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A place for coffee and dessert lovers, ButterScotch's signatures include desserts like Pavlova, Churros and Brioche Toast. continue reading
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Bomb Alaska Brioche Toast Churros
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Located in bukit merah central, at a HDB shophouse is Butterscotch. It is a halal cafe that offers typical hipster cafe food with some interested baked and sweet treats!I couldn't help eyeballing the sweet treats in the cake display. They had ondeh ondeh cupcakes too! They sell churros too! They seriously have a wide variety of desserts, more so than mains! But their dining area seats about 20 pax at most. Not a very big dining area, and the tables by the walls are quite cramped. They only have one large dining table which I dined at with a party of 5.1. Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict $16+Smoked salmon on brioche toast with poached eggs. Sadly the toast wasn't exactly toasted. The texture was soft and not crispy at all. It was more of a soggy toast before I had even popped opn the poached eggs. But they were generous with the smoked salmon, which was the highlight of the dish!2. Chilli Crab Cake Burger $14+This was slightly too spicy for me as I usually don't take spicy foods. But the crab cake patty was nice and thick! The sauce itself was very flavourful and aromatic!Crab cake served with wedges and salad topped with signature chilli crab sauce. Not many places in Singapore serve crab cakes and they're not that easy to make, the trick is to use fresh crab meat. But living in Singapore, we have to be realistic here. Crabs aren't cheap, mostly imported and I can't expect a HDB downstairs cafe to be able to deliver perfect crab cakes. So I was content with this, but definitely an eye-opener seeing this served here. Wished more cafes had the same innovativeness! This is the best way to eat chilli crab without the mess!3. Chicken Chop with Eggs $16+Grilled chicken chop thigh with mushroom sauce served with wedges and coleslaw. Top up $2 for 2 sunny side ups for that extra oomph.  This is quite a huge portion even for 1 pax. But then again the price reflects it's portion size. The menu recommended to pair this dish with the rather expensive $6.50+ root beer and so we did.Sadly though, the root beer tasted just like any canned root beer and it was a complete disappointment as it really didn't go that well with the grilled chicken chop.Nonetheless, the chicken was tender and juicy, and the mushroom sauce was yummy!4. Ramly meets Wendy Burger $14+A twist to the famous ramly burger - beef patty wrapped in an omelette served with shitake mushrooms, wedges and tomatoes. This was an alright burger, nothing to rave about. Get the chilli crab burger instead.5. Ondeh Ondeh Waffles $12+ *highly recommended*Pandan waffles served with ice cream topped with coconut flakes and gula melaka sauce. Probably my no.1 waffles as a self declared waffle evangelist. GO TRY IT! It's worth the effort of travelling down to Bukit Merah! The waffles had a slight fragrance of Pandan but once, placed into your mouth. You brain deciphers that this is a taste of coconut heaven with gula melaka sauce. Okay the ice cream was vanilla, but with the gula melaka sauce, it kind of tricks your brain into thinking it's a gula melaka ice cream. The ice cream itself was smooth and creamy, with a consistent  texture. The ice cream survived my rather long phototaking session. It was a champ!6. Butterscotch Souffle with Vanilla ice cream $14+Waiting time was 30-45mins. The souffle smelt great upon arrival at our table, but sadly once we dug in, we realized it was literally pure liquid inside. Maybe it wasn't baked long enough? I've only have Souffle experiences in Japanese-chain dessert/coffee places so unless those were the bad experiences. This was a first for me!It was literally an eggy drink. But the top layer stayed crispy enough to give you a slight bite!7. Cheesy Wedges $9+Their cheesey wedges were great! Even for an appetizer, I had to control myself from finishing off this entire plate by myself! The cheesy viscosity of the sauce was PERFECT!For the location that they are in, I feel that their prices are abit high. But the service seemed alright. It was also partially self service, as you had to go and grab your water, and also walk up to the cashier to make payment.The food here has some hits and misses. But the ondeh ondeh waffles is enough to bring me back again! continue reading
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Level3 2015-01-20
ButterScotch is all about specialty coffee and variety of sumptuous dessert that are aesthetically appealing, exciting and piques every diners attention for more. I tried their truffle fries which is shoestring fries served with generous amount of truffle oil. They serve interesting burgers such as Chilli Crab Cake Burger and Ramly Meets Wendy Burger. The Churros served in Butterscotch is thick and has a distinct cinnamon fragrance.Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/20-halal-cafes-in-singapore/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-08
We were at the ButterScotch cafe straight after cakes and drinks at the Bakery Chef, so we couldnt eat much. Still, we wanted to try something from ButterScotch, especially when there was an available table. The cafe is usually full whenever we pass by so we never had a chance to dine there since we didnt want to wait. Tried the Chocolate Estacsy ($11 excluding the service charge), it is chocolate waffles with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. True to it's name, it is very chocolately indeed and will get you sugar rush high! The chocolate waffles are crisp and airy, and goes well with the ice cream. Love the chocolate waffles, but the chocolate sauced drizzled over the waffles proved to be a bit too sweet for me. It would be perfect with lesser chocolate sauce. Would love to try the mains next time, prices are quite on the high side in this cafe though.   continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-09
Specially came to this cafe as my friends wanna try out after reading the online reviews about it.I have ordered smoked salmon eggs benedict (Sgd $16++) Personally i feel that the dish is pretty average and the portion is rather small. The bread was abit soggy and the salmon could be more flavored. However the poached egg was nicely done. I quite like the ambience there as it gives me a coZy feeling. May return again and try some other dishes. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-19
Butterscotch is the first of a wave of new eateries that have settled at Bukit Merah Central, which replaces the now-defunct Le Bon Vivant.Mains are served here, but who could resist from the variety of desserts they serve here? We were glad to have found Churros ($11.00+) here; something we had been craving for quite some time. For those who prefer stiffer Churros, this is the one for you. The Churro were rather thick but crispy. Coated in cinnamon powder and sugar, it gives a sweet yet spiced flavour. A chocolate dip is also paired with the Churro, though we found the sour aftertaste not to our liking.We also ordered a Butterscotch Souffle ($14.00+), and it comes coupled with Salted Caramel ice-cream and the same chocolate dip from the Churros. The souffle was jiggly and custardy as we dug our way to the bottom of the pot. As much as we did not like the chocolate dip, we did not really enjoy the Salted Caramel ice-cream as it was a wee bit too salty for us.Initially an excitement, the Red Velvet Cake ($6.60+) also turn into yet another disappointment. While it held up nicely, it was missing of sponginess and turned out to be pretty stiff. It is also undeniable that it is a cake, but it tasted just like any normal cake despite all the cream cheese which was bland.The Flat White ($5.00+) turned out to be rather milky; not my cup of coffee.No doubt the desserts here are great, but I am a bit skeptical on their other offerings here, as well as the various items that come with the main dessert. The safest option would be to come here for Souffles or Churros instead of cakes and coffee; at least it would make the trip more worthwhile. Just a side note; Butterscotch does not charge 7% GST, but still charges 10% service charge on top of the listed prices in the menuFor more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/butterscotch-blk-164-bukit-merah-central/ continue reading
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