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Tolido's Espresso Nook is a casual and cosy cafe serving artisan coffee as well as fresh food that ranges from all-day breakfast to pastas and sandwiches. Coffee are freshly brewed and food are cooked-to-order daily. No artificial flavourings, and nothing instant are used in their food. continue reading
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Teriyaki Sambal Fried Rice Pandan Pancake Cereal Bacon Rolls Spaghetti Vongole
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Ondeh Ondeh PancakesHaving been to Tolidos several times, not once have I been disappointed, as it just National Day last month, Tolidos decided to make Ondeh Ondeh pancakes which were a novelty special. The reviews for it was so overwhelming that they decided to keep it on their regular menu and I'm glad that they did. The pancakes had a strong coconut aroma and were light and fluffy, just like their regular buttermilk pancakes. Their vanilla ice cream is probably of the commercial sort but paired with the gula melaka sauce. I had to give both thumbs up for this dish. Prawn Aglio Olio (non spicy)The noodles were al dente and weren't too salty. When you order this dish, the staff will ask you if want it spicy or not. The prawns were crunchy but didn't seem entirely fresh. Maybe fresh-frozen? Nonethless, it was still a nice plate of pasta.Cereal Bacon rollsThis is one of their famous side dishes. Take note, there's a toothpick in them.  The bacon was crispy with a cube of cream cheese in the center. It was very sinful but yummy. However, even though it was very enjoyable, I feel that the price is too steep for just a few pieces of bacon with a cube of cream cheese wrapped in it.Oreo MilkshakeTolidos is famed for their coffee so I decided to try their milkshake. Disappointing, they didn't blend it well enough and there were huge pieces or should I say, whole Oreo cookies at the bottom of the cup. It felt like I was drinking pure milk with vanilla ice cream. Com'on guys, you guys can do latte art perfectly well, how much more or less effort is required to blend a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream with oreo cookies?All in all, I still enjoyed my experience at Tolidos and I will always keep coming back with highly expectations. My only gripe is they have such a small seating area, and I always have to sit outside and then get moved into the indoor/air-conditioned seat halfway through my meal. Then again, I do visit them on weekend afternoons. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-14
Located near the ever popular Nan Hua Chang Seafood Restaurant (which is known for its fish head steamboat), is this cafe. The place is just 10 minutes walk away from the MRT station. It is decorated beautifully in western traditional style with its wooden structure. The place is already in Christmas mood with a pretty christmas tree at the door.Inside the place is decorated in wooden style, with wooden benches, some sofas around. As christmas is coming, the place is decorated in christmas style with wreaths hanging around.The menu is a stack of sheets in a clip board.462 Prawn Pasta Laksa ($16.50)From far, I could smell its yummy laksa's smell. It is a surprising good combination which MH finishes off almost at once. It is filled with juicy prawns in it.Triple-Cheese Baked Penne ($10.50)Bolognese-style Penne, baked with a medley of Parmesan, Cheddar & Mozzarella cheese.Be prepared to wait at least 15 minutes for this dish. It is served piping hot. Tomato sauce base with penne and shredded ham, topped with cheese. It is quite a tasty combination but I feel quite jelat and full after finishing half of it. Christmas Hot Cocoa ($6.50)Christmas specials. Rich hot cocoa topped with flame-torched marshmallows.The drink is thick and rich. Just the right choice especially it is a cold and wet night outside.Ice Blend Caramel ($6.10)I have asked for it to be served without whipped cream. It is quite a thick and creamy drink.Lemon Meringue Pie ($6.00)The in-house pie is very light with a bit tart in taste. No wonder it is a hot favourite.Overall the food is delicious with reasonable prices, plus no GST and service charge. With such a cozy environment and soft music around, it is quite a relaxing place to enjoy the weekend. continue reading
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Starting its roots from the Omni-Theatre at Singapore Science Centre, Tolido’s expanded with its second outlet located just outside the city area at Crawford Lane which is a strategic site that attracts both office workers and cafehoppers as well.Pasta are served here, but its the all-day breakfast that is the highlight here. My dining partner had the Tolido’s American Breakfast ($7.90), made up with toast, baked beans, sunny side-up, sausages and bacon. It was generally faultless but not fantastic, with the bacon in particular being too salty. It was however filling and worth the price, but felt like something that anyone could whip up in the kitchen.After hearing about how fluffy the pancakes here were, I decided to have Banana Pancakes ($7.00). Fluffy it was, and with the banana mixed into the batter it bore a tinge of sweetness with every bite. Maple syrup seemed rather minimal but enough to compliment the pancakes without overpowering the main dish. The only qualm was that it had a flavour in the batter that was really similar with a particular brand of pancake mix, which makes it feel less unique than it should be.We got a Cinnamon Roll ($2.60) to share, which was warmed up upon order. It was buttery and well-spiced with the taste of cinnamon lingering with every bite.Being a place for coffee, we could not miss out on ordering coffee along with our food. My dining partner went with a Latte ($4.90), while I was immediately attracted to the Bailey’s Coffee ($8.00). The coffee was just nice without acidic not being too bitter, and there was enough Bailey’s to bring out that alcoholic content in the coffee. Yahava Koffeework blends are used to ensure the quality of the coffee.For the full review and more photos, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/tolidos-espresso-nook-blk-462-crawford-lane/ continue reading
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