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Ban Heng is a veteran of the culinary industry boasting over forty years of experience in traditional Teochew and Cantonese cuisine. They are proud to have hosted hundreds of weddings, banquets and dinners for numerous guests and organisations, including former President Nathan and the dinner-dances of the PSA and the Red Cross. With their decades of experience, you can be ensured of a resounding success. continue reading
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Braised Duck Steamed Fish
Review (12)
Level3 2014-12-05
Blog review : http//cennds.blogspot.comFinally, the day's craving of Dim Sum Buffet had reached. Googling through their website to find out their price and opening day. We just knew that, it opens for both weekday and weekends and weekends buffet is more expensive .. Special menu of Dim Sum is only available on weekendsBe cautious : Don't wastage your food, if you don't want to pay for it. They have some food placed in the center of the restaurant for everyone to take such as Laksa, Dessert , Fried Chicken , Duck Wings, Seong Kueh, and drink offruit punch drink as They offer quite a variety of choice. But too pity that they don't have Custard Bun ( Liu Sha Bao ), one of my favorite dimsum. Besides, Liu Sha Bao 流沙包, Xiao long bao is one of my favorite too. oo bad , their Xiao Long Bao doesn't really taste good, seems too dry a Their Har Gow ( Shrimp Dumpling ) and Siomay are delicious. Anyway , if you order a bun ..I advice you to eat it once it serve on your table to Don't let it keep too long if you don't want eat a stone ...  continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-30
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/11/30/ri-friends-monthly-dinner-ban-heng-harbourfront-centre-on-24nov2014/we had our november dinner @ ban heng harbourfront centre on 24.11.2014. i had not been to this ban heng outlet before. the last time G20 had a 23pax dinner at ban heng at orchard central, food was quite average. this outlet has 2 ala carte buffet menu – one pried at S$28.80++ here, and the other at S$21.80++. from what i can see the main difference is for the S$28.80 menu you get to pick 1 order of abalones, crabs, froglegs, live prawns, scallops. we took the S$28.80++ menu. #1 roast duck was passable. but c/w the beautiful roast duck at both canton paradise star vista & canton paradise J-cube or with the noodles restaurant at centrepoint, this would be a poor & distant cousin. #2 drunken chicken was average, competent. liked the vegetables, #3 garlic spinach & #4 sambal kang kong. #5 deep-fried soon hock was a standard dish. it was done well.#6 beef with bitter gourd black bean sauce was also done well. this was as good as any good zi char, say kok sen at keong saik street or hong kong street chun kee at commonwealth crescent or ah orh at bukit merah. #7 steamed prawns was good like any good seafood restaurant. surprisingly the #8 sharks fin soup though gluey like any served at weddings in yesteryears, had very tasty stock. this was much better than ban heng orchard central. #9 frog legs with ginger & spring onions was also a competent dish. . #10 roast pork. all my friends liked this a lot. we had a second order. meat looked great, was tender & tasty & skin was crisp. i would say presentation & taste-wise still a tad below what i had recently at tunglok central. #11 fried prawns with celery – passable, nothing interesting. #12 char siew looked & tasted great. of the 2 dishes, my friends liked the roast pork better. #13 abalones with mushrooms & spinach. this was quite good dish also. the braising sauce though was nothing like the really good brown sauce served in good cantonese restaurants say ah yat abalones forum restaurant for abalone dishes (also goose web & spiky sea cucumber dishes) or at chao yue xuan. #14 deep-fried tilapia in thai sauce was an interesting dish. it had less meat so some friends preferred the soon hock dish to this. #15 scallops in yam nest. scallops were average & overall this dish was poor, below par, not even comparable with a good yam basket say at ah orh w/o expensive scallops. #16 chai poh minced pork with steamed bean curd, i think this was really poor. #17 sweet & sour soup. this was a pretty good soup. #18 pepper crab was quite the usual seafood restaurant standard, for sure better than spices cafe. self service dessert were quite standard. aloe vera with jelly was quite refreshing & pulut hitam the usual. overall, food here was better than ban heng orchard central but not as good aspeach gardens miramar. for S$28.80++ pax it was 2/3 the price of spices cafe w/o the lobster. i guess quite an ok deal. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-04
My uncle invited my whole family to this chinese restaurant to have a big feast to celebrate this wedding anniversary. The restaurant layout was simple but quite spacious and comfortable. The dishes served were very generous in portion and the taste was good too. Especially love to eat their suckling roast piglet, which is very crispy on the outer layer and the meat is fragrant and not too salty. The cereal prawns are also very fresh and crispy as well. I heard from my relatives that per table of ten is at avout $500 which is quite worth the price. Service was quite prompt too. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-03-08
For a 8 course set meal for 8 pax that cost $268++, you might want to consider Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant located at HarbourFront Centre.FOODThe following dishes of the 8 course set meal:瑶柱蚧肉鱼翅 Braised Shark’s Fin with Dried Scallop & Crab MeatRoasted Meat with JellyfishThe roasted pork is quite fattening, not much of lean meat. The dark has the roasted taste but it's little too hard to bite. The jellyfish is quite long and hard to chew, and I almost choke on it. 黄金炒虾 Salted Egg Yolk PrawnsCrispy prawns and love the tantalizing taste of the egg yolk together with the prawn. Great combination!港蒸活深海乌鱼 Steamed Live Deep Sea Grey Mullet Fish in Hong Kong Style辣椒焗大蟹 Chilli CrabLove the sweet tasting gravy of Chilli Crab. Taste supherb when eaten with the crispy 馒头!小白菜 Xiao Bai Cai 金菇焖伊府面 Stewed Ee-fu Noodles with Chives & MushroomsThe noodles are rather salty and there are not much ingredients. Will tend to get sick of it after some bites.豆沙锅饼 Red Bean PancakeWrapped by a thick layer of crispy texture, the red bean filling taste extra great when placed in your mouth. My favourite dish in this set meal ! SERVICE:Staffs are quite friendly, but need to be reminded constantly to change our plates after "dirty affair" (removing prawns/crabs' shell)AMBIENCE:Just a normal restaurant to me. Nothing of the extraordinary caught my attention.PRICE:It's considered cheap for a set meal dinner at a restaurant, though it's not that fantastic, but still edible! Great for people who would like to give a treat but at an economical level... The restaurant also has its buffet menu. The buffet menu is priced cheaply at $19 or $25 per pax. However, price of the food sometimes determine its quality. So try at your own risk! continue reading
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Level3 2013-02-22
the menu looks good with great variety of food. price is reasonable too, so we decided to try.but it was a mistake. all our expectations were dashed. first, the waiter is quite rude, kinda of attitude problem. food is only so so, the sesame ball is very hard, like stone. the steamed dim sum is can do. the crispy stuff is acceptable. i will not come here again. not recommended. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)