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Burger VS Wings + Bar, an American style restaurant conceptualized by the Kitchen Language team, where a Food Fight is continuously happening with Burger VS Wings, creations by our Chefs must be exciting to win likes, hearts, minds and to tempt your appetite. continue reading
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Classic Heavyweight Burger Pacific Izumi Fish Burger Wagyu Beef Black
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Level4 2015-11-12
Over the last quarter I have seen enticing big juicing burgers popping up in my mailbox from Groupon featuring B.W.B. While waiting for my dinner mate and drawing close to meal times, I saw the queues piling up and BWB getting more occupied, thus by the time my dinner mate was there, we need to join the queue. Fortunately the wait wasn't too long.Following the fighting theme in the restaurant, its quite interesting to see boxing accessories like punching mits, head gears, boxing shorts all around.But one need not have to worry, there will be no boxing affairs going on during dining.Located at the roof of Orchard Central, patrons get a choice over to sit at the roof top gather enjoying the Alfresco Dining Environment. With ample of lightings, I would say that the ambiance was really comfortable and suitable for people to wind themselves down after a hard day of work.As I'm more interested in the Boxing accessories, I decided to stay under the air-conditioned environment. Interestingly, table number with big sticker pasted on the center, looks abit retro here with some portions missing.Just flip over the menu and get ready for the food fight!Smoothing our night, we had these instead of Alcohol that was 1 for 1. The smoothies was not too bad, just that the Honey Orange flavoured drink tasted abit unusual without Orange flavour.The heavy weight wings was aromatic but at the sight of it, I was expecting something more plump from its name but it did not seem to leave up to its namesake. When I picked them up, they were not heavier than any of the usual wings I had. They were deep fried into crispiness and had its meat pushed upwards revealing its bone at the lower bottom. I felt abit short change for there was more chicken skin than meat.Classic Burgers is one of the Champion Choice with stockyard Angus Beef patty, smoked bacon, chilli con corng, sunny side egg, french mustard, tomato onion, cheddar cheese and sesame brioche bun. The beef patty, if was a little more juicer will be good. I have heard abit about their burgers especially their Tyson Burger that comes with nutty bites.Using Stockyard angus beef, streaky bacon, arugula leaves, sunny side egg, cheddear cheese and sun-dried tomato bricohe bun with peanuts spread. Its really a good idea having burgers with such crunchy peanuts spread which give a nutty fragrance and crunchy texture. Though it may be a uncommon combination, it tasted quite good.Matching our lonely burgers, we had topped up $3.80 each for a basket of fries. There were nothing impressive on those two fries just that the Cheese Fries was close to what one of the fast food restaurants was serving but with a firmer fries texture.Likewise for the other type of fries, the creation was simple, with fried chopped garlic sprinkled over them.After having a number of burgers meals recently, BWB Burgers are said to be better than average. However, on the pricing side, I would say its on a high side with all the food above, our bill end up to be $80 over for 2 pax. Still, overall, it was a good experience.For reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-21
A hip dining joint specializing in wings and burgers, with the additional perks of a tapas & dessert buffet bar.Tapas & dessert buffetWe were quite impressed with their wide selection of tapas and dessert spread. In particular, we enjoyed their ponzu poached eggs most! I think I easily gulped 3 servings because they were really yummy!Heavyweight / Hot Buffalo / Cajun Barbecue WingsWe tried all their wings selection and my vote goes to Cajun BBQ wings. The juicy wings were lightly spiced and flavourful.The Hot Buffalo wings were pretty decent as well with the thick sauce spicing up the taste buds.I was least impressed with the Heavyweight wings as it was a tad too oily and paled in comparison in terms of taste and texture to its two counterparts.Overall, a nice place to hang out with some friends over wings, drinks and laughter! continue reading
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While hanging out on Orchard Central and found a restaurant with the name of B.W.B from my friend?? I kept thinking what is B.W.B ? What food they serve ? .My curiousty brought me to the rooftop garden of Orchard Central to find out this restaurant. It is an American-style restaurant , stands from Burger VS wings + bar.More review on blog : http://cennds.blogspot.comThe menu : Pork BurgerIt is really a very big portion of burger. Imagine the layer per layer of the pork meat placed between the burger bread. How big it is. Picture and portion cant be judged on how nice the food it is until you really taste on it. The bread of the burger was soft but there was an unpleasant strong smell reside on the pork itself which made me don't really like it continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-21
We ordered the children meal. At a price of about $10, it consists of 2 super-mini chicken burgers! I think it is definitely not worth the price. The taste is also not that good, quite salty for children, not quite healthy. In fact, one of the chicken patty is almost overcooked! Will not recommend. We also got the Classic Heavyweight Beef Burger. The patty is huge and really juicy. As the portion is huge, it's enough for 2 person. The restaurant ambience is good and cosy for friends' gathering. Staff service is fast and friendly. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-21
It feels all pumped up once you step into BWB. BWB's theme revolves around boxing with a tv screening boxing matches while the dining concept is a food fight between Burgers and Wings! The whole place is not too brightly lighted, a little dim with the boxing arena feel yet bright enough to see where you are going and to eat your food comfortably.Extensive menu ranging from burger choices to wings choices to some other pasta and pizza choices. They served some light alcohol too.Following are pictures of the food selection available from the free flow tapas bar.These little bouncy eggs are definitely one of the better tapas appetizers!Cold salads selection such as tomato salad, apple salad and glass noodle saladTortilla chips, crackers and popcornSome simple tapas food - Butter rice, Quesadilla and a stew.Desserts selection like chocolate crumble, mini cakes.Here's our main course, we ordered 2 kind of wings with the add on free flow tapas bar.Hot Buffalo Wings: Deep fried chicken wings with spicy sauce. Choice of level from mild to medium to suicide. We chose the medium level. The sauce is pretty good, spicy with tangy lemony flavor in it. Has the kick for a medium level and the tangy spiciness lingers in your mouth after eating.Mozzarella Jumbo Wings: Mozzarella cheese stuffed wings with smoked garlic and barbeque sauce. But i find the wings quite disappointing. There's no sign and traces of any mozzarella cheese been infused into the wings in any form. It just tasted like normal fried chicken wings. The sauces on the other hand tasted pretty good. The smoked garlic is quite unique. Could taste tinge of garlic but not too overpowering and its rather refreshing.Their tapas is pretty decent. I pretty like the slow cooked onsen egg with ponzu sauce among all the tapas available. Not too raw and not too cooked, one slurp into your mouth with the yolk bursting within. Ponzu sauce is a citrus based soy sauce. Tart with thin and light consistency. It goes pretty well with the egg, overall a very light appetizer. First time trying quesadilla, i think the closest food to quesadilla i tried before is like KFC meltz. Quesadilla is like a flour tortilla containing savory fillings. Not too bad for a first timer trying it.Their desserts are generally average tasting, not too bad neither is it too fantastic. Desserts like mango mousse cake and ice cream will never goes wrong. For some desserts, once it's finished, some will be replaced by other desserts, so if there is one you really like, better take it before it's gone for good! continue reading
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