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Barracks @ House is a chic place whose menu reflects a modern nouveau naturelle cuisine. They bring together the freshest ingredients with a global appeal to create dishes that are from the heart. continue reading
Opening Hours
11:00 - 22:30
Mon - Fri
11:00 - 22:30
Sat - Sun
11:00 - 21:30
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Signature Dishes
Mushroom Risotto Truffle Fries
Review (11)
Every Thursday and Friday afternoons, a special kind of magic unfolds at an old military barrack. Up a hill and down the steps. House Dempsey is the place. Vintage is the theme, tea party is the game. Everywhere you see girls in poker dots dress and guys in stylish hair. From families and friends to tai tai wannabes, everyone is part of the activity. It’s so vintage just like my girlfriend’s fashion taste. So fill your cup to the brim and let the magic of tea begins!The sandwiches were great but the cakes, mediocre but still fit for consumption given the affordable rates ($25++). Everything went out fast, just like those Vietnamese rice rolls. They were replaced for all I know. Disappointing I have to say but at least the spring rolls work their way! Everything was great apart from sipping hot spicy ginger tea. I heard there’s blended tea served but I guess the crowd does get sip them first if you’re late.It was a buffet with a spread and a tea party that makes the Mad Hatter go zippy and glad. So what are you waiting for? Drive up the hill or take the free shuttle bus if you know where to go. The magic of the tea party, only at the House at Dempsey Hill up there. By the way, reservations are definitely recommended or your face will express a grin with envy wishing you did in the first place. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-14
Tucked in the far end corner of demsey hill, House is one of the perfect dinning choice to kept away from the bustle of the city.FoodSteamy Tau Sar Pao was served as the first dish out of so many dish we ordered. Known for its softn and tender Pao Skin, this chinese Pao stands up very well on its own among the other western dishes on its menu.Cost: S$2.50The Red Latte was highly recommended on the menu to pair along with the Tau Sar Pao. Given a small jug of honey to adjust the sweetness right to their customer's preference.Cost: S$6.00Latte on the other hand was well crafted with flower on the top similar to the red latte. A brillant cup of latte off to a good start.Cost: S$6.00A stack of 7 Layer Pancake as one of their signature menu is worth the try.These pancakes are moist yet fluffy and its presentation simply steals the scene. Spread with nutella on each layer together in a mixture of fruits and nuts, this devilish combination seems so simple but tastes wickedly good. Tastes best while hot! Cost: S$18.00Savoury delights coming your way...Served in bubbling bursting hotstone pot, the Asian Sliders brings alot of weight to the dish. Taro truffle fries are finely cut and quite unusual in the combination of Kong Bak Bao (pork belly bun). The sliced pieces of meat are thoroughly braised with premium soya sauce, penetrating deep into the pieces of prime pork belly. The fragrance smell of cinnamon has also give a big kick to this delightful pot of Asian goodies.Cost: S$23.00Pork belly is succulent with the aromatic herbs fragrance and goes very well under the soft tender and steaming hot buns. This is something to die for and definitely worth your calories.Drizzled with salt, these thinly cut truffle fries are quite crunchy to our likings.Pumpkin Risotto are quite impressive with grains clinged together and spatters of white light tasting cream over them. Sage leaves and pine nuts were included as well. The presentation had painted a change of season where leaves and grains are fallen onto the ground.Cost: S$25.00ServiceService is great and professional. Waiting time had been explained and customers seated are well taken care of. Staffs are attentive and have positive attitudes. AmbienceLocated just a stone throw away from the nature, you get to see greenery while sitting by the side of the glass. Enjoying the close touch with the nature while dinning. For those who enjoyed the nature can request for outdoor seatings.PricePrice is abit steep due to its location and quality of food however, overall it explained that everything is worth paying for.Recommendations / TipsDo remember to make reservations before the visits. continue reading
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Level2 2012-03-30
Soup is watery but flavourful with bits of mushroomBurger was a bit dry but the fries are wonderful chunky type, crisp on the outside, soft inside.Lamb was tender and the mint sauce is not overwhelming in fact it brings out the flavor.Wagyu beef is so tender and done just right. Its melt in the mouth type. The accompanying sweet potatoe fries are the same as those potato fries. Must try!The tuna salad was great as well. Although the tuna was a tad dry and abit too cooked. The english breakfast pizza was not as fantastic as we imagine it to be and the toppings are quite miserable. Some of us did not even manage to get either the eggs or the bacons on our slice of pizza. continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-27
I'm a sucker for alcoholic ice creams, so I just had to try the made-in-house Chocolate Whisky and Pineapple Malibu ice cream at Barracks. Unfortunately, the ice cream was icy in texture and were mediocre flavor-wise. The chocolate whiskey ice cream tasted rather unrefined reminded me of cheap chocolate-flavored ice cream. Pineapple malibu (a mix of malibu rum, coconut and pineapple) fared slightly better and was somewhat refreshing.Thankfully, the red latte (rooibos tea latte) ($6++) was light and soothing. A pleasant drink.One gripe that I had was that while I ordered a double scoop ($7.50), the two scoops of ice cream were served in separate cups and charged likewise at $4.20 a scoop. We were, however, bade warm goodbyes when we left the cafe. continue reading
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Level3 2011-11-03
I ordered Their Summer StackIt was described as layers of mozzarella, proscuitto, pesto & tomatoes, so we expected some kind of carb-less lasagne. To our surprise , it was a full on sandwich, all that, & sandwiches between 2 slices of bread to boot. I must say though, that it was a really really good sandwich.but Pretty greasy from the pesto & olive oil, but incredibly tasty.Overall i rate 7/10 continue reading
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