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Batterworks is a bakery located at Everton Park serving popular and delicious confectionaries like apple crumble, quiche tartlets and many more. Patrons can find heartwarming desserts, pastries and light savoury refreshments here at this cosy bakeshop. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Apple Crumble Fudge Brownies Oreo Cheese Tarts
Review (3)
Everton Park is no longer a boring housing estate. With quite a number of small boutique cafes settling there, its awakening from its drowsy slumber. My FIL has been bringing home bite-sized melt-in-the mouth Roasted Pork encased in buttery, flaky pastries. They were so good we decided to check the cafe out.This cosy, quaint bakeshop/cafe is a temporary respite from Singapore’s urban rat race. Take your pick from the savoury menu, sweet endings displayed and hot or ice teas from the 1872 Clipper Tea Co. ($3.50-$3.80).On weekends, laze the afternoon away with a hi-tea set ($19.50 for 2) comprising of sandwich quarters, cranberry scones, cheese tartlets, chocolate mini tartlets, apple crumble tartlets, mini fruit bowl, a cupcake and a pot of tea.Batterworks’s Mushroom Soup ($3.50) sets itself apart from other mushroom soups I have tried so far. Instead of being velvety smooth, it has a creamy gritty consistency. Substantial and gratifying!Tomato and Red Pepper Soup ($3.50) was equally excellent. It may be a bit too spicy for some though.Melted creamy cheese with a nice pull, flavoursome ground pork is what you’ll get in their Shepherd’s Pie ($5.90). Another lunch favourite is the Stout Pie ($6.50), a seriously tasty meat classic made with tender chunks of chicken and stout, and creamy mashed potatoes.Paparika fries ($3) was not bad.I’m always in the mood for something sweet and fortunately the standard of desserts were consistent with the earlier dishes. MIL thoroughly enjoyed her Maple Carrot Cake while I ordered a plate of dainty trios. Salted Caramel Cupcake ($2.50) could have been better if it was more moist. Chocolate mini tarts had a buttery crust whileOreo Cheese Tartlet was dense and satisfying (petite pastries 2 for $2.50).Overall, I like Batterworks honest approach to the food, as well as their authenticity. Uncomplicated yet delicious food great for light (portions are small) but hearty meals.For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2014/04/29/batterworks/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-10
Was in the Everton neighborhood to cafe hop and was attracted to Batterworks by the coffee aroma. The quiet and cozy cafe was unlike other cafes there which were more crowded and commercialised, but I prefer the charm of this little cozy and friendly cafe. Interior decor is clean and simple, with nice comfy seats.The carrot cake ($4.20) is not too sweet with just the right moisture and texture. I really do like this carrot cake, so far the best I tasted. The latte is nice and aromatic too.Will definitely go back to try their other desserts and the savory items. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-08-27
Batterworks had been in Everton Park for quite some time, but they had recently just expanded their shop space and just opened since National Day. They have been widely known for their pastries which were said to be pretty good.The Chocolate Mint Tart might be a small item, but one should definitely slowly enjoy it. The cream on top is actually the Mint, which goes very well with the bittersweet chocolate to give a rather cooling sensation on the tongue. The crust of the tart is also just thick enough to hold on to the contents firmly, but not so thick that it ruins the whole texture of the tart.For those who loves cupcakes, there are also a variety of them being sold here. The Maple Carrot Cake is like a typical carrot cake less the cinnamon taste. As this is a cupcake, the cream does not go all around the whole cake, and this seemingly reduced the sweetness of the cake. What you get is a rather plain carrot cake, with a tinge of sweetness with the drizzle of maple syrup in it. This would definitely go well with a cup of tea for a simple tea session.If Chinese pastries are not to your fancy, I would still recommend the Roast Pork Crispy Pastry to you. Personally I would have thought that it should have been called BBQ Pork Crispy Pastry because it is in fact charsiew in the pastry and not sio bak. The usual ones you get out there might be bigger in size, but they might contain much more pastry which results in an extremely thick skin with little fillings. The one here is quite the inverse. The skin is light and crisp, without the excessive taste of butter coated on top. It is flaky on the outside, sweet on the inside with no fatty meat as well. One of the better ones out there, and its not even from a dimsum shop.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/batterworks-blk-4-everton-park/ continue reading
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