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Cafe Insadong brings together both the art and cafe culture of Korea. continue reading
Opening Hours
12:00 - 22:00
Tue - Thu
12:00 - 21:00
Fri - Sat
12:00 - 22:00
14:00 - 20:00
Signature Dishes
Sweet Potato Bingsu Patbingsu
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Insa-dong is located in the heart of Seoul, where the streets bustle with their traditional culture, crafts and FOOD! It is a quaint neighborhood filled with boutique galleries, exquisite tea houses, street stalls, restaurants and cafes. Hoping to portray a culture with a similar theme in mind, Café Insa-dong boasts an authentic interior, serving some of the popular dessert choices in South Korea.Café Insa-dong is a cosy cafe to be in, complemented with their specially-chosen art pieces adorned on the walls. This Korean dessert joint serves up a huge range of Patbingsu desserts and Injeolmi toast.This is a very popular dessert in South Korea, with many different variations of style and flavours. At Cafe Insadong, this milk flavoured shaved ice was generously filled with red beans and sweet potato paste, showered with crunchy almond slices and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The azuki red beans were soft and moist, not overly sweet. As I dig deeper into the dessert I found their famous rice cakes hidden in it. These rice cakes are meticulously handmade by them with a soft and chewy texture, just how I like it!Toasted white bread with grilled rice cake in the center, drizzled with honey and dusted with powdered soybean. Not only was it visually appealing, it tasted just as good! It had a crispy crust with a chewy center, making it an enjoyable dessert. Definitely a treat for those with a sweet tooth!I would come back if they have more savoury items or main courses. If not, I think I will try other Korean cafes for more good food.  continue reading
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Level1 2015-04-06
I was around that area to run some errands and chance upon the cafe. This cafe looks rather new,the arrangement of their tables is good - not too close. I really dislike cafe that has very close arrangement of tables. It becomes no privacy when you are talking to your friends. It was rather quiet when I enter,perhaps because it is a weekday. The staff was really friendly in introducing their dishes. I ordered their mango shaved ice($9). This cafe has no GST and service charge so the price stated is the final price. This also means self-service~ I was given a small amount of condensed milk along with the shaved ice. I was told that it is supposed to elevate the favor by adding some sweetness. I first tried without the condensed milk and realized the sweetness is okay so I didn't add any. The shaved ice was topped with generous amount of red beans and fresh mango cubes. I really like the texture of the dango or was it mochi? I can't differentiate the both😅 Overall,the service was good and the food tastes nice. However, I think it is a bit expensive for a bowl of shaved ice. continue reading
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After a last minutes shopping for CNY, went to this cool and nice place with Korean stuff environment. Order a ice cream like red bean topping and a Mocha frap. Taste of ice cream is nice but will be better with more toppings.  Will come back if visit to Chinatown again. .Annyeong. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)