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A household name in Singapore, Bengawan Solo is synonymous with traditional cakes and kueh made using the highest quality ingredients and time-honoured methods of preparation. Special occasions are not the same without Bengawan Solo’s signature treats such as Kueh Lapis Sagu (rainbow layer cake), Ondeh Ondeh (coconut-coated glutinous rice balls filled with molten palm sugar), Kueh Lapis (spiced layer cake), and butter cakes and cookies. Knowing travellers often buy a box of these delectable cakes to enjoy on their plane journeys, or as tasty gifts for friends back home. continue reading
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Kueh Lapis Kueh Lapis Sagu Ondeh-Ondeh Pandan Chiffon
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Level4 2011-08-30
Love their pandan cheese swiss roll! It is their signature cheese roll which you will never be able to find it anywhere. The pandan cake is soft, fluffy and fragrant with bits of cheese and cream. Sweet and refreshing! I'll always choose the one sttuffsed with the most cheese! continue reading
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