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Black Canyon (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was established in 1993 to operate restaurants serving food, coffee and drinks under the "Black Canyon Coffee" name. Black Canyon Coffee serves an extensive food menu, combining Western dishes such as soups, salads, pasta with Eastern favorites like fried rice and Thai specialties like tom yum. They also serve unique fusion dishes combining East and West, such as spaghetti with green curry sauce, fusilli noodles in tom yum soup and spaghetti with red panang shrimp sauce. continue reading
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Blackpuccino Spicy "Keemao" Seafood Tom Ka Gai
Review (13)
Level2 2014-03-04
Lunch!Coffe, specially made by my friend. Loving the cafe art on the coffee.First time stepping into the new building, FUSIONOPOLIS. Black Canyon is a thai cusine open @ Thailand.My friend's dad franchised and open an outlet in Singapore. Their "Pad thai" - pardon me if I spell it wrongly. It's worth the try, a little spicy for me as I can't really take spicy food. Coffee is a must try! Fresh brewed coffee and nice ambience to pamper yourself on a sunny afternoon. continue reading
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Black Canyon coffee is a popular cafe chain in Thailand and i was wonderfully surprised to find an outlet here in Singapore. though it is not in a convenient place, it offers the commercial fusionopolis some variety from the limited F&B chains around.Though in Thailand it mainly serves American style coffee, the one here included a thai food menu. If you ever are nearby, pls come for the food rather than the coffee. I loved som tum and it was great they had a variety of Thai salads.. up to 6 types if Im not wrong, and they also had the more normal Amercian style salad such as garden and nicoise salad. I had the somtum, but this one was made with carrots instead of green papaya. SUperb for low calories!Of course this is not enough for me before I go for a workout later, so i also ordered the Fatt Choy roll as they call it, which is a kind of ngoh hiang. $7 for 6 pieces, not too bad. And the som tum was a decent portion for $7. I;m sure it will make a good lunch spot for me again.Angmokia order the chicken chop, which came in a huge plate, making the chicken look a bit puny. But don't be deceived because underneath it sits a bed of mashed potatoes, enough to keep the growing boy filled up. =)Price was value for money.. we spent about $30 together for 2 sides, 1 main and a drink. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-08
It was a locally Thailand brand which was now residing at Singapore. Black Canyon was conveniently located nearby MRT Station. Quiet atmosphere, it was comfortable and relaxing.Thinking something to fulfill your starving? Fried rice will do, at least for me. A tasty mixed of dish, it was stir-fried with Seafood and a little bit of spices. The rice was tangy and elastic, spicy yet tasty. Using the traditional recipe and dexterous fried skill, the chef must be experienced. Seafood was fresh and well-seasoned, the portion was satisfied and fulfilling. Price was reasonable too, $12.90 for mine. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-07
I've heard from my friends that this restaurant is quite good. Finally I had a chance to patronize it today. I decided to try the set lunch at $14.90 nett. There's a choice of soup (a soup of the day with garlic bread, tom yam soup or green curry chicken), a main dish (about 5 choices, couldn't remember all of them), a dessert (scoop of ice cream with 3 flavors to choose from) and a drink (with 3 choices available). For a while, I pondered over their listing of green curry chicken under the "soup" section for their set lunch. So is it a curry or a soup? Or will the curry be watered down? Nevertheless, I went ahead to order the green curry. Thankfully, I was given a really large serving of an actual green curry chicken.- Green curry chickenWow, I was amazed by the amount of chicken they gave. If I had a bowl of rice with this, it's already a complete meal! And this is only my "soup" for the set meal. The green curry was spicy & thick, rather tasty, a pretty authentic Thai taste to it I'll say. The chicken pieces could be a little bit more tender but it's still alright. The curry's good though.For my main, I chose the Fettuccine with black pepper beef. Once again, another daring choice I thought - but I wanted to see how they will pull off this fusion dish. Boy, I was surprised that it's actually quite a good dish. There was lots of tasty black pepper sauce used to fry the fettuccine. You really get a fusion feel for this dish. I liked the tender beef & the finely sliced green capsicum. The serving was large too. Texture of the fettuccine felt just right too. Once again, thumbs up!- Fettuccine with black pepper beef I was very full but of course there's always room for dessert ya. A small scoop of mocha chip ice cream is given. I was very glad that it did not taste like cheap ice cream. In fact, the coffee taste was fragrant and the ice cream not too sweet. Another surprisingly good item.- Mocha chip ice creamFinally, down to the drink. The lemongrass drink I had was a a bit dilute, tasted a bit like a slightly sweetened drink with not much lemongrass taste. Black Canyon Coffee has definitely surpassed my expectations. I came out of the restaurant feeling really satisfied. Perhaps that's why the place was filled up fast during lunchtime, I'm sure other diners liked this place as well. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-27
I went to take away a drink from black canyon coffee since I happened to be in the area. I got myself an iced mocha. The drinks at black canyon is really good, the iced mocha is rich in the coffee fragrance. it was blended very well and the drink was very smooth. The drink was not too sweet as well, I really dislike those drinks which are too sweet then there is no point drinking it since it makes you tastier. It was really refreshing on hot weathers. continue reading
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