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Café Epicurious is a good representation of casual dining in Singapore: home-made, reasonably priced food, friendly, unpretentious service, presented in a unique style that reflects their personal eclectic interests. It is also a popular breakfast joint with all-day breakfast menus from 9am to 5pm. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-17
My friend & I were planned a cycling trip along Robertson Quay area and stopped by this cafe for brunch! My iced latte was served separately with the sugar syrup which allows me to adjust the sweetness level according to my taste buds! However, it became quite diluted after being left for awhile. The eggs benedict gave you a choice between smoked ham, smoked salmon or spinach on your english muffins. I chose smoked salmon! I love the hollandaise sauce which they drizzled over the nicely done poached eggs The smoked salmon bagel, mixed with cream cheese, capers and red onions came together with a side salad. Overall, the ambience is nice, service is good and the food are reasonably priced! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-13
First, we had the Baked Eggs - $14 This was really an interesting dish, in a certain way ~ west meet east. The ingredients were grilled, baked and toasted, definitely a very "western" kind of cooking method. However, the eggs in the ceramic container was watery with cheese and mushroom & bacon, which reminded me of the Ya-Kun kind of breakfast with its ever prefect half boiled eggs. The bread was also thoughtfully sliced in long stripes for the ease of dipping them in the eggs. For the price of $14, it surpassed my expectation, a very satisfying meal indeed.Next, we had the Full Monty - $22Full Monty is your typical kind of big breakfast with everything you can think for a western breakfast (thick toast, baked beans, poached eggs, potato etc). Great for the big eaters who cant decide what they want. To add on, both juice and tea were served, which was just nice for us to share. Heehee To read more & view photos, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2013/01/cafe-epicurious.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-09
This place is so hyped up to be one of the best places for brunch on so many blogs. Even Ladyironchef sang the praise of the food here. However, I find it so disappointing. Firstly do be warned that there are a few food items that have "limited quantities" like the pancakes & eggs benedict which I don't understand for a place to have brunch timing from 9am - 5pm, how come there are limited quantities. The other thing that irked me was the service. My friends and I had brunch at 3 plus in the afternoon. So that means that there were only 2 other tables filled hence the place was pretty empty. The waiter that served us gave a black face while serving. Not sure why when it was pretty slow paced at that timing. I had the green eggs and ham. The eggs are scrambled with basil pesto and they added cheese and ham over bread with some potatoes by the side. The potatoes are abysmal. Overcooked and charred. They were so tough to eat. The eggs were okay...nothing special and certainly not something that I would queue up for. This is the french toast with bananas & strawberries. Nothing special. If you like french toast with a super crunchy crust, this would be your thing. Once again, nothing too special. As you can tell, I don't fancy this spot. There are definitely other places where you get much better food. Give this a miss. continue reading
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Level3 2012-12-10
We were enticed with the all-day breakfast served by Epicurious. It was our first visit to the restaurant. As mentioned in many other reviews, the restaurant would be packed during morning and noon. Crowd flooded to the restaurant for its all-day breakfast. We reached around 1.00pm and they already ran out of pancakes and egg benedicts. Hence we did not have a chance to try them. The restaurant was rather small too. My friends ordered some baked eggs with hams which cost around $14.30++ and we also ordered an apple crumble with ice cream topping to share ($8). We waited for 30-35mins before our food came. With much anticipation comes disappointment. The baked eggs were so salty and the potatoes tasted so normal. Although the price is slightly lower than other places, the food didn't taste good. We wondered why so many people came to try and we thought perhaps its located at a prime spot with all the private residential surrounding it. The ice cream tasted good. However the apple slices tasted so sour! Swensen's apple crumble tasted even better than theirs. Overall, we will not visit the place again. There are better brunch places out there. continue reading
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It says alot about the reastaurant when im back 3 times in 2 months to have brunch, especially when there are a number of restaurants along robertson quay. Although i love the monte cristo that i had eaten previously, i wanted to try something different. This time around, i had green eggs! Ok lets start with the garden salad. I was surprised by the yumminess of this simple green salad and i think the key ingredient that made it great was the sauce. I cant really put a finger to what it contained but it was not heavy and had a zesty freshness in it. A little bit of plum/tamarind mayb?Green eggs was a simple scrambled egg with herbs and basil. Sadly, it was a little disappointing. The white stuff on top was cheese, which was the only thing that gave it some flavour. I think i will probably go back to eating my monte cristo next time. =P continue reading
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