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Simpang Bedok 298 Bedok Road Singapore 469454 Tel: +65 6446 6928 | Upper Thomson 296 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574370 Tel: +65 6552 1646
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11:00 - 22:00
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Chicken Karaage Stuffed Jalapeno Tuna Mayo Fish and Chips Ikan Pencit Ayam Bakar
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Badoque Cafe is primarily an American cafe with a heavy fusion twist incorporating Malay, Indonesian and Mediterranean cusine into the menu. Ambience was casual, relaxed yet intimate with the tiny bulbs, dimly-lit concept and brick walls. Menu consists mainly of meat items - very reasonable prices for massive portions, and the service was personable and polite.Iced Salted Caramel Milkshake (SGD$8.50) was thick, creamy and delicious in its sweet-savoury blend.Kepak Bing Bing (SGD$12.50) - juicy and crispy chicken wings in a blend of chilli padi and spices. Juicy, yes; crispy, yes, and spicy, yes that, too - and a very heavy-handed dose of it too. I loved it though, being a lover of spicy food, and I loved the tenderness of the meat. I was on fire after eating a number of these appetite-whetting wings. It had a very familiar rojak flavour which I spotted immediately, and upon checking with the staff, confirmed that there were also shrimp paset and ground peanut tosssed into the mix indeed.Next, Badoque Ribs (SGD$36.00) - tender beef ribs glazed in homemade BBQ sauce. Tender was almost an understatement as the flesh was so succulent, it slid off the racks easily, basked in nectarous and smokey BBQ sauce that made it very enjoyable.Then Iga Bakar (SGD$36.00) - Indonesian-style beef ribs glazed in sweet and spicy soy sauce; served with fragrant basmati rice. Don't be fooled by the darkness of this dish - you'll brighten up the moment these ribs touch your palate - tasty. tender amd moistened, with great flavour to boost. The aroma of the rice added a nice control to the heavier flavour.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to refer: http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/04/lunch-at-badoque-cafe-bedok.html continue reading
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Badoque Cafe is almost a food institution of sorts, and needs little introduction. Since opening their doors in Simpang Bedok in 2008, the halal certified Badoque Cafe has gained a loyal following, amongst both Muslim and non-Muslim diners, for their gargantuan portions of tasty food, and excellent service. The long queues at Badoque Cafe still persist to this day, even with the opening of their 2nd outlet at Upper Thomson in 2014, and they regularly make the lists of 'Best Halal Cafes In Singapore'.Ambience at Badoque Cafe is modern casual, with elements of industrial chic. The bare concrete walls are livened through quirky posters, while decorative lights hang from the ceiling. The showpiece 'bar' displays bottles of cordial used in their creative mocktails, while the black marble top tables and colourful metal chairs are solid, and can be shifted around to create seating for large groups. Offering both indoor and outdoor al-fresco dining, Badoque Cafe can get noisy during peak periods.Service at Badoque Cafe is excellent, a true highlight here, surpassing the service standards of some high-end fine dining restaurants! Staff are friendly and welcoming, able to hold conversations, creating an casual, comfortable atmosphere, almost like visiting a close Malay friend's house. They're observant and attentive, acknowledging you when you call, and actually stoop / kneel down to take orders. Staff here are knowledgable on the current menu, able to make recommendations and provide basic information on dishes. Furthermore, they come around mid-way during your meal to check on how it's going, and get feedback.Food at Badoque Cafe is primarily American, Italian, and Modern Malay cuisine. Badoque Cafe is known for their portion sizes, which are huge / giant sized, 1 dish is usually enough for 2 small eaters to share, or satisfy 1 large eater for the rest of the day. Most people cannot even finish 1 dish by themselves! Prices are very reasonable as well, comparable to most other mid-range cafes, budget about SGD $36 per person for a meal here.Badoque Cafe has among the better versions of Hot Chocolate (SGD $7.50) I've had in Singapore. Their Hot Chocolate itself is rich and thick, with a deep chocolate flavour, and isn't overly sweet. Very warming and comforting, the large mug is topped off with chocolate fudge and chewy marshmallows, lending a layer of sweetness and texture. Highly recommended!The signature Badoque Ribs (SGD $36) are a huge cut of beef ribs, on the bone, served on a bed of fresh vegetables such as carrots, long beans, and baby potatoes. The beef ribs are incredibly tender and moist, having been slow cooked overnight. Presented in an American style, their home made barbecue sauce is tangy and savoury with a slight sweetness, complementing the beef ribs very well. I honestly feel this might be the best beef ribs in Singapore! Highly, highly recommended! Full Badoque Cafe review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/03/badoque-cafe.html continue reading
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Badoque is located in Simpang Bedok, a popular “makan” spot, especially for Halal food. You’d be spoiled for choice by the various types of Halal eateries here, ranging from Western food, fast food to local cooked dishes or zi char.We came on a weekend evening, and the area was packed. Stepping inside, we were greeted by the café’s modern decor – black painted walls adorned with framed pictures and pop-up alphabets, with the choice of an air conditioned or al fresco sitting area. The menu was vibrantly coloured, which is lovely, but it was also kind of hard to find what we wanted since the food items were all over the place.On the whole, we found the food portions here huge, so we were speculating that was probably what kept the customers coming back, especially since we find that the food quality here wasn’t exactly top notch. That said, if you intend to pay a visit to Badoque, we recommend giving the Naked Salmon, Mango Yoghurt smoothie and Mango Soda a try.Please refer to www.ieatandeat.com for details review. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-26
We were around the area and decided to come by for a late lunch.Lamb Shank - Hubby liked it enough as the serving is quite ok. Taste wise, it is also not bad.Seafood Marinara - my default order...the ingredients are pretty fresh and also adequate in amount. But i don't quite love the sauce, it's ok but I guess I wanted more.Sausage Pasta - daughter like it but I found it a tad too salty. This is very much a kiddie dish, not very gourmet indeed.We were happy enough with our lunch but not somewhere we will return though. The price of lunch was not too cheap too. continue reading
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- after waiting for about 45 mins, this was served. Such a huge slab of ribs/meat, but its soft, tender & tasty. Good for two light eaters to share.  I need to come back for this again! However if you sit indoors, you might smell like a BBQ ribs after you are done with dining, a little poor ventilation but I don't mind! Although staff are busy, they didn't forget to serve us with a smile! continue reading
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