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Famed for its mouth-watering cakes, freshly baked breads, delightfully sinful chocolates and flavourful gelatos, Brunetti aims to satisfy every Italian craving. continue reading
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Brunetti is an Italian cafe (or Roman Pasticerria) that interestingly started in Australia and has many outlets there now. It expanded internationally and now at Singapore's very own Tanglin Mall, we have a branch serving aromatic coffee, delectable-looking pastries and lovely gelato! The cafe's decor is rich in authentic Italian flavor and hues, transporting one to another world literally.I chose to try the Cappuccino (SGD$6.50) which had a lovely taste to it, as Italian brew goes.Although we were full from lunch, we just couldn't resist some pretty little desserts at Brunetti. Hence, it was a good thing that they have these dainty miniatures of the original cake slices. We had a mini Lemon Tart, mini Opera Cake and Mud Cake Mignon at a mere SGD$2.90 each.The Lemon Tart was pretty good - refreshing citrusy lemon curd surrounded by a crumbly crust that was light and fragrant with butter taste.The Opera Cake was pretty good as well, the almond and coffee gelled really well together to give the cake a sweet union of flavors.As for the Mud Cake Mignon, it was a little disappointing because the cake was very hard and dry in texture. The chocolate taste was redolent but the hardness of the cake did not sit well with us.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/03/afternoon-tea-at-brunetti-cafe-tanglin.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-16
Tried their tiramisu gelato (small cup for $6.50). It was quite costly for the small size but portion was more of a medium size and would be good to share between 2 people. The tiramisu taste was rich but it was quite sweet. It would be near perfect if it wasn't so sweet as I really liked the tiramisu flavour and texture of it. The texture was soft in a good way, with an even creamy consistency. There were quite a number of flavours and I was spoilt for choice. I'll probably be back to try their other flavours and perhaps their cakes which look so pleasing.  continue reading
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Brunetti Cafe is known for their vast array of pretty looking, absolutely delicious desserts of French, Italian and American origin, as well as their use of high quality, premium ingredients in their preparation.Brunetti Cafe brings together a luscious array of everything Italian in an enticing café space - a Gelateria, Cioccolateria, and Pasticceria. This all-in-one concept features a brightly lit, casual seating cafe, with both indoor and outdoor ambience. I especially love their huge dessert display case, with their colourful, mouth watering gelatos, macarons, cakes and pastries!Service at Brunetti Cafe is semi self-service, with ordering and payment done at the counter, though staff will serve orders to your table. I find staff to be friendly and professional, knowledgable in recommendations and the vast array of items on offer, as well as alert and quick to respond. Because Brunetti Cafe is an Italian style cafe, the majority of dishes and desserts are primarily Italian, though there is also a small selection of French and American style dishes / desserts. Generally, I find food / desserts here to be of very high quality, using fresh ingredients, and prepared with good skill from the chef. Prices naturally, are slightly high as compared to other cafes, but I'm willing to pay a little more for the quality!With over 25 different flavours of Gelato freshly made daily, ice cream lovers are spoilt for choice. Ranging from traditional flavours, to quirky creations like the Hello Kitty Ice Cream (SGD $6.50 Small), all the gelato here is made with premium high quality ingredients.I absolutely adore the Italian Hot Chocolate (SGD $6.50) here! Very thick and dense, yet smooth texture, the drink is rich and deep with the intense flavour of chocolate. I got mine without whipped cream for the pure chocolate flavour, and I daresay this is among the best Hot Chocolate in Singapore!The Butternut Pumpkin Soup (SGD $8.90) has a velvety smooth texture, and the fresh, creamy taste of butternut pumpkin. Love the aromatic flavour, and the crisp dipping bread paired well with the hot broth. Utterly satisfying.Despite the name, Chicken Scaloppini (SGD $19.90) actually refers to the Italian cooking method of thinly sliced meat that is sauteed, then served in a sauce, not the seafood / shellfish scallops. The meat is tender but still juicy, and the chicken and lemon jus sauce lends a nice tangy, savoury taste without being overpowering. The linguine aglio olio is done to perfect al-dente, with lots of fragrant garlic, and the cherry tomatoes are fresh, bursting with flavour when bitten. Excellent pasta dish!I loved the Tiramisu Cup (SGD $8.50), done almost in the traditional Italian style. This version is alcoholic, made with coffee liqueur, and has less ladyfinger biscuits than an authentic Tiramisu, with more cream. Still, this is an good rendition, and worth a try.Full Brunetti Cafe review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/06/brunetti-cafe.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-05
for photos and more reviews, visit http://littlemomentsofmylife.wordpress.com (: brunetti is described as a cafe, pasticceria (pastry shop), gelateria (i'm sure you can guess this - gelato store!), paninoteca (sandwich bar), panetteria (bakery) and cioccolateria (chocolate shop) all in one.we came for their brunch, although probably high tea would have been better! their brunch menu was fairly limited in my opinion (considering how we were spoilt for choice at antoinette) but still, it was not bad! this time i ordered by favourite Silician Eggs Benedict ($12.90). after skipping my eggs the last time, i couldnt give it up again, could i? ;) it was so delicious! i loved how the luscious hollandaise sauce wrapped the wobbly poached egg which exploded with the runny yolk when i pried it open. it flowed all over the crispy baguette with italian ham and cheese. mmmm something unconventional i havent seen on other brunch menus would be the Italian Farmers Breakfast ($11.90) which was an interesting creamy polenta (a type of grain) with scrambled egg, sausage and truffles. it was a homely dish, but i felt that it could have been a little tastier. i couldnt really detect the flavour of the truffles but maybe it was because i took a really small mouthful.dad ordered the wild mushroom omelette ($11.90) that came studded with mixed herbs, mushrooms and cheese, served with rustic toast and sausage. the egg was wonderfully creamy and i loved how the cheese added another dimension of flavour to it! the sausage was nice and springy too.the italian pan eggs ($14.90) was such a cute dish! haha dont you think it looks adorable? ;) sunny side up eggs with bacon and tomatoes cooked in a cast iron skillet and garnished with fresh basil and black truffles xD yummy! the taste of the herbs was brought out delightfully, and we loved mopping up the egg with the garlic breadsticks that came on the side.last breakfast dish were the roma buttermilk pancakes ($9.90). topped with bananas and strawberries and drizzled with honey - comfort food!!i'm so silly. to think that i was so excited about trying brunetti's italian hot chocolate! but i didnt realise they had two types here!!! so instead i ordered the regular hot chocolate ($6.50) sigh sigh sigh such a waste! i really heard raving reviews about the italian hot chocolate, and brunetti is probably the only place in singapore where i could find it! well, this hot chocolate was alright, quite thick, but it wasnt the one i was looking for!!!we were so full already after all our food and drinks, but the entire counter of desserts was beckoning to us and we absolutely could not leave without trying something! we spent the longest time oogling at the desserts trying to decide what to order. everything just looked so good.first up, the Bacio ($8) was a dark chocolate and hazelnut bavaroise that looked absolutely gorgeous!!! but i think because it looked so good, i felt that the taste didnt meet my expectations? it was interesting, but not really what i expected. there was a combination of textures in the slightly thick chewy exterior which encased a soft chocolatey mousse within.i loved the simplicity of the new york cheesecake ($10) - can't go wrong with this! and finally, italian gelato <33333 because we wanted to try more than one flavour, we got the medium cup for $7.50 and got belgium chocolate and cookies it was smooth, creamy and so deliciously melt-in-your-mouth lovely if you can't decide on a dessert to get, skip the cakes and get the gelato. it was THE BEST. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-04
A lunch date with a mentor i hadn't seen in a while due to our busy schedules. I just managed a morning run so i decided to have a proper lunch order instead of sweet treats. I picked roast chicken with herbed baby potates and a side of greens. This was my attempt at eating clean. The chicken skin... yes, i know. But that's really the best part. The breast meat was just too dry it was hard to swallow. The herbed potatoes were done just right and the greens blanched while retaining its flavour and colour. Sadly, the star of the mains was the sides done right.Maybe I should've stuck to the sweets. continue reading
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