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Gado Gado Original Crispy Fried Duck with Rice Original Smash Fried Chicken with Rice
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Level4 2017-01-19
The restaurant was opened in May 2015, with a second outlet opened recently in Tampines One. The restaurant originated from a well known Indonesian chain. The restaurant was well known for its crispy fried duck which was the first to offer this dish in Singapore. The restaurant's customers were consisted of majority Indonesians.Crispy Duck Skin ($4.90)Kulit Bebek GorengTasty duck skin marinated in a savory blend of secret spices and deep fried for a crispy finish.The small pieces of deep fried duck skin looked dry but tasted addictive crispy and light on its own. We finished the serving in a blink.Original Crispy Fried Duck + Rice ($9.90)Bebek Goreng Original + NasiTraditional deep fried duck marinated in a savory blend of secret spices and deep fried for a crispy finish. Served with tofu, tempeh and side salad.The duck was tender and flavourful, encased with a thin crispy crust. We did not had enough and order a second serving to share.Grilled Chicken + Rice ($7.90)Ayam Bakar + Nasi Grilled Indonesia sweet soya sauce without lessen its freshness and juiciness. Served with tofu, tempe and side salad.The dish was served lacking of sauce but the meat was tender and flavourful.Mixed Vegetable ($6.50)Gado-GadoIndonesian salad of slightly boiled, blanched or steamed vegetables and hard boiled eggs served with a peanut sauce.The version here slightly different from other versions commonly found in Singapore. Firstly the sauce was quite watery, not the thick and creamy version with lots of chopped peanut in it. The version here was more like a salad with spicy dressing, with lots of greens in it.Oxtail Soup ($8.90)Sop Buntut Known as one of the popular dish in Indonesia, made from fried oxtail. Served in vegetable soup with rich but clear beef broth.I was not a fan of oxtail but it tasted quite good with the chunky tender meat.There were 5 different kinds of chilli sauces available. The one which was served with the crispy fried duck was the most sambal. As for me, I prefer the sambal which was served with grilled chicken, as well as, the green chilli sauce which was also known as Sambal Ljo as it tasted like pickled chilli.Ice Campur ($3.90)Es CampurIt was similar to ice kacang, Rough shaved ice topped with rose syrup, which gave quite an old school feeling.Ice Teler ($3.90)Es Teler Jackfruit and coconut meat, topped with rough shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk.Ice Cendol ($3.90)Es CendolServed in a glass, felt that the green jelly strips were into too short length which one could not taste the flavours of the jelly. It was more like a drink than dessert.Avocado Juice ($4.50)Jus AlpukatThe blended fruit juice was topped with gula meleka, and tasted quite rich and creamy.Overall the the food was quite delicious and priced reasonable. continue reading
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