured soup like the Cream of Cauliflower with bacon. Yummy, but take note that if you are still planning to have more food from your buffet, take this in sparingly as its quite "stomach occupying".Local delights including our Fried Hokkien Mee was part of the buffet. It was not to my liking with its over-moist noodles and the lack of the prawn oomph, it tasted nothing close to an usual plate of Hawker Hokkien Mee.Carbonara with Penne was cook to the correct texture and was not too bad.Western food range from Pasta, Ham, mashed Potatoes and other baked food items.Enjoy a good mix of Asian delicacies which includes Japanese Sushi, Inaris and even some sweet & Sour meat.You can also get to enjoy small bites like Fried Spring Rolls. Prawns on the other hand was freshly steamed in scallions.Bursting full of Barbequed Flavours, with meat generously coated in its sauce. The pork easily fell off the ribs with slightest pressure and I simply love its tenderness too!The crayfishes were easily depleted as soon as it comes out of the kitchen. It's such a common sight of our local culture "kisuism" in place, seeing our fellow Singaporeans cleared the full load of crayfish tray immediately after they were placed on the buffet counter.Besides feeling happy with its crayfish, we were please to enjoy the big chunky sea bass that was pan-seared. I love the part where its skin was charred and giving the crispy bite.I'm not a Red Velvet person and I wasn't too keen and felt its topping was kind of cloying.The petite desserts were so lovely that makes me unbearable to have them eaten up. Little puffs and mango pudding were good!Yam and vanilla ice cream did not go well as expectation. Vanilla was more towards a sour taste while Yam Ice Cream had an overpowering coconut milk taste.It has been a while since I had my last buffet. Though variety range may be a lacking here but food were definitely decent, despite visiting them on a weekday. Atmosphere of dining is worth your consideration too! continue reading
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Start the season countdown at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport with its hearty festive takeaways and delicious Christmas feasts at Azur Restaurant. The highlight of the yuletide dinner is none other than the Festive Baked Turkey with Angelica Root ($ 165 +), a unique creation by Chef Andrew who likes to infuse an oriental touch to Western cuisine and vice versa. Rubbed with Angelica Root powder, this massive 5-kg turkey is probably the most nourishing version I've ever had. Cross pollinated with ingredients such as sweet corns, preserved Mei Cai and Chinese blood sausage, this golden fat bird tastes even more marvelous than many classic roasts here. Moist, succulent and not overly seasoned, the white meat is enlivened with sweet cranberry-orange marmalade sauce. Fusion cooking here never quite lapsed into outlandishness as the Sweet Potato Marshmallow Gratin proved another experimental success. The melted marshmallow coated the soft, mushy sweet potatoes with a pleasant sticky sweetness without making the overall dish too sugary. I thought this serves as an ideal pre-dessert, dessert or even a warm starter for the buffet. The Yuzu log cake ($62++) is composed on a smooth buttery Varlhona Dulce mousse which tasted unexpectedly light since it was inspired from milk jam, but I am contented with the sweetness and the subtly bitter yuzu gelee. Nonetheless, the hazelnut dacquoise was in a bit of excess compared to the thin feuilettine rested atop that delivered very little crunch. Full review and pics: http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2014/12/crowne-plaza-changi-airport-festive.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-03
This March, the award-winning buffet and ala carte resturant, Azur located at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport offers diners an all-you-can-eat Black Angus dinner experience with premium beef imported from the United States, cooked to perfection in a variety of styles.The dinner feast will also include the finest seafood and a multitude of desserts. Alaskan Snow Crab Leg Diners can also dig into fresh seafood on ice with the popular Alaskan Snow Crab Leg making a much welcome re-appearance at the seafood bar along with Poached Tiger Prawns, Dutch Black Mussels, Half Shell Scallops and Freshly Shucked House Oysters.Sesame Black Angus Beef Salad with Red Radish Loves the thinly sliced medium-rare sirloin, which make it really tender and juicy. The fats are trimmed off after the sirloin is pan seared to avoid over oiliness. Dulcified with aromatic sesame sauce, crunchy red radish, lotus root and edamame. The combination lends a delightful twist and seemingly divinely intervened!Wok Fried Black Angus Short Ribs with Black Pepper Sliced Black Angus Short Rib is succulent and tender. However it will be perfect if the Azur's homemade black pepper sauce could be more peppery and robust flavour. Grilled Black Angus Beef Steak with Forest Mushroom RagoutRich and evocative of the forest, the mushrooms (portobello, champignon and trumpet mushrooms) will work their magic in everything from a creamy ragout to a earthy broth. Perfect for mushroom lovers.Braised Beef Cheek with Root Vegetables Decadent, fork-tender beef cheek are a crowd favourite. It fills the house with mouthwatering aromatic root vegetables consisting of baby carrot, turnip, parsnip and celeriac. The beef exits the full-flavored, you will be rewarded with super tender and moist dish. Mini French Pastries & Chef’s Selection of Desserts BaraThe The Tremendous Black Angus Buffet is priced at $68++ per pax from 29 March - 6 April 2014.Visit http://www.celestialdelish.com/2014/03/Tremendous-Black-Angus-Buffet-at-Azur.html for more info. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-17
Tailed my friends towards a buffet paradise in Crowne Plaza, it was my first time to hear and experience about it. Enjoying the comforting iconic street foodies, Azur Restaurant provided various range of delights. Stepping into award-wining buffet restaurant, the feeling was great. Spacious up to 150 seats, the opened-kitchen concept was lively and surrounded by beautiful ceramics. All food was well-arranged, neat and pretty displayed right in front of our eyesight.This was the Western version soup, milky and creamy basically. Dipping of slice of oat bread, the combination was a perfect match. Seafood was one of the significant roles in buffet menu, some of them were raw while some of them wholly-cooked. I just simply picked Prawns, Scallops and Crabs, they were naturally salty. Especially crab, the flesh was solid and firm.Both Salad and Sashimi selection were limited in variety, I make use of the veggies as dressing for my platter. Nice chewy bite for the Salmon, they were all fresh.Lots of colourful dessert, I am sure there is one that is your favourite. Love their adorable moist cake, it was always good to end my meal with something sweet. $55++ per adult during weekdays dinner, the price was expensive for me. Luckily we get a 15% off for our online reservation, what a surprise. continue reading
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