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Level4 2015-09-01
Recently the restaurant has updated its menu and added a few more new items into its menu. The restaurant is located just behind the bus stop. The restaurant is halal, which is why most of the customers are malay. It made here a great choice for gathering with its modern menu. It is decorated in modern hippe style.The Blue Oyster ($12.50)Fried breaded OystersOne of the popular appetizers in the menu. It is served pipping hot, juicy inside with a thin crispy batter layer outside. Beware of the strips of cucumber in the dish. It actually tastes spicy but in an appetizing way.Truffle Risotto ($28)Rich mushroom risotto, topped with parmesan crisp and black truffleSmells great with truffle oil when served. The staff grates the truffle freshly on the dish at the table. The dish is well cooked and creamy, except that it is a bit too salty for me. The parmesan crisp tastes a bit char bitter to me, although one of the staff recommends mixing it up to eat.As the staff notices that I have problem finishing the risotto, and asks me about the dish. It is soon replaced with the ravioli recommended by the staff.Seafood Ravioli with Tomato Basil ($28)Seafood and ricotta chez ravioli with tomato basil sauceThis dish is also offered in spicy version too. Interesting to find a number of pickled small onions in the dish. The ravioli itself tastes not bad, packed full with fillings.Overall great service from the staffs especially regarding the handling of the risotto dish. continue reading
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