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Bibigo offers healthy Korean food and altered to suit global tastes with four types of rice, six types of toppings, and four types of sauces. Bibigo is spreading the intrinsic taste of Korean cuisine across the globe. continue reading
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Decided to try the new korean restaurant Bibigo at Suntec city mall. On my friday afternoon, the restaurant is almost full with many office people around. The restaurant is not too smoky and spacious with sufficient seatings.We orered the Hotstone bibimbap and Spicy pork soup. Eager for the bibimbap, we were disappointed that it turned out less flavourful than we thought it would be. The sauce seemed insufficient and there was broccoli in it. Not quite the usual kind. I ordered hotstone because i had wanted the rice to turn out a little charred but it did not. The portion was not too big either. The only thing good was the marinated pork, which tasted perfect and totally addictive! The sauce on it was sweet and i would definitely order their meat set in future!The spicy pork soup comes with a bowl of rice. It turned out less spicy than i though it would be. In fact, it was not spicy at all! The soup had tofu, pieces of pork strips and vegetable. Eaten with the rice, this dish is great! I almost wanted to order another bowl of their fragrant rice to finish up the remaining soup.Complimentary water is available here and pricing is not too bad. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-11
DBS cardholders get a 10% off so total bill amounted to about $26 for 2 main courses and a drink only! We had the kimchi fried rice and the portion was really filling. The kimchi taste was strong but not overwhelming, with the right bit of saltiness and sweetness. Another main course was the tofu stew which was one of the better ones I had tasted! There were some seafood ingredients in it which enhanced the taste of the soup. The soup also had an addictive taste and I finished everything! It was quite spicy though but shiok continue reading
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Operating under the reowned Korean conglomerate CJ Group, Bibigo is a global Korean casual eatery, known for its fresh, healthy and authentic Korean food. A portmanteau of the Korean-English words "To Mix (Bi Bi Da)" and "To Go", Bibigo first opened its doors in Singapore in 2010.Ambience at Bibigo reflects its concept, with clean, straight lines, and colours themes of white, leaf green, and wood, representing freshness. The interior really does seem fresh, and inviting. Floor space is maximised, creating a bustling sort of atmosphere during peak periods, but non peak periods at Bibigo are almost serene in nature.Service at Bibigo is good, with staff being knowledgable on the menu. More senior staff are able to give more precise information and recommendations, though junior staff sometimes have to check if questioned. Orders are taken and fulfilled rather quickly, typically within 10 minutes. Staff are friendly and welcoming, and I notice they do their best to offer greetings in Korean!Food at Bibigo revolves around the concept of fresh and healthy. Expect several options of Korean soups, salads, and appetizers. Mainstays on the menu include popular traditional Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, and portion sizes are usually suitable for sharing between 2 - 3 people. Prices at Bibigo are wallet friendly even for students, typically around SGD $25 ++ per person, about the same as a mid-range cafe elsewhere.The Beer Hite Ice Point (SGD $10 For 2 Bottles) is a light, refreshing, pale golden beer, with a thin body, and a light taste of grains and malt. Great for beginners or young people, but serious drinkers may need something stronger or more flavourful.I love the sweet glaze on the Ddukbokki / Tteokbokki / Sweet & Spicy Rice Cakes (SGD $6), which isn't too spicy at all. These strips of rice cakes and yam are pan fried and garnished with ginko nuts. Whilst the kohot (hot) sauce isn't hot at all, the texture of the soft, chewy rice cakes, and crisp outside, soft inside yam strips, is excellent.I think the Japchae / Stir Fried Silver Noodle With Char-Grilled Bulgogi (SGD $8) is extermely tasty! Sweet potato cellophane noodles are pan fried with a mixture of vegetables, including onions, bell peppers / capsicum, shiitake mushrooms, and garlic chives. You also get a choice of 1 meat topping. The dish is fragrant and aromatic, and the noodles are soft, smooth, and easy to slurp. Highly recommended!The authentic Kimchi Jjigae / Spicy Kimchi Stew (SGD $10) has a winning savoury combination of spicy heat, warming soup / broth, and sour tangy taste. While the recipe is a secret, I picked out various ingredients including firm tofu, kimchi baechu / kimchi pickled cabbage, onions, garlic, ginger, pork belly, gochujang / red pepper paste, doengjang / soybean paste, and spring onions. Very good!Perfect for sharing, the Bulgogi / Char-Grilled Marinated Beef (SGD $22) is served in a large portion on a hot skillet, along with mushrooms and sweet peas in a pod. Part of the satisfaction is hearing the meat and vegetables sizzle away in front of you! Unfortunately, the heat tends to dry out the thin strips of meat easily. Still, it's tasty because of the excellent bulgogi marinade, which makes each bite a flavourful, savoury affair, albeit somewhat dry.The Goguma Mattang / Caramelised Sweet Potato (SGD $6) is a unique Korean dessert. Strips of sweet potato are glazed in a warm, sweet rice syrup, then topped with crispy rice cakes and candied walnuts. The result is a sweet and savoury combination, with varying textures of soft, crisp, crunchy, and firm. Highly recommended!Chi Maek (SGD $20), which is a combination of the Korean-English words "Chicken" and "Beer (Maek Ju)", is a popular Korean snack. Here, the Gangnam Chicken, which is a Korean style fried chicken, consisting of deboned chicken chunks with a savoury flour and vegetable batter, is served with Pickled Daikon Radish, and a trio of dipping sauces including Seasoned Salt, Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Soybean Sauce. A single serving costs SGD $10, and is large enough for 2 people to share.Full Bibigo review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/09/bibigo-tasting-session.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-27
Opened with the first phase of renovations for Suntec City within the Fountain of Wealth zone, it is one of the few new tenants of Suntec City, which is also the newest outlet of Bibigo. It would not be Korean enough if a meal at a Korean restaurant does not consist of Tteobokki ($7.00++), which is why we settled for one. The spicy sauce was part sweet, part spicy; a sauce with an intense taste and was thick, while the rice cake were chewy and springy. The vegetables gave the spiciness a break, which was refreshing as well.Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice ($11.00++) came in a stone pot and also with a complimentary soup. Bits of pickles vegetables can be tasted, which were also spicy and added a Kimchi flavour to the spicy rice. A good amount of Chicken chunks were also included; all of them tender and lightly marinated in spicy sauce as well. Charred bits of rice could be found for the extra crunch and flavour, while the egg yolk was runny.For dessert, we had the Potato Mattang ($6.00++), which was fried Sweet Potato sticks coated in caramel served with candied walnuts and rice crackers. The sweet potato sticks were similar to Taiwanese Sweet Potato fries but with the batter of french fries, which gave it a sweet-salty combination from the caramel coated on the top. Rice crackers were plain but became sweet with the caramel while the candied walnuts tasted much like popcorn. A dish we would call unique, though does not fit everyone’s tastebuds.The Hoddeok ($6.00++) was the one that most should be able to accept; a sweet pancake with a dash of cinnamon and caramel with an ice-cream on top, this is the dessert that would appeal to sweet tooths. The pancake seemed similar to the rice cakes, being chewy but significantly less stiff, which was a great combination to caramel. The ice-cream was a vanilla ice-cream that was somewhat sorbet-ish but seemingly quite icy; not exactly what I would prefer.A variety of drinks are available, ranging from tea, coffee and alcohol. They use teabags for their Iced Oolong Tea ($4.00++) here, which is a great deal for chilled drinks as the melting of the ice cubes just acts as some sort of a “refill” for your tea.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/bibigo-hot-stone-suntec-city-mall/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-19
A newly opened outlet at the shopping mall. Compared to its crowded sister outlet in Raffles City Shopping Centre, here it is very quiet. Maybe it is still new and no one knows about it. The restaurant is decorated in quite a traditional way. There is a huge stone grinder at the counter. Pots decorated its walls.Spicy Soft Tofu Stew This dish comes with a choice of seafood or pork and we select seafood as Christina wants to eat shellfish for dinner. It is served with a bowl of rice. Quite a serving and just costs $10++. Quite tasty and not too spicy.Jangjorim Bibimbap : Braised Pork BibimbapServed in a sizzling hot stone bowl, the plain rice is topped with soy sauce braised pork, fried egg and assorted vegetables. Remember to mix this dish as soon as possible to prevent char burn. Unique having shredded pork in this dish. This dish comes with a bowl of bean sprouts soup and costs $11++.Pajeon : Seafood PancakeThe pancake is served in square pieces, easy to eat. Inside it is filled with scallion, squid and shrimp. Quite tasty with the soy sauce dip.Overall it is quite a tasty simple meal. There is 10% discount for DBS VISA or MASTER credit cards. Too bad I only have DBS AMEX with me, so no discount for me. Each of us is given a little paper fan for takeaway. continue reading
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