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Magical Milk Bun Original Cheese Bun
Review (2)
Level4 2014-03-08
By chance, I was walking pass and saw a newly set up bakery. My first heard of Bun Master, it was located conveniently near Toa Payoh MRT. Great scent from far, I decide to buy it for my tea snack. Pipping hot from the stove then immediately displayed to the glass cabinet, Buns were freshly made and taste guaranteed. They are currently promoting their breads, up to 50% discount from each original price tag are given. Spotted the advertisement board in front the kiosk, all their buns were tempting and appealing. Endless queue and orders, it was a bustling scene during tea break hours. Heavy Coffee aromatic on the outlay, skin was a thinly crust. Bread texture was fluffy soft, generous amount of yellowish butter hidden inside. Simple without luxury ingredients, the taste was decently lip-smacking. Somewhat addictive for Coffee lover, it was definitely satisfy my craving. Price was only $0.80, the size was rather sufficient. Glad to know another famous bakery, Bun Master would be another target for my tea time. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-16
A newly opened bakery pops next to the NTUC Fairprice Supermarket. There is never ending queue at the shop. Its concept follows the likes of Baker's Talent and Barcook Bakery where the staff packs the buns into bags as you shouts your order over the display shelf and pays at the cashier at the end of the counter. The shop is not big and there is about 8 different buns on display. Seeing the queue, I also join in to buy a few buns. The turnover of the buns is quite fast as I could the display shelf been replaced with fresh trays of buns from time to time during the short time I spend queuing up. Its Signature Golden Sand Bun ($0.90) is so pipping hot and tasty. With a bite, out comes the lava flowing custard filling. So tasty that little JJ finishes a piece by himself. Beware of the bursting of the filling, as I have mine spill all over. The filling tastes sandy and not too sweet. Another signature bun is its Parmesan cheese custard bun ($0.90). It looks similar to the Golden Sand Bun but there is no lava flowing filling. There is a hole in the centre of bun with the custard showing.Milk bun ($0.90) is also one of the recommeded bun. It has a crusty top with sweet milky filling.Another bun which I have bought is the Bolo bun ($0.90) with its sweet and crusty top. Plain and nice.Overall the buns are delicious and cheap. No wonder there is queue at the shop. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)