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Bornga is the first outlet in Singapore of a well-known chain from South Korea, started by a celebrity chef, Jong Wom Paik. The chain started in 1992 and sells a variety of Korean cuisine. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-12
Wrapped Lettuce at mouthful.Bornga is a place where one can discover the whole new taste of Korean cuisine.Born-Ga’s fresh vegetable wraps. Enjoying the food and yet staying healthy at the same time. The creation of Korean Executive Chef and Chief Executive Officer Jong Won Paik.Instead of doing the barbequing ourselves, this time round I have opted for Dwaeji Gochujang Barbecue. This dish prepared and cooked in the kitchen before serving so wedon’t have to smell like BBQ after the meal.These sliced of marinated pork belly fire grilled creating a flavourful spicy fiery stir fry dish goes well with the generous serving of fresh lettuces.There were seven variety of side dishes (Korean Banchan) which are refilliable The side dishes comprising of various types of marinated vegetables in different texture, taste and colour.Seven kinds of side dishes as follows:Top RowLeft to Right)1. Stir-fried Eggplants (Gaji Bokkeum)2. Steamed shishito peppers (Ggwari Gochu Jjim) 3. Simple Korean Seasoned Spinach Salad( Sigeumchi Namul)4. Mung Bean Sprout Salad (Sukju Namul Muchim)Bottom RowLeft to Right)1. Stir fry dried strips squid ( Ojingeochae Bokkeum)2. Pickled Zucchini (Oi-Sobagi) 3 .Fresh Napa Korean Kimchi Salad (Baechu Geotjeori)I only requested one additional refill for the side dish which is the stir fry dried strips squid. These pork slices smothered in spicy, sweet sauce and fire grilled smokiness are just irresistible. The pork are well marinated that you don’t require additional chilli sauce to go along with the dish.Dwaeji Gochujang Barbecue Priced at S$36++.Combined with these belly pork slices are thinly sliced onions, spring onion stalks and leeks which complemented with the lettuce wraps.At the end of the meal, we received a complimentary drink “Omija”. Also known as five flavour berry tea. Believed to have medicinal values. This Omija served in a small bowl with crushed ice. This tea has distinctive five taste. Sour taste to protect the liver while the sweetness to improve the function of the spleen and stomach. Spicy or pungent to protect the lung while the bitter taste strengthen the heart and the salty taste to protect the kidney and bladder.A reasonable size plate of grilled pork belly slices and six side dishes are sufficient enough for a hearty lunch meal.Further more, the waiting staff are very helpful and courteous. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-29
Authentically Korean cuisine in the town, Bornga was success and done very well in food chain. We waited at queue for around 20 minutes before seated, the restaurant was packed during dinner hours. Watching at Menu, I let my friends to decide what to order. Providing small side dishes before get started, the purpose was appetizing us.Thinly sliced shinning meats arrived, it was marinated before serving yet in natural colour. Mansinjang Samgyupsal was $24.00 or 200 grams, pinky tenderized pork belly was seasoned with peppery flakes. Another signature meat, Woo Samgyup was priced at $28.00 every 200 grams. Equipped with black Exhaust Tubes, there was no smoky and smelly BBQ scent anymore after walking out from the restaurant. What a thoughtful design, it actually looked classy modern too. Impressive service, staff barbecued the meat for us. You may choose to help yourself also. Quite a pleasant experience overall, I might come back again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Yangnyum Galbi: Beef ribs marinated in BORNGA’s special sauce, $45!Finally, I was able to try the long-awaited BBQ beef after soooo long! I came with my family instead of my friends! I absolutely love this place for the BBQ beef! I also love Bornga's special sauce which I can dip into and we were allowed to get more special sauce! We're supposed to roll out the meat and let it cook. The bone was really hard and obviously inedible but I feel like I was having the real deal! Being able to see the bone part. This is really really good and I also like the presentation of the raw lettuce and carrots that were giving so that we can wrap the meat in the vegetable and eat! It's really the best combination in the world: Beef, vegetable and Bornga's special sauce! HEAVENLY. I felt that every penny was really worth it! I urge you to give it a try! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
I've always noticed that the Koreans who dine at Korea restaurant ordering this dish: Chadol Duenjang Jjigae ($16)I was apprehensive about trying it as I thought it would be crazy spicy with the amount of redness in it! I asked the waiter and he assured me that if I'm able to take a little bit of spicy food, I should be fine.This is essentially a traditional Korean soybean paste stew with beef and vegetables. It is cooked at tableside where the waiter would stir it around this pot and served it after it's done. I'm glad I had the guts to try this dish as when paired with rice, it's really good! You have to mix it like you're eating bibimbap! The soy paste is really fragrant and it wasn't that spicy (or at least i could still take it!)I've yet to try the BBQ beef that other patrons around me are always ordering as I couldn't find a right time to drag my peers to endure the BBQ smell after dining. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Jap Chae has always been one of my favourite korean dishes every since I tried it at another korean place. I'm always searching for the next best Jap Chae and the one at Bornga clearly came close to the first. The glass noodle has been stir fried with beef and vegetables and even some egg slices! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they're always so generous with the sesame seeds! There are also some shredded carrots and black fungus hiding around! This dish can definitely serve more than 1 petite sized eater and may even go up to 3-4 if you're ordering the other bbq dishes!I love this dish and I will definitely be back to try their BBQ dishes which my neighbouring tables were eating! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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