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<br>At Brewbaker’s, this momentary bliss is eternal. Situated away from the city, we offer tranquility, and a chance to unwind with an innovative menu that brings you the best of both Japanese and Western cuisines – a definitive nod to our years of culinary know-how. And of course, a great beverage menu to complete your entire experience. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-19
Brewbaker's kitchen and Bar is under the JP Pepperline, the one managing Jack's Place too. The chef has created the new menu including Japanese-western fusion food that he hopes to entice more customers to try out their cuisine. That night, the first dish we had was the Sashimi Caesar Salad. Adorned with cubes of fresh sashimi and mixed with tangy salad dressing, it serves really well as an appetizer. The salad dressing is made up of yuzu sauce with a hint of wasabi to perk up the tastebud. The Atsu Age, fried tofu drizzled with soy sauce and spice flakes managed to satisfy most of us. Instead of being consumed plainly, the chef advised to sprinkle some chili flakes to bring out the taste even more.I would suggest consuming this as soon as it is served to enjoy the most out of it - crispy skin with soft tofu inside. Another amazing rendition of cabornara was the carbonara udon. Although it was a simple replacement of western spaghetti with Japanese udon, it proves many skepticism wrong. As much as I like the pleasant rendition, I would still recommend sharing this dish to avoid feeling nausea after consuming a whole plate of creamy food. The pizza is really what I call as Japanese-western fushion. The supposedly western pizza comes with shitake, inoki and shingi mushroom types topped on a soft airy layer of dough. The tonkatsu sauce was what that made it special. Sweet from the mayonnaise and sour from the teriyaki sauce, perfect match!The beef ribs taste as appetizing as it can be as seen in the photo. The succulent meat makes the chewing process easy and enjoyable. Although this is actually one person's serving, it would be perfect for sharing! The shabu shabu was pretty good as well with its rich broth served with bountiful amount of ingredients like inoki mushroom, tofu and vegetables. The thinly sliced newzealand beef will be cooked at your own discretion, depending on how raw or cooked you want it to be. I personally like to dip the slice in the broth was a short 5 seconds to ensure tender juicy beef. Unfortunately, I didn't quite enjoy the sushi despite the really fresh ingredients I would say. The sushi rice was the black sheep for it's too mushy and sticky. The second last dish was yaki niku where we get to barbecue the beef and pork slices. The process is pretty self-serviced hence you decide the cookness of the meat. To end off the meal, we had the cheese cake in a chocolate cup! I adore the presentation. very very much although the dessert itself wasn't as good as it looked. Perhaps it wasn't their specialty after all.Overall it was a really satisfying meal! Celine continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
I've been trying my luck with applications for food tasting with OpenRice for past months, this is the first time I got lucky and received my first ever food tasting invitation to sample the newly revamped menu from Brewbaker's Kitchen & Bar (at Anchorvale CC). My friend, Wendy, was another lucky openricer joining me for this food tasting.Brewbaker's is owned and managed by JPPepperdine group that also has Jack's Place, Hoshigaoka, Eatzi Gourmet etc. under its wings. It was previously serving a western menu and have now overhaul its entire menu to include Japanese and Jap/Western fusion cuisines.Our Host from OpenRice for this food tasting session is Calvin Leong. He kicked off the session with brief intro of Brewbaker's and the people behind the scenes (Head Chef & Restaurant manager) running the show at the restaurant. I checked out their new menu while the staffs are getting the food ready for us. Menu items are divided into numerous categories and food pictures are clearly labelled for patrons easy reference. There is definitely a good selection and variety in the new menu to suit most discerning palates.Our dinner began with a Starter dish, Sashimi Caesar Salad $12.80++. Fresh tuna and salmon cubes and fresh greens tossed with caesar dressing and topped with crispy croutons. The salad dish also comes with a soy & wasabi sauce served on the side for customers to add flavor to the salad according to their liking. I'm not a fan of Caesar salad as they contain cheese, however I find this dish alright after mixing it with some soy wasabi sauce. The ingredients used was definitely fresh.The 2nd dish was an Appetizer, Atsuage Tofu $11.80++. Japanese style homemade tofu deep fried till golden brown and topped with lotsa bonito flakes. This tofu is not the typical silken tofu we are familiar with, but rather it has a denser and harder texture, more like our Chinese Tau kwa. The tofu alone is quite bland and must be eaten with soy sauce and some chili flakes to bring out its flavor.This was another ok dish, nothing to shout about.The main courses started appearing from the kitchen. First up, Carbonara Udon $12.60++. This is a fusion dish incorporating Japanese handmade thin-strand udon noodle with a western preparation method. It is topped with bits of crispy bacon and a perfectly cooked sunny side up with runny yolk.I do not take carbonara but based on everyone's reaction, I knew this was the crowd favorite. Many were singing praises about the springy texture of the handmade udon. Thumbs up.Next, comes another fusion dish, Kinoko Pizza $12.60++. This traditional Italian dish has been infused with Japanese flavor with generous topping of shitake mushrooms, tonkatsu sauce and shredded bonito flakes.I had to give this a miss too as I don't eat cheese. My friend feedback that the pizza pastry is too soft, like eating bread with Japanese mushroom topping. She was not very impressed.The 5th dish was a western dish, N.Z Beef Rib $21.00++. It was a huge slab of grilled beef rib topped with sweet BBQ sauce and served with crispy potato wedges & shredded cabbage.This is the 3rd dish in a row that I don't eat cos I don't eat beef! I had gotten feedback from my friend again on her take on this dish. Meat was very tender but the sauce was a tad too sweet...not too well executed. I ate a few pieces of the potato wedges, they were good though..crispy exterior with soft mushy center, quite nice.At this juncture, Calvin had realized that there will be at least 2 more main courses that I don't eat as they are gonna be beef dishes again. He requested the Chef to make something else for me. The Chef rushes off to prepare something for me after checking my food preferences.The next main course was a Japanese hotpot dish, Beef Shabu Shabu (2 pax) $28.60++. I had a few sips of the broth before everyone started dipping the thinly sliced beef into the hotpot. The broth was refreshingly sweet and the assorted veggies used were very fresh as well. Feedback from most people were positive for this dish.The first item outside of the food tasting menu, Unagi roll (3pcs) $12.80++. Made specially for me by the Chef The generous portioned unagi slices were extremely soft and well marinated...melted in my mouth like butter! The tamago, crabstick & avocado maki beneath pairs well with the yummy unagi. Truly lip smacking goodness!More sushi items were served on our table, Matsu Sushi Moriawase $31.00++. Assorted fresh sashimi sushi platter to whet our appetites.My fave item from this lot was the Amaebi (raw sweet shrimp) sushi...sweet and refreshing! Most of the other sushi were not too bad, fish was fresh but sliced a little too thinly though. The octopus was overcooked and chewy, not so nice.We are now ready to move our butts to the Al fresco dining area to have our Charcoal grill dishes. Two sets of BBQ meats were served. Pork Belly yakiniku set $12.80++ and Ribeye Yakiniku set $32.80++. All meats are already marinated and ready-to-grill.I had the grilled pork belly which was pretty good. The meat were very thinly sliced so caution is advised not to leave them on the grill for too long, else they will become chewy when overcooked. The accompanying veggies were all sweet and juicy, nice.To end the dinner on a high note, dessert was served, Marble Cheesecake in Chocolate cup $6.50++. This was served with tropical fresh fruits and chocolate sauce.I didn't eat this again but judging on the speed it was wiped out, I reckon the cheesecake was very yummy. I had a bite of the choco cup handle, it was not bad chocolate. The cup body was frozen stiff and hard to break so we gave up on it after trying for a while. The water melon and honeydew was good though.We had a blast at the food tasting session. The OpenRice people were very warm and friendly and made the session extremely enjoyable. Brewbaker's new menu will appeal to most people who loves Japanese and Western fusion food. They have good selection of dishes and variety was rather extensive. Prices are largely in consistence with most Japanese/Western eateries. Food quality are a hits and misses affair but you'll be fine if you know what's good to order. I would recommend this place for those to live nearby or those who drives as it is a little out of the way here. *This is an invited tasting session.For full review & more photos - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2013/11/dinner-at-brewbakers-kitchen-bar-food.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-11-26
Located at the basement of Anchorvale Community Centre, Brewbaker's Kitchen & Bar will be the choice if you are looking for a quiet and serene environment to dine in or for gathering. It might seem a bit out of the way but it is actually quite accessible. You may choose to take the LRT (to Farmway Station ) or a taxi ( just about 5 mins ride) from SengKang MRT Station. New signboard spotted! This is not the first time that I patronized this restaurant. In fact, I was here quite a number of times when they are still serving the old menu (about the same as those offered in Jack's Place. Well , they are both from JP Pepperdine Group anyway). Now, Brewbaker's had revamped their menu which offers Japanese Western Fusion cuisine. I would suggest to sit at the alfresco area as the restaurant is just situated next to the Punggol River which you will enjoy cool breeze and the view of the river which my wife and I did. Lobster Soup ($5.80++) One of the creamiest soups that I had and with flakes of lobster flesh, the soup had a very strong "prawny" taste and the garlic bread that came with it really supplement the soup well! BBQ N.Z Beef Ribs ($21.00++) Served with salad and potato wedges, this huge meaty beef ribs is really a must try for meat lovers. Marinated with BBQ sauce and grilled to perfection, the meat was still very tender & juicy despite of the charred surface. It also has a sweet aftertaste which i supposed it was due to the BBQ sauce. The portion was quite huge and I would recommend 2 persons to share if you are not a big eater like I am.Carbonara Udon ($12.60++) This is kind of an east meet west fusion dish. Instead of using the normal pasta, it was cooked with Japanese udon which was much thicker and spongy ( which adds on to the texture), together with bits of bacon, strips of crab sticks and a sunny side up. The carbonara sauce was rich and creamy but not too overwhelming. If you like it spicy, i would suggest that you add the Japanese Chilli pepper and it tasted really good!Overall, the food was good and service from the service crew was prompt. However, what I enjoyed most was the serene atmosphere away from the bustling city that greatly enhanced my dining experience! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2013-11-15
This is a really good place away from the bustling city.This restaurant has the best of both world's which has western plus Japanese.Great for those who love both or either 1 (:What I personally enjoyed was the carbonara udon and this is recommended if you love creamy pastas!I enjoyed the salad sauce as there a pinch of wasabi, and the wasabi was just nice!Certainly an awesome place to eat and chill (: continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Located at Anchorvale Community Centr, Brewbaker's is tucked away from the hustle and bustle while easily access via the public transport (Taxi, bus or LRT). If you are taking LRT, Farmway LRT is within 5 minutes walk to brewbaker's. On top of that, Brewbaker's is also a subsidiary of JP Pepperdine Group ( Jack's Place belongs to them too just in case you are wondering who are they). Thus you can be assure that with years of experience, food here is definitely not "MEH".With the new Head chef from their fellow subsidery company, Hoshigaoka, Brewbaker's has now revamped their menu to a fusion of Japanese Western food. We started our night with Sashimi Caesar Salad ($12.80) which was totally delicious. Simple as it looked but the salad was orgasmic to the mouth with the Yuzu wasabi sauce topped with fresh sashimi (Salmon & Tuna) cubes, chicken cubes and garlic croutons. What I like best about this salad is the wasabi taste wasn't overpowering and with the Yuzu sauce, it tasted very refreshing and appetizing.Atsuage Tofu($11.80) is a grilled tofu that flew in from Japan. Personally I feel that it's similar to Taufu goreng but served with lot of bonito flake and is best eaten with japanese soy sauce and chilli powder. Carbonara Udon ($12.60) is handmade udon with carbonara sauce. Personally i like this a a lot as this dish is rather unique and the carbonara sauce is quite rich and flavourful.Kinoko Pizza ($12.60) is homemade pizza dough with enoki,shimeiji and shitake mushroom. Although the dough was made thicker intentionally so as to not let the customer has a dry aftertaste, personally Ilike my pizza in thin crust. =)N.Z Beef Rib ($21.00) was soft,juicy and tender. On top of that the homemade bbq sauce wasn't too sweet and the serving was relatively huge. Personally I love this dish as the beef here was perfectly cooked!Beef Shabu Shabu ($28.60 for a serving for 2 pax) was served with New Zealand thinly sliced beef. According to the chef, the stock has no msg and is made with bonito flakes, soup stock, soya sauce and mirin. This was another hot fav of the night as the soup was good and there is lot of vegetables. I highly recommended this dish for anyone who like to have lot of vegetable but wanted some tasty meat and also delicious soup as well.Matsu Sushi Moriawase ($31.00) here is made from handmade sushi rice thus this is something special. While I like the sushi rice which is slightly mushy, this might not be so appealing to those who like their rice slightly firmer.We have our Ribeye Yakiniku ($32.80) done on the outdoor to prevent the bbq smell on our clothes. It was served with some shimeiji mushroom and pumpkin. The beef was well marinated and tender while the pumpkin was very sweet after grilling it. Personally I like this as I can hands on and of cos the food also tasted good. If I have a complain, that would be it takes a while before the food is cooked. So must sure you order other cooked food as well if you are ordering this. =)What is a perfect meal without dessert right? Marble Cheesecake in a chocolate cup ($6.50) was served to end the night. All of us was wowed by the presentation of this dish. The cheesecake is those non baked type and not too sweet as well. Overall it was a good dinning experience at brewbaker's. I would definitely go back and try other items on their menu if i am in Sengkang area. Once again, I am very thankful for the great food tasting experience organised by openrice and hosted by brewbaker's.Don’t forget to like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/blessedbabyhannah & follow me on Instagram @Blessedbabyhannah for the more food updates! =) continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)