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Put tapas together with Japanese alcohols together and you’ll get the ultimate fusion restaurant. With Japanese ingredients served in a Spanish style, you’ll find dishes like Kamo + Foie Burger ($20.80), made with pulled duck & seared foie gras with apple kimchi. continue reading
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Kamo + Foie Burger Zuwai Gani Sausage
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Level1 2016-03-02
Read also on :http://www.theperfectximperfection.com/2016/02/food-x-media-tasting-x-review-fushion.htmlThis restaurant isn't named after Naruto's son! Boruto is actually 'vault' pronounced in katakana (just like for the Japanese people R/L and V/B are hard to differentiate).Located in the heart of the CBD area, it's very easy to access from Raffles Place MRT, Chinatown MRT, and Clarke Quay MRT!This building was actually a bank and instead of changing the interior...they kept it! It's like dining in a building with lots of history!The interior has a izakaya (Japanese restaurant)-like atmosphere but with a western touch. This perfectly reflects the dishes you can enjoy in Boruto.On the second floor, they have more seating areas that includes a big refrigerator with all the sakes like umeshu!Umeshu is plum wine and as you can see, this is home made and takes 6 months to make! Talk about dedication! Besides umeshu, they have a WIDE range of western and Japanese alcohol and if you're lost at what kind of sake to choose...just ask the friendly waiters/waitresses and they will recommend you a drink that will compliment your food.Remember how I mentioned this building used to be a bank? Well they kept a vault that stores all the rare sakes from Japan! This was a super cool place to check out as the vaults have safes insides as part of the interior. There's also a private room located on the second floor. This area can be enclosed with a sliding door to provide privacy. It's suitable for larger groups or private events! For Japanese people they like to go to Izakaya's after work to have 'bonding sessions' and share a drink or two with collegues/classmates/friends after work/class. Don't forget the beautiful decoration of the Japanese Taru (barrels) which are used to stores sake! Dont' worry, these are empty so you won't get a sake shower!The night began with the Saga Beef Tataki. Tataki refers to a cooking style where you sear either fish or meat over a hot flame/pan and marinate with a sauce. It's kinda close to an Itallian Carpaccio (but cooked on the outside). Saga beef (or Saga Gyu) is one of the highest grade/quality of wagyu. It's marinated with soy sauce and garnished with negi (spring onion) and edible flowers. I'm a meat lover so I loooved this dish but I kinda wished I could taste and savor the high-quality Saga beef.Next appetizer is...another type of tataki! This time is fish! It's the Ahi Tataki - 'Ahi' is a Hawaiian term for Yellowfish Tuna. The sauce includes black pepper, wasabi, olive, and a citrusy sauce. It doesn't have any salt because the olives give a salty flavor and it helps  bring out the flavor of the sauce and ahi fish.Next came a show-stopping dish. This brings fusion to the next level because this dish is called a... Crispy Rice Cracker Tacos! It's a crispy deep fried rice cracker with pulled pork, guacamole and chili salsa. I'm a HUGE avocado fan and this a dish you can pop in your mouth and enjoy with maybe a sip of sake or whiskey! Moving onto the main dishes, lets add a bit of Chinese cuisine influence! The Tori-take roll is a crispy chicken roulade with stuffed shitakejam drizzled with a Chinese sauce. It's quite filling and very flavorful! Let's end the main course with a 'shime' (〆). In Japan, after a meal or drinkin session, people will eat a dish that brings the night to an end. 'Shime' usually refers to carbohydrate dishes like ramen! This signature Uni Pasta v1.1 is a great shime - braised cappellini in sea urchin and yuzu stock, topped with fresh sea urchin roe & Hokkaido white wasabi. Yes the white cheese-like garnish is the Hokkaido white wasabi! Don't worry it's not spicy like the usual wasabi! If you're wondering what 'v1.1' is...this dish is an upgraded version to the previous uni pasta. Instead of the usual garlic/white wine sauce, a refreshing seafood broth is used. Then comes my favorite part of the meal- DESSERTS!All the desserts are homemade (like the umeshu!) and it's great that a restaurant provides a personal at-home touch. One of the desserts that's very traditional is the warabi mochi! Warabi mochi is a jelly-like dessert made from bracken starch covered with kinako powder. Kinako is roasted soybean flour! The texture and flavor is great - I could probably eat this whole bowl by myself! Ice cream = YES!Hot n Cold dessert = um...YES?!This chocolate surprise dessert is just great. With a chocolate lava cake with homemade vanilla ice cream topped with peanuts gives a ferrero rocher feel. Last but not least, is this unique dessert that I think can also be a great appetizer/side dish! It's a truffle creme brulee. It's my first time to see truffles in a dessert and I must say...it works! The only thing is that the creme brulee is quite watery so after a few bites I thought it would be a great dip. Pair it with some fries and it's like truffle fries v1.1!!! With that brings the end of the meal at Boruto! What we ordered were great dishes to pair with some drinks and suitable to share with maybe a group of 3-4. The reason why I recommend pairing it with a drink is because the flavor of the dishes that we ordered are quite strong and packs a punch so it'll go well along with a sip of sake! It really depends on which dishes you order since some dishes aren't sharing friendly (like the pasta). If you're looking for a different twist from your usual Izakaya, this is a great place to try out. You'll see a different side to the usual Japanese dishes! continue reading
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Level2 2016-02-25
Boruto is located along South Bridge Road, which is just a stone’s throw away from Clarke Quay and Raffles Place. The prime location is convenient for office workers to unwind while grabbing a bite from their tapas menu and a drink from the sake bar. With this concept, the dishes served are of a smaller portion, but that would mean that you get to try a greater variety of food!During our visit, we managed to try Boruto’s 5 signature dishes.We started our meal with the Saga Beef Tataki. Wow, just wow. The beautiful marbling of the beef resulted in tender pieces of thinly sliced meat. Heavily marinated with a soya based sauce, it made up a small bite but was definitely not lacking in flavour. Next, we had the Crispy Rice Cracker Tacos (SD12.80 pictured above). The tacos are topped with pulled pork, guacamole and chilli salsa. Easily a crowd pleaser, the crunchy rice cracker serves as a contrast to the tender pulled pork. It is beautifully completed with a creamy guacamole and some zest from the chilli salsa. Just pop it into your mouth and enjoy the flavours on your tastebuds!The cold tapas of the night was the Ahi Tataki. Sliced tuna tataki with black olives, japanese leek, chilli and wasabi yuzu dressing. The tuna was slightly pan fried on the outer layer and very well seasoned with the sauces. I thought this was average, perhaps it’s because I’m not a big fan of tuna.The Tori-take Roll is a crispy chicken roulade stuffed with shiitake jam, drizzled with a chinese sauce. The rolled chicken was so tender and juicy that we couldn’t just stop at one. This was when I thought the small serving of tapas wouldn’t be able to satisfy the diners — I needed more!More on http://feleats.blogspot.sg/ continue reading
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(Also reviewed on: http://gilmangirl.livejournal.com/539494.html)Hey everyone!Last week, I was invited by Openrice SG for a food tasting at Boruto Singapore, a Japanese sake and tapas bar located along South Bridge Road.Upon stepping into Boruto Singapore, I was marvelled by the rows of Japanese sake barrels that made the bar looked grand and impressive.Never knew that sake containers could serve as decorative purposes too.We had our tasting on the 1st floor at their tapas bar and initially, I thought that the seats on that level were rather limited.That was when the staff decided to bring us to the 2nd floor for a tour where there was a sake bar and plenty of seats.In my opinion, Boruto is a great place to chill out with friends if you want some peace and quiet from the crowd.If you're looking for a place to have a business meeting and you want to impress your clients at the same time, Boruto is definitely worth checking out. In fact, they have comfy rooms like these if you require more privacy.Boruto was previously a bank, as could be seen by the safe boxes that the bar owners had retained in their sake store. Ingenious eh?Time for the feasting!Our first sampling dish was this photogenic plate of Saga Gyu Tataki ($28.80).The Japanese beef was seared with saffron and was bursting with flavours. Personally, as much as I adore its taste and soft, chewy texture, I'd have to admit that it gets very salty if you consume more pieces of beef so share this dish if possible and eat moderately!The flowers on the plate were edible but they were tasteless to me, possibly because the beef was already overpowering in terms of its taste so I couldn't taste anything from the flowers. At $28.80, this dish was admittedly on a pricier side but I supposed you're paying for expensive and quality ingredients.Another cold dish we've tried was the Ahi Tataki ($12.80), which was basically tuna with olives, chilli, Japanese leek and wasabi yuzu.It was superbly tasty and delicious. For someone who cringes at the taste of wasabi, I actually found the wasabi used very mild and tolerable.Crispy Rice Cracker Tacos ($12.80) were lovely to indulge in even though I had to pop the entire taco into my mouth in a very unglamorous way to avoid dropping the ingredients.That said, this was a yummilicious treat indeed. Think a crunchy cracker layer topped with chilli salsa and guacamole of such creamy and smooth consistency. I absolutely adore this snack and was tempted to go for more except that there were no more left because my fellow tasters have already finished them. HA HA!My ultimate favourite was the Tori-Take Roll ($15.80).It was a Chinese inspired dish of crispy chicken stuffed generously with shitake jam (oooh yes, I love shitake mushrooms!) and drizzled with Chinese dark sauce. Being addictive and irresistibly yummy, I loved it so much that I decided to be thickskinned and announced to all that I was going for a second piece.Unfortunately, Uni Pasta V.1.1 ($35.80) wasn't to my liking even though it was an improved version and came with a hefty price tag.This Japanese pasta was topped with sea urchin roe and Hokkaido white wasabi and I honestly didn't fancy the overwhelmingly strong taste of the sea urchin. It was too much for me so I had to stop after a bite of this.We were also treated to desserts which made us all excited because there's always room for desserts in our stomach.Warabi Mochi ($8.80) was incredibly soft and was accompanied by a 'melt in your mouth' texture. In fact, the taste was so memorable that I could still remember how it tasted till now. Definitely a must-try, in my opinion!Chocolate Surprise ($12.80) was another dessert that all of us enjoyed, mainly because you cannot go wrong with vanilla ice-cream over a warm and sinful chocolate base.The generous amount of peanuts gave the dessert an additional crunch too. I had to remind myself not to indulge too much in this.Lastly, we had Truffle Creme Brulee ($8.80) which was pretty interesting, especially when I've never eaten a truffle-flavoured creme brulee before.This dessert was pretty much a hit or a miss - if you can't stand the taste of truffle, then you wouldn't be able to appreciate this. Fortunately, I enjoy creme brulee and can take truffle so this was okay for me. It would be great if it was less watery though because after a while of sharing, it just looked like some wet, milky mess. Ha ha!Ended the night with a group photo taken with my fellow food tasters.Oh yes, it was a cosy gathering of only a few of us and we thank Openrice SG and Boruto Singapore for hosting us! continue reading
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Hidden along the South Bridge Road lies this Japanese tapas and sake sake bar - Boruto. Passerby will most likely walk past this dimly lit shop front and it even took me a while to locate Boruto. However, once inside, you'd be brought into a world of Japanese tapas food and drinksThat visit, we largely had small plates of tapas to share. Boruto is reknown to be a go to chill out place after work, have a drink (sake, whiskey or Asahi on tap) while snacking on some good sides.First up, we had the perfectly Seared Saga Beef ($28.80). Topped with garnish and saffron, each slice was a treat to the taste buds. However, what the dish which won me over here at Boruto was the Crispy Rice Cracker ($12.80). Based with rice crackers and topped off with a very good rendition of pulled pork, guacamole and chilli salsa (trust me the pulled pork is excellent).Still hungry after these, there're carbs on the menu in the form of the Uni Pasta 1.1 ($35.80). Sea urchin, yuzu sock with cappellini. Not for the faint hearted if you're no fan of fishy taste. Lastly, we ended the night with seared tuna. The Ahi Tataki ($12.80) was decent enough. not the best I've had but good enough. overallreview: full review @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2016/02/boruto-tapas-and-sake-bar-south-bridge.htmlfollow me on instagram: @shauneeie or like my facebook page: @shauneeie for more foodie escapades continue reading
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Full review on http://herpenandfork.blogspot.sg/2016/02/boruto-bar-review-fusion-mod-japanese.html Located in the CBD, Boruto is a Japanese bar that serves up fusion Jap-mod dishes, tapas style. The place has a good collection of sakes, and they pride themselves on their collection of it in a 'vault' that has a cute set of old security boxes, left behind by the previous bank occupant serving as decor. This made sense then, because 'Boruto' means vault in Japanese.On the menu is a mix of hot and cold tapas, as well as a good selection of sakes. Saga Gyu Tataki with Saffron Saga Beef Tataki ($28.8)The beef slices is seared on the outside while remaining rare on the inside. The end-result is tender and savoury with the right touches of umami. Some may find it a little conventional out of all the fusion mod dishes, but this worked well for me. Ahi Tataki The Ahi Tataki is a dish of seared ahi tuna. The spicy kick brought by the sauce gave this dish something different. It can be an option if you like your fish tatakis and the wasabi Yuzu dressing elevated the dish to make it refreshing. Crispy Rice Cracker Tacos Crispy Rice Cracker TacosI liked the mushiness of the pulled pork against the creamy background of the guacamole. The crispy rice cracker added a contrasting crunch and the chilli salsa gave a good kick to the end. Altogether, this has to be my favourite dish in the tasting Tori Take RollThe Tori Take Roll is a chicken roulade stuffed with shiitake jam. It is drizzled with a Chinese-style vinaigrette which comprises of sesame, chilli, soy sauce and black vinegar. The shiitake jam is really delicious, but the flavouring of this dish is more suitable for the chinese palate. Uni Pasta v1.1 Uni Truffle Pasta ($35.8)It is version 1.1 as the chef has reinterpreted the signature from the previous chef by adding his own touch of uni to it. The fishiness of the uni was a little too overpowering for us. Not for everyone. Dessert - Warabi Mochi, Souffle cake, Truffle Creme BruleeFrom Top Clockwise: Warabi Mochi ($6.80), Chocolate Souffle Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($8.80) and Truffle Creme Brulee ($12.80)For the souffle cake, it came as promised with a richly oozy molten chocolate centre. The whole combination of soft cake with the melted chocolate was a delight. My favourite dessert of the three, this was a crowd-pleaser. It is a good place for knocking back a few glasses, especially if you are into sakes and the food here doesn't lack in quality, though some unconventional flavours may not appeal to everyone. You will need deeper pockets though. continue reading
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