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<br> Barcelos is famous for the flame-grilled chicken, marinated with a unique sauce for 24 hours being they are served. They have 91 outlets in 6 different countries. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-02
This restaurant is my first time visiting here and I am quite impressed on the food served on their menu. I have only bought their chicken cheese burger to try during lunch time and took around fifteen minutes before the food is served to my table. Service staffs are friendly and polite and restaurant is cooling but abit squeezy. Burger bun is very soft and moist, with really tender chicken patty in it. Chicken patty is quite thick in slice and is very fragrant. The pickles are crunchy and appetizing as well. Spent less than $15 which is quite affordable. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-12
The novena outlet has closed down (after nex) so made way to vivo outlet instead. This outlet style is a little different whereby you queue to order and pay for your food at a fast food look alike counter 1st then proceed to find a seat with the number given. Alternatively your partner can chop one seat first. You collect your utensils and sauces from a self served counter near the entrance to the dining area. Not the best system i would say as i witness customers with orders placed already did not have a seat available. Seats were also quite old with stains so its not a place for fussy diners.Was using groupon $30 voucher so i ordered 2 quarter chicken meal with 2 sides each. Our sides were sauteed mushroom & potato, french fries, chicken soup, spicy wedges and corn on cob. Had to order one more ala carte side at $3.50 so that my total bill exceeds $30 before gst. When my food was served, we were actually given another bowl of chicken soup but funnily without croutons. Of cse i gladly accepted what was served without questioning hahaha. Talk about the sides firstChic soup - very gluey and starchy, not to my liking, feel like those made from instant powder french fries - very normal, not crispy enoughSauteed mushroom and potato - not too bad, the small potatoes are nicely cooked and so were the mushroomsspicy wedges - better than the french fries, i like that it was served hot and not coldcorn on cob - disappointed, its 2 pieces cut from probably a tiny whole corn. It was so small that its tough to cut out just the kernels for consumptionNow to the chicken, my partner had the supa peri which was really spicy and i had the very peri. The other 2 sauces were Tangy Lemon and Mild Perri. The meat looks more grilled than the usual rotisserie style but the inner flesh was a tad too dry for me, the skin and outer surface was ok though. I ended up eating it more with the sachet chilli for more flavors. Return to eat: maybe not, would want to try the new stall at Poulet, at Bugis+ instead continue reading
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Level2 2013-01-17
Walking into Barcelos, my group of friends and I wasn’t welcomed with the most excellent service. We had to wait quit a long time at the entrance before a staff finally attended to us after what seems to be an endless chat with his fellow colleagues. It was a little turn off for all of us, but since we’re all tired and hungry after a day at Sentosa, we decided to patronize the restaurant anyway.The restaurant was well-decorated with big wooden furniture, which would be great if it was a little more clean. However, the ambience was still serene and comfortable for a good catching up session with friends.The special thing about Barcelos is that they give us the freedom to choose the Spice level which we desire. In ascending order of spiciness, there are Tangy Lemon, Mild Peri, Veri Peri and finally Supa Peri. I had a Mild Peri Chicken Pasta Combo $14.95, which comes with a free flow soft drink as well. Without a combo it’s $12.95, but since it’s just $2 for unlimited drinks, I figured why not. The food tasted awesome. The chicken was tender and very juicy, though it got a little bland when you dug deeper into it. The sauce did not penetrate all the way through the chicken. However, it was a little bit too expensive for the service size. For almost $15, I would expect a much bigger portion. The amount of pasta was too little and I’m still hungry even after finish eating the chicken down to the bones ): But I did not order another dish as I do not think it’s worth it to spend more money than I already had. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for something filling, just something to satisfy your taste buds, Barcelos is a great place to go for some great tasting food. I heard they have a delivery service now as well, hotline is 62199408 for diners who are interested. continue reading
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Level3 2012-07-04
Walked past this restaurant in Vivocity many times, and I could always smell a nice aroma at the restaurant. So finally, I decided to give it a try.Since the signature dish is flame grilled chicken, I got myself a 1/2 chicken for $23.40(w/ GST) to share with my mom. The 1/2 chicken also comes with 2 side dishes, and there are about 10 sides to choose from.There are 4 different flavours to choose from. It's basically the same pepper sauce but in different level of spiciness. I picked the 2nd least spicy flavour during my order, but when the chicken came, it tasted like no sauce has been cooked with it, and I see 4 full bottles of the pepper sauce is sitting on the table waiting to be poured.The chicken tasted average and some parts of it is rather dry, but I liked how it goes with the sauce. I would describe the sauce like pepper in lemon sauce. Spicy and sour. However, I feel that the price is much too high, because the portion is quite small for sharing.In Conclusion, I won't recommend this restaurant because the high price. For this high price, I would be expecting either a much bigger portion or a much better cooked chicken. continue reading
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Level4 2011-08-26
i went to barcelos for dinner. My husband and I were walking around vivo city and could not decide what to have, so when we passed by barcelos, we decided to give it a try. I ordered their grilled chicken. It was grilled really deliciously, the chicken was tender and juicy. it came with rice and garlic bread. You can tell the garlic bread was grilled too as you can see the grill marks on the bread. The garlic taste was not too strong, it goes well with the bread. I was very satisfied with this meal! continue reading
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