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A cosy and casual yet undeniably chic Belgian bar and bistro set up by Belgian celebrity chef Emmanuel Stroobant. Up to 180 Belgian beers and 21 ways to have Mussels. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-26
We simply love their mussels! For $40 a bucket (main size), we get to decide the sauce we like our mussels to be cooked in. Loved their free flow fries as well, cripsy on the outside & soft inside, very hard to stop once you started! =) We love this beef stew spaghetti. The beef was very tender, full of flavours & melt in your mouth. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-27
The decor is modern eclectic with cheerful colours such as yellow, and the ambience is good (plus they also play nice music that fits the ambience). They have a good selection of beers and beverages. I tried their banana beer as recommended by a friend and it was good.Their appetizer of fried chicken wings is a huge serving of almost 10-12 generous pieces of chicken. I tried their mussels with spices and mushrooms and it was really tasty. French fries are refillable with unlimited servings.Service was efficient and the staff were knowledgeable and friendly.I would definitely go back again. Just remember to make reservations in advance! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Till today, I have no idea why Brussel Sprouts is called Brussel Sprouts, but happily enough, the restaurant wasn't a vegetarian restaurant specializing in its namesake vegetable as I feared.Located by the pier at Sentosa Cove, the restaurant paints an idyllic picture of wine and dine by the sea. At the time of my visit, it was one of few eateries newly opened at Quayside, and we nearly had the place (and the attention of the servers) all to ourselves.Brussel Sprouts has an expansive menu. From its signature Moules Frites (aka Mussel and Fries), an assortment of braised meats and to top it all off, an entire repertoire of 100+ beers ranging from light-fruity ones, to the malty full-bodied. I may not drink beer, but I suppose Root Beer is also beer right? The restaurant is famous for its Mussel Madness. For those who love the succulent shellfish like I do, be prepared to be blown away by the choices available. Diners can choose either Starter (small) or Main (big) sized pots, with 2 pots of the former going at $30, and the latter at $60. The promotion offers a unique opportunity to try your hands at the various styles available - Clear, Asian, Cream or Grantinated.We really went mussel mad that evening, but chief among them were the Vin Blanc and A L'escargot.The Vin Blanc is a very safe choice for preparing mussels. A clear broth comprising of onion, parsley, butter and celery is laced lovingly with white wine which compliments the mussels perfectly.Did I mention that fries came with every order of Moules Frites? And it's all FREE FLOW!L'escargot is one of the styles off the Gratinated menu. Unlike the other styles which are broth-based, the Gratinated styles simply go lavish on the seasoning, so much that it's nearly a sauce with very intense flavouring. The butter, garlic and breadcrumbs for L'escargot really got us to licking the shells clean. Apart from the mussels, we ordered a couple of big eats (main courses):Roulade de Poulet - A succulent cut of chicken thigh wrapped in parma ham and served in bite-sized portions. Drizzled with garlic butter with rosemary potatoes on the side.Petit Sale - Lovingly grilled pork belly served on a bed of crushed potatoes, some greens that I couldn't recognize and a dash of red wine sauce to complete the taste.And finally to wrap things up for the night, what better than a molten lava cake? The Fondant au Chocolat was a tad pricey at $14, but it sure got the night to a warm, fuzzy end with a liquid chocolate centre and vanilla ice cream to boot.Personally, aside from the fact that the restaurant is pretty inaccessible without a car, I would recommend Brussel Spouts thoroughly, even if it's just for a pot of mussels and fries. It's heck of a way to see the sunset by the quay. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)