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Café&Meal MUJI aim to cook as simply as possible to bring out the ingredients natural taste which are full of blessings from the sun, soil and water. Dine with ‘Simple Food’ that is gentle for your body, kind to the world and delicious, amidst the relaxing ambience at Café&Meal MUJI. continue reading
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Level3 2016-05-31
Popular Japanese concept store, Muji, bring their first café in Singapore Paragon. The Japanese cafe is adjacent to their current merchandise store in the mall, attracting many visitors to drop by and have a try of their Japanese food. In the cafe, everything from utensils to the furniture were sold in Muji concept store. They are simple but pretty. There are many food selections - from cold dish to mains to desserts. To order food, it is very simple. Firstly, get a metal tag to reserve your seats follow by queuing for the food. The food was displayed in the glass shelves as seen below. This appetizing food could tempt you greatly while queuing. We had our dinner before visiting so we are here for desserts. We have ordered Matcha Cheese Cake With Sesame Ice Cream ($7.90), Roasted Tea Pudding ($5.40), Thick Omelette With Japanese-Style Mushroom ($2.80) and Iced Mojito Squash ($5.90). Matcha Cheese Cake With Sesame Ice Cream: The cheesecake was soft, creamy and light. The matcha taste was rich but not over-powered, having no bitter aftertaste. Sesame ice cream helped to match the taste of the cheese cakes by creating a contrasting temperature for the food. Really love this dish for its rich but not over-powering taste. Matcha Cheese Cake With Sesame Ice Cream ($7.90)Thick Omelette With Japnese –Style Mushroom is a cold appetizer. Thick Omelette contains crunchy peas and mushroom slices within. For egg-lover, it will definitely satisfy your egg craving as it was delicious.Thick Omelette With Japanese-Style Mushroom ($2.80) Roasted Tea Pudding was soft and rich in the tea fragrant. It was not to my liking as perhaps I was expecting the pudding to be more solidified and colder. But I guess it was just my personal preference.Roasted Tea Pudding ($5.40)Iced Mojito Squash was really refreshing. The citrus-sweet taste from the mint syrup, lime and lemon help to remove any greasy feel in your mouth.Iced Mojito Squash ($5.90)All in all, muji café was a place with delicious and affordable Japanese food. It was a place for chilling provided that you avoid the lunch/dinner peak hours. continue reading
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