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Level4 2017-04-09
The stall was located in a coffee shop. The stall was opened by Benson who used to work in Tung Lok Group. It was opened about a year ago. It offered salted duck, smoked duck, braised offal, and pork organ soup. The salted duck was made by poaching and simmering the fresh bird in briny stock with aromatics like lemongrass, ginger, and pandan leaves.Salted Duck Rice ($3)It was served with prickled mustard which was not too salty but with a touch of sweetness. Remember to squeeze some lime juice over the meat before eating. The duck meat was tender without too fatty. Best had it with the tangy chilli sauce that served with it. Although it was salted duck, it was not salty at all.Pig's organ with fish maw soup ($5)The original pig's organ soup cost $3. Topup with fish maw will cost $5. It was served with a watery tangy sambal sauce. The soup was quite peppery. If you do not like pepper, remember to tell the staff to hold off the pepper. Other than that, the soup was not bad as it was not too salty or porky in taste. continue reading
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