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Inspired by the vivacious Bangkok, otherwise known as the “City of Angel”, Bangkok Jam started with a refreshing idea - to offer a modern twist to traditional Thai fare for diners who seek a contemporary culinary experience. continue reading
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Level4 2017-06-08
Food here is at most average but the long waiting time is why they lost one star with me. We ordered:• Spaghetti with Prawn in Tomyam coconut sauce - I thought this kinda sound strange but there were more than 2 reviewers who mentioned it as good so I thought we'll try. My gut was right, the sauce was coconut-y and Tomyam-y but the concoction just doesn't kick it. Sad 😭 • Olive Rice - after a long wait, we hungrily ate it up and liked it. • Mixed Grill - this was great. The chicken and beef slices were nicely charred with right amount of BBQ taste. The sotong was also done just nicely without making it into rubber. Unlikely to return as the wait doesn't warrant the taste of food. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-22
It was my first time trying Bangkok Jam and it was a bit disappointing considered that the food portion was really small. I ordered yellow curry since it was recommended by chef. There were only 2 pieces of veggies and the meat was really little filled with sauce. The taste was ok though and it was not that spicy. The thai milk tea was pretty diluted too and expensive. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-01-09
Located at the new extension of Plaza Singapura, Bangkok Jam is serving authentic Thai Food with a modern twist.I liked the modern bistro style kind of interior of the restaurant with items that makes you feel that you are Thailand, for example, the signage written in Thai. Seafood Clear Tom Yum Soup ($7.90++) - Don't be fooled by its clear appearance, the tom yum soup was actually very spicy. With a very strong lemon grass flavour, the tom yum soup consists of 2 prawns, squids and a few slices of fish which were quite fresh. However, the serving was quite small.Fried Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce ($9.50++)The chicken wings were deep fried before frying with fish sauce. The taste of the fish sauce was quite mild, leaving a little of sweet taste. The chicken wings were tender, juicy and goes well with the sweet & sour chilli that comes with it. Seafood Phad Thai ($11.90++) My wife is a phad thai lover and she found that the taste was just right. The noodles were springy and well flavoured by the chilli flakes, peanut and sugar. Stirred Fried Minced Chicken with Basil Leaves ($11.90++)It was served together with a fried egg and white rice. The minced meat was a bit too salty for me when eaten on its own. But with the white rice, it was quite good and savory. Verdict : While the food are nice, I would think that they would got to improve on their service. I had to ask for 3 times before they served my iced water which I requested for at the point of order. If the restaurant is fully occupied, I will definitely be more understanding. However, we had our meal near to their closing hours and there were definitely more serving staffs than diners. One thing for sure that they are quick was to present us our bills after the last order. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
The trendy and modern thai bistro offers a wide range of thai food. The taste of the food was not too bad however it is considered to be quite expensive. I ordered the basil chicken steam rice which i thought to be quite normal. It was tasty however very expensive. I could get something similar for 6 dollars at some places.The thai fried rice, on the other hand, was quite worth it as it really tasted good! Something different from what i've tasted. The tom yum goong ($7.90++) was quite pathetic as the serving was small. The taste was good but yet again, slightly overpriced.Overall, i think it is a good place for thai food however it is quite costly. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-20
Being my favourite casual dining restaurant to go on a simple date, Bangkok Jam always have something great to offer despite its limited menu. Came to the outlet at Plaza Singapura on a weekday night, almost all the tables were occupied but luckily, we were directed to this corner table for 2. Space may be a little limited and we could easily hear the other tables' conversations, but it was manageable. Decided to skip the usual curries that we love to try something different! Got their Chicken Phad Thai ($11.50) with the original stick noodle. The dish was sumptuous, very flavourful despite its simple laid-back presentation. They weren't very generous with the chicken meat but for the taste, it was worth its price. I also got their Grilled Chicken with Thai Herbs - Half ($15.90), this item was under the "sides and mains" section and I thought that this would be a main course on its own since its ultimately a half grilled chicken, but no it came like this without any side dishes. And since service was very slow I didn't bother wasting time to get the rice. As usual, my buddy got himself the Red Ruby with Coconut Icecream ($7.50) because it's always been his favourite. Its a simple yet comforting dessert on any occasion. We also gave their Mango Sticky Rice ($8.90) a try. We love everything about it! The warm sticky rice and cold fresh mango flesh topped with sweet but not overpowering sauce were really great combination! Really worthy to be one of my best Asian desserts. Overall, I really love the food as well as the interesting city-inspired ambience. However, I wasn't impressed with the service at all. Firstly, we asked for 2 cups of ice water when we were ordering, the waitress nodded but did not open her mouth. Secondly, not only did the waitress not repeat our orders, she had forgotten about our ice water even after 2 dishes arrived. Thirdly, it was more than difficult and frustrating to get any staff's attention and when we finally managed, the attitude given were worst than standard. Fourthly, other customers who came later than us were served with their table of food before we even got our first dish. I have written over 120 reviews on Openrice and never did once I complained much about the service. So it really shows that I'm pretty upset over the service served here despite my love for their food. I may still return to the other outlets but no way am I coming back to this particular outlet anymore (not till the day I see the change in their waitstaff). continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)