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IPPUDO first started in 1985 in Japan's ramen capital of Hakata by its founder Shigemi Kawahara (internationally acclaimed 'Ramen King'). IPPUDO is an upscale and modern ramen dining place that also serves a range of authentic Japanese dishes apart from their famed tonkotsu ramen that is brewed for more than 15 hours, incorporating 3 cooking stages to create the creamy broth. continue reading
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Akamaru Shinaji Shiromaru Motoaji
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Level4 2016-11-29
There was bar area next the main dining area. As the outlet was currently having a $9.90++ promotion for its Extra Rich Tonkotsu Ramen to celebrate its 7th anniversary in Singapore, the place was packed. The turnover was fast and I got a table almost immediately. Ice water was free here.Extra Rich Tonkotsu Ramen ($9.90++)Served with chopped spring onions and 2 slices of cha shu.The cha shu was rather thin and the texture still have not reached the melt in the mouth stage and had a bit of porky taste. The soup seem to have watered down to suit the local's tastebud. The ramen was done just nice to my liking.Crispy Corn ($6++)Lightly-battered deep-fried corn-on-the-cob, sprinkled with smoked paprika powder for a burst of different flavours.It looked coated in a rather plain batter, but it tasted addicitive with a Maggie like flavours, filling the mouth with umami taste. Can't help having one after one although the corns tend to stick between the teeth.Chashu Tsukune Bun ($4++)Juicy minced pork patty accompined with crisp lettuce and mayo in freshly steamed bun.It was served pipping hot. Could not taste the mayo in it, but the patty was surprisingly good, even when it was minced very finely. The texture was buttery, melt in the mouth. I wish I could eat another piece.Overall the food was not bad. Service was fast. continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-15
Ippudo in Mandarin Gallery is always in long queue whenever we passed by. I am glad to they have decided to open another branch which located at Shaw Centre. I remembered Ippudo was one of my first few food tasting with OpenRice two years back. If you have trouble finding the place, you might want to enter the Isetan cosmetic area at the familiar Lido Shaw on the first floor and turn right to Shaw Centre.Beef Tataki is definitely my favourite here. Loving the beef marbling with slightly seared at the top . The yuzu pepper paste was placed around the beef to give a slight appetizing taste.Beef Steak S$15.00 serves in cube size and sizzling teppan plate with black pepper sauce. It was medium done and you can taste the tender and juicy of the meat.Tsukune Rice S$7.00 was served with a juicy minced pork patty and sweet sauce. And not forgetting the soft-boiled egg that runs through the Japanese rice. Splendid satisfaction I would say.Tomato cream sauce-drizzled Kani Cream Croquette which was served in golden flaky crust. The fillings were filled with creamy crab that was gives a ‘wow’ after a biteIppudo Original Salad S$12.00 indeed gives a surprise taste. Eric was saying to have some greens for dinner so we decided to go for salad. Mixture of avocado, tofu and grated deep-fried potato created a good chemistry and the wafu sauce enhanced the flavours of the dish. We are so into the sauce and approached the staffs on the ingredients used. Mashed carrots and onions were added into the sauce which makes the sauce has the spicy and sweet taste. Good job for the chef’s creation.Gyoza served here is consider one of the good ones that you can find in town. The skin is very thin and the pork filling is tender and soft to enjoy.We moved on to their signature ramen. Shiromaru Motoaji is Ippudo’s original creamy gelatinous tonkotsu ramen. It comes with char siew and our choice of noodles done hard. S$12.00 for small and S$15.00 for regular. All I can say is awesome. I love the thickness soup base which is quite addictive.Tan Tan Tonkotsu S$16.00 is the specialty ramen for this branch. The ramen is modified to suit the local taste. It is blended with Japanese sesame paste and of course their creamy and thick soup base.As for desserts, we have sesame ice with shiratama S$5.00, matcha ice with shiratama S$5.00 and Strawberry parfait S$8.00. If I were to choose for second serving, I will go for sesame ice with shiratama.For more reviews, check out my post: http://hazeldiary.com/media-invite-ippudo-shaw-centre/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)