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<br>Boon Tong Kee was started in 1979. It grew from a small stall in Chinatown to the various restaurants today. The first restaurant was established in 1983 at Balestier Road. The company diversified its operations in 1999 to include "Zi Char" (home-style cooked food) and eateries. continue reading
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Hainanese Chicken Rice
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Level2 2019-05-16
We like to come for dinner and most times white chicken is a must. The soup of the day is another must. The chicken rice is fragrant enough. There are a variety to choose from the menu. We end up with sipping fragrant tea. The quantity is sufficient for both of us and sometimes four. A bit noisy due to lots of customers. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-10
There was a time at my old workplace when a Thai client came to Singapore for a site inspection of a conference venue. I was amused when she brought along with her several tupperware containers because she wanted to pack Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice home for her family for dinner that evening. And she said her whole family liked it so much that whenever she is in Singapore, chicken rice is a must-get for her.Boon Tong Kee’s name has indeed travelled far. I can’t even remember when was the last time I actually ate at BTK. All I knew was that I hadn’t been back for a return visit because the meal I had was forgettable. A few months back, we got to know that Boon Tong Kee had an outlet within our neighbourhood and the husband was looking forward to dine there as he had heard so much about this famous chicken rice brand so we decided to head there for dinner over the weekend to satisfy his curiosity.Such a simple dish but very well executed with a perfect contrast in texture. The outside is lightly battered, crispy, fragrant and nicely seasoned. The inside is soft tofu, so silky and smooth that it can just slip down your throat. I tried making this at home before but I failed because the tofu cubes would just disintegrate when I fry them but these look absolutely flawless. Dip them in the mayo provided or just have it on its own. Simply delicious!This is what people come here for. Poached chicken with fragrant rice. This is half a chicken which seems rather small in portion compared to other places but good enough for 2 persons to share. I like the silky sheen of the chicken skin which makes the chicken looks deliciously smooth and mouthwatering.The rice is oily but I like the fragrance of ginger and chicken broth in it. It is cooked perfectly fluffy, with every grain separate.Unfortunately, the chilli sauce doesn’t make its mark. It is thick with intense flavours of chilli and garlic (simply blended) but without the extra ooomph. Something is just missing in it. Like a rich, flavourful chicken broth taste.To continue reading, please visit http://springtomorrow.com/2013/11/20/boon-tong-kee/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-02
Today one of the staff have gone by the outlet at Ang Mo Kio and got us takeaway of the well known chicken rice for lunch. The chicken rice is nicely packed into a bento box and costs $4.50 a box. The chilli sauce and soya sauce are nicely packed and sealed. The rice does not taste nice. The chicken wing also does not taste great as it is a bit too fatty. Overall it falls below my expectation from such a well known brand. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-30
And what else but hainanese chicken right?So we had a whole chicken. For $24.Bone in.Was too fatty for my liking.The chicken was served cold as you would expect of typical hainanese chicken but the skin was too fatty to be gelatinous.And a side of chicken liver for $3.Just because we like our greens, we had crunchy bean sprouts fried with crispy fish skin as recommended to be a house specialty. Now this cost $12.A tad too steep for bean sprouts and crispy fish skin wouldn't you think?Teas were alright the first round and basically just water the next refill.While the $1 might not be alot for tea cover charges, I'd have expected better from a 'branded' restaurant so to speak.Service was too slow even with only 4 tables occupied. Asking for the cheque was even worse. It took a while to come and when it did, a correction to be made for an extra rice charged saw the bill going back twice (once to check for the correction and again for the actual bill to be printed) before I actually managed to sign for our lunch.I left lunch yawning. Not because I was satisfied but more that I was tired just sitting around waiting to pay.I don't think i'll be going back anytime soon. Chicken rice at a lot of other places around the AMK area are better bets at more wallet friendly prices. continue reading
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Level2 2012-08-25
The most famous dish in boon tong kee is the chicken rice. Since I was in a rush, I just bought their take-away. What's different from their take-away from the other hawker chicken rice stall is that the way that they serve their food is more thoughtful. The utensils come in a set with a piece of napkin, fork and spoon and a toothpick. Unlike other chicken rice stall which either serves its chicken rice in a brown plastic paper or a styrofoam box, they chose to serve it in a bento like plastic container, making it very easy to eat.Now on to the food, the quantity that they give is a lot. The meat are thickly sliced. The rice is also cooked perfectly. They also serve a meatball with the chicken rice, which adds to the flavor of the whole dish. What's chicken rice without its chilli. Their chilli sauce is really spicy. So be warned before taking a big scoop on to your rice. continue reading
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