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Level4 2014-02-09
Bakery Cuisine is a bakery that was initially set up to cater to office workers on the go. Step into the bakery, and you can immediately see the difference from the usual bakeries. The place is spacious, with their breads neatly organized and arranged in a minimal amount of display counters. Their set-up is clutter-free and fuss-free and certainly designed with busy office workers in mind. Here, instead of picking out breads yourself from rows and rows of display units, you will just need to tell the staff the breads or confections you want from the few display counters and they will pick and bag it for you.If you think that some of the product offering here, like the Dorayaki in the photo above, is suspiciously similar to Dora Keiki, that is because Dora Keiki is a brand by Bakery Cuisine to promote a new line of Japanese-style cakes and confections inspired by the success of their Dorayaki.There is also the usual range of bakery buns here like Curry Bun ($1.30), Chocolate Mexico ($1.30) and Vienna Sausage ($1.50). I find their variety to be quite limited compared to the wide variety you can usually find at most other local bakeries, but there are a few interesting flavours here like the Charcoal Red Bean Bun ($1.50).Double Cheese ($1.30 each)This simple bun consists of just plain bun with melted cheese and a light sprinkling of sugar on top, making it quite a sweet but cheesy bread. I'd have personally preferred it without the sugar, but the taste is quite decent overall.Char Siew Bun ($1.50)I find this visually good-looking bun to be slightly tastier than the Double Cheese. The bread is soft while the tasty char siew filling is also slightly firm to chew on.Cheesecake ($1.50)The texture of this Japanese cheesecake is a little like sponge cake and is rather cottony soft. It is also quite creamy but rather mild-tasting. I didn't find this sweet at all, which will be good news for people who doesn't like their cakes too sweet. Mini Tau Sar Piah ($4.00 for 10)Crumbly and salty, the tau sar filling is quite densely packed and is a treat to munch on. This actually costs $0.50 each but you can get 10 for only $4.00, which is quite worthwhile. The prices here are quite average for a bakery but while there, we were told that there is also a promotion where we could buy any 5 breads for only $6.00 (we got 4 Double Cheese and 1 Char Siew Bun). We were not aware of this promotion so we appreciate that the staff took the initiative to inform us about it. Overall, I'd recommend the Mini Tau Sar Piah as well as the Dorayaki, QQ Mochi and Hokkaido Custard Cake which are also part of the product line at Dora Keiki. But do note that the flavour range at Bakery Cuisine is not as extensive as Dora Keiki. continue reading
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