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<BR> Bei Shan Chuan was established in 2008 and voted 2008 Food Fest CATS Singapore Top 10 Favourite Restaurant, and won 2009 Singapore's Top 100 Signature Dish Award. continue reading
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Have a heavy lunch today! Right now I am still very full. Weekday steamboat is $18.90++ Lunch and dinner is the same price. So if you come during dinner,it should be more worthwhile. I ate on a Wednesday Lunch and the total cost is $22.25 You can choose 2 types of soup base - laksa, chicken, seafood, Tom yum, hot & spicy.. We chose laksa and chicken. The laksa soup base is not the Singaporean laksa that we used to eat. It's more like spicy soup base. But it's not spicy at all.. The steamboat ingredients are free flow as it's a buffet. They have meat, seafood, veg, yong tau foo, cooked and dessert session. Meat section, they have : ChickenPork BeefChicken intestine Pig liver & kidney Bacon Etc Seafood, they have : ScallopFishOctopusCuttlefish MusselsFish pasteClams CrabmeatCrab PrawnEtc Yong tau foo: Fish balls Mushroom balls HotdogLuncheon meatEtc Cooked food:Fried prawn but not tasty orCrispy at all- shell not peeled and coated withFlour, thus make eating inconvenient ClamsEtc Dessert Rojak - make your ownFruits - orange( very sweet;) ) , apples Pudding My friend say they changed the menu sometimes. Mayb only the cooked food section. The food are not marinated and are not of good quality as compared to jpot. Similar to Seoul garden quality, except that its not marinated.Only taken one round of scallop and 3 pieces each. After that, no scallop was refilled even after few pleads fr me to the wait staff;( only after numerous times, then they refilled the scallop but I found one scallop with small curly hair stuck at the scallop and its shell;( yucks! Disgusting!!! However, it was at the end of our meal Regretted never took any photo of that curly hair! When we reach, only crab shell is available but the wait staff didnt replace it;( throughout our whole eating session;( worst thing is that, the restaurant at that time only have 1 group of diners ( 6 people) what's their excuse for not replacing the crab;( Hai;( good view but bad service from staff and also food wasn't that good quality and unhygienic. Worst of all, a short, curly black hair tingling at the scallop, waiting for u!!! continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-28
We went to vivocity to have dinner and had craving for steamboat and there was only one we know of. So table for 2 @ $22+ each, and they had a "lovers cup" drink for $5.The variety was kind of limited, but okay for the price to cost ratio can't complain. Burned wedges, stale buns. chicken wings was okay. The Steamboat food was not bad.Prawns was abit too small.While we were eating, the surprising factor about the place is that you can catch free fireworks (depends on where you're seating and what time) at sentosa around 9pm.So that was a plus.... until it was ruined by one of the staff named Zhu Ping. Ignored us whenever we called for her. then this other helpful staff (i think local or malaysian chinese) would always attend to us. So far we've decided not to return here again unless no other better choice of food/location. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)