Bear Paw [熊手包] is a fast food concept originated from Taichung, Taiwan. At Bear Paw, their signature dish is a bun imprinted with a bear's paw wrapped with a patty of your choice. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-07
Planning to meet at Kentucky but mentioned about “Bear Burger”, our attention quickly shifted. First found at Taiwan’s Night Market actually, it was the most hit snack at Singapore especially among youngsters. Decent simple décor, the space was comfy. Service was fast and warmly sincere, attitude of staff was impressive. Grab my hand on adorable Bear Paw bun, it explained Western meets Asian. Similar to Chinese steamed bun, skin was soft and fluffy. Crispy deep-fried chicken chop wrapped was huge and solid, freshly made upon order. The affordable pricing and substantial portion made it a worthwhile meal, undeniably tasty. My choice for chicken burger was hardly went wrong, they matched perfectly. Seriously I really cannot bear to eat the bun, it was too pretty. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-31
These burgers look and are shaped like bear paws. together with paw prints.i chose the crispy karaage chicken on the original milk bun with mushroom sauce.and CHEESE fries! add a dollar to the price of the set meal. The chicken set meal was $7.80. plus that dollar, my meal came up to $8.80.The milk bun was nice and pillowy soft. The crispy karrage chicken succulent and of a satisfying size. The mushroom sauce was savoury and was actually the cause of a heart pumping meal trying hard not to let it drip onto myself.this was a messy affair but still, it's paws up for cute! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-10-23
Visit http://umakemehungry.blogspot.sg/2013/10/best-of-both-worlds-fish-with-bear-paw.html for full reviewBear Paw is originated from Taichung, Taiwan and marked the first franchise business in Singapore. The place is accessible via Bugis MRT station and within minutes walking towards end of Tan Quee Lan Street, just beside Marrison Hotel.The outlet is located at one cosy corner of the building with indoor as well as outdoor dining.Bear Paw, 熊手包 was clearly indicated on its signboard Designs were contemporary and modern with its menu board well placed above the order counter. Note the franchise logo at the left of the counter.Menu was pretty concise and straight forward. One can actually choose to go for Bear's Buns or Rice. For Bear's Buns, Customers are required to choose the bun, patty and sauces to be served. Bear's Rice was even more simple, just choose the type of patty and Sauces.Had the bears been here? There were left over paws marks on the wall.There was a generous choice of drinks series to choose from. Fresh Teas, Milk Tea, Yakult and Fresh Fruit tea. The fresh fruit tea was made per order using fresh fruits and served in its most nutritious condition. The pulp and seeds of kiwi was distinct from the cup of drink.The concept of bear paws remind me of local's Kong Ba Pau (Braised Pork Meat in Buns) which I had days before. However, comparing sizes, its paw bun was twice as big as the Pau for Kong Ba and was flown in directly from Taiwan vacuum packed. Health watchers may give a few nods on these as there were no preservatives added during the baking of buns. Each paw burger was kept in a square wrapping. The design was consumer friendly so that patrons would avoid dirtying their hands caused by the dripping sauces during the beary bites!How to resist such cute little puffs? The appealing outlook could have just had anyone of us on first sight! Seriously, I can't bear to eat them up too!Ingredients of Bear's Buns was standard apart from the customized choice of buns, patty and sauces. It include slices of tomatoes as well as lettuce to sum the bear burgers.Cod fish was used for their Fish patty and was equally good, fits its theme "谁说鱼与熊掌不可兼得"? absolutely well! The flesh of my fish patty was thick and well prepared!The brown sugar bun had a tinge of sweetness and complement well with the saltish taste of fried chicken patty.See! The prints were made 3D with the sunken effect! Simply cute! When anyone mentions Taiwan's night market, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the fried chicken cutlet. Here, you get the same kind of juicy, tender deep fried chicken patty, wrapped in a bun which is delicious and different from the normal fast food. If you get bored of the classic KFC burgers, Bear Paw is an absolute good alternative towards something more creative at almost the same pricing. What's else to say? Beary Nice! continue reading
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Stumbled across this shop near my office one weekday at a corner of a row of shophouse at tan quee lan st, nearer the beach road end.I ordered the rice set meal which comes with a milk tea.For the rice, you need to order 1) the meat - chicken, spicy chicken, fish, ham (also made of chicken)2) the sauce - mushroom, thai, ....etcThe chicken cutlet is big considering the price. It was served piping hot from the stove! love it. The chicken is juicy and smooth. The sides of greens and fries complete the meal.I picked the milk brown rice tea. which reminds me of the TW bubble tea i had in TW. super love the light fragrant tea.All these cost only $6.80.I returned to the shop on a public holiday. Ordered the bear paw bun this time. This is how you order 1) select the bun - milk, brown sugar, wheat2) the meat - chicken, spicy chicken, fish, ham (also made of chicken)3) the sauce - mushroom, thai, ....etcThe milk bun i had is soft and tasty even by itself . The meat is good as ever. The packing is thoughtful as the meal will mean mess for many. The brown sugar bun is also yummy.Had the Assam milk tea , even better than the brown rice milk tea! strongly recommend those who love milk tea.All for $6.80!Definitely be back for other combi. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)