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Bakery & Bar ST. MARC is a newly concept from Saint Marc Cafe. Serve wine, beer, pasta and bar food with a very relax location just in front of beach. continue reading
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Level2 2015-01-04
For full review: http://www.molly-mia.blogspot.sg/2015/01/mias-review-bakery-bar-st-marc.htmlLured in by the famous Chococro of St. Marc Cafe, we decided to give Bakery & Bar St. Marc a try. And of course, the chococro isn't the only luring factor. Heh!Salted Milk Chococro (left) and Original Chococro (right)Smaller than an iPhone 4, it's definitely a pretty pricey treat at about $2.40 to $2.60, but SO WORTH IT!Warmed prior to serving, the croissant is crisp and flaky with a strong buttery fragrance. The fillings (choco and/or salted milk) were rich and made the otherwise dry croissant slightly moisten as you chew.Garden SaladThey usually serve with the dressing mixed in, so if you take your salad without dressing most of the time, like me, do request that they separate the dressing (or omit). Yes, I know it looks pretty good and fresh, but.... pictures are deceiving here.This is the saltiest salad I've ever, ever eaten. It's so salty my tongue hurts, and I had to force myself to finish this bowl of salted veggies by slushing my mouth with water after every bite towards the end.I have no idea what went wrong in the kitchen, perhaps they mistook salt for some other condiments or what, or perhaps I should have just demanded they redo the salad for me. But I just didn't, and my poor tongue paid the price for it.Never again, St Marc. I'll never try your salad ever again.Fish and ChipsOnce again, looks pretty when served, but tasted just like a normal fish and chips, with a little too much batter to 'fatten' up the fillet.The Bakery & Bar St Marc is supposed to have a fuller menu (sandwiches, pastas and other mains) as compared to their cafe counterparts, which focuses mainly on pastries and desserts, but by far it seems to me that I'm better off heading to their more easily accessible cafes to indulge in their pastries instead.I rated them poorly on taste as Bakery & Bar is supposed to have a fuller menu as compared to St Marc Cafes. All those yummy choco cro can easily be found at all other St Marc Cafes, which isn't the dish that makes Bakery & Bar different. continue reading
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