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Previously located along Owen Road, Cake Literally's menu of cakes and bakes is currently only available online via their Facebook page. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-27
For the full review and more photos, please visit http://makanarts.com/2014/02/19/cakes-literally-138-owen-road/Ever since L’Etoille Cafe opened on one of the shophouses along Owen Road, a few more cafes came out, namely Cakes Literally and P Bistro. As I was aiming for something light, I went for Cakes Literally.This statement stand true to its meaning.For coffee, the Terra Firma blend from Papa Palheta is used here (hooray for great coffee!). The tea selections comes from Australian tea brand T2 (not commonly found elsewhere as it is only sold in one place in Singapore, which is Tangs VivoCity)The menu based itself mostly on cakes.As compared to other places, the Carrot Cake ($7) here fared slightly better than others. It is rather firm and not too crumbly. The cream cheese is also rich in flavour.If you are around the Farrer Park / Pek Kio / Jalan Besar area, this place is a great place to grab a slice of cake and relax. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
For complete review and pictures, please visit: http://theyummyyak.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/cakes-literally/Inadvertently noticed Cakes Literally as I walked down Dorset Road last Sunday evening, intending to head to L'etoile Cafe for a cup of tea as I do every week. Please trust me when I say I'm really not as old as I sound. Cakes Literally, located further down Owen Road, caught my eye with its immaculately white exterior and cursive typefont. I switched gears and decided to give this cafe a shot instead.I was the only customer at the cafe when I arrived, but the lady boss of the cafe came out from the kitchen to greet me as soon as I'd entered. A Ms Carissa Choh, to be precise. She was very polite and helpful when I asked her for recommendations on cakes, providing a running commentary on the ingredients of each of the cakes on display.Valrhona flourless cake, $7.50 per slice. 9-inch cake available at $72 - To be honest, this cake wasn't much of a looker. From a side view it kind of looks as if the base has collapsed. But what it lacks in the looks department it makes up for in terms of taste. This was a gluten-free cake made of premium quality Valrhona chocolate, topped with mousse. I thought the cake could be a little more moist, but the mousse was faultless. Atop each slice of cake sits a cute Belcolade shell containing little pieces of Venchi chocolate caviar. You're free to sprinkle the chocolate caviar on your cake for added texture, but I ate them together with the shell and it was pretty damn good.Orange almond cake, $5.50 per slice. 9-inch cake available at $52 - Egged on (ooh a pun) by the success of the Valrhona cake I decided to take out a couple of cakes. My first choice was the orange almond cake because it looked so shiny and I'm a magpie. Like the chocolate cake, the orange almond cake here at Cakes Literally is also flourless and gluten-free. It's baked with slow poached oranges and contains no butter or oil. Although I did think this cake struck a balance between sweet and zesty, I couldn't get past how... wet it was. Also didn't really appreciate the coarse and grainy texture that the ground almonds lent to a soggy cake. It does seem like a relatively healthier treat though.Avocado pound cake, $4 per slice - This non-flourless, gluten-ful avocado pound cake turned out to be my favourite of the lot. So much for clean eating eh. Rich and moist, with the flavour of blended avocadoes in every mouthful of cake. It's quite a firm pound cake, so Ms Choh suggests toasting it for a couple minutes before consumption, possibly to soften it up. I didn't follow her instructions because I took one testing bite and couldn't stop myself from finishing the entire slice. I loved, loved, loved this. Why doesn't anyone else bake avocado cakes???Latte, $4.50 - Cakes Literally gets its supply of coffee beans from Papa Palheta (namely the Terra Firma blend), so you're assured of quality coffee. Price-wise their coffees are on the lower end of the spectrum, which is great. My latte was smooth and nutty, although a little too milky. Ya I know, that's like ordering ice-cream and complaining that it's cold.Cakes Literally is a cafe that hasn't opened to great fanfare, but a lot of heart goes into what they do. It's evident from the smiles on the faces of those behind the counter (i.e. lady boss and her mom, who was super sweet as well) and the home-baked quality possessed by their cakes. I feel obliged to continue supporting this cafe for this reason alone, but I'm also glad that their avocado pound cake provides me with a great excuse to make a return visit this weekend. continue reading
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Only recently uncovered, Cakes Literally is yet another addition to the already booming site in Farrer Park, no less an of-standard one. I’m not complaining, because food enthusiasts like myself just can’t get enough of cafes, can we.The high contrast of colors exudes a simple yet sophisticated ambience. The pristine white urges you to sit down, unwind and have a cup of coffee and cake. Though they don’t house the most comfortable pieces of furniture, their warm hospitality and slow-dancing tunes make it all up. Run by a close-knit family, you can expect a fuss-free, rules-free kind of cafe-experience, while letting your hair down to sounds from artists like James Morrison and Colbie Caillat from their iPod (that was before a huge crowd of family, including children, came in and stole the mood away).A few words can sum up what Cakes Literally offers – Coffee, Tea, Cakes. Not the most extensive, but hey, simplicity is the way to go now in this fast-paced society, isn’t it.Latte ($4.50) :: When it’s coffee from Papa Palheta, you know it wouldn’t go wrong. Arguably the best coffee I’ve ever had, we further had another cup of Mocha ($4.80) just to fully satisfy our caffeine cravings since the brunch place we were at failed miserably. The Mocha was especially intriguing, as shaved Belgian Belcolade Dark Chocolate makes up the chocolate in the mocha. It was like in coffee heaven; high in acidity, aroma so sublime, and an overall impression that lasts.Valrhona Flourless Cake ($7.50) :: Not only is it flourless, it is also gluten-free, and 100% self-baked. + Mousse + chocolate shards + cocoa + venchi chocolate caviar in belcolade shell. I love the semi-cake semi-mousse overall texture of it, where you can still get a good bite but a soft and smooth one. For the more intense chocolate lovers, go ahead and sprinkle the cup of venchi chocolate caviar over your slice of cake. But to be honest, maybe I have a high tolerance but it wasn’t unbearable at all.Orange Almond Cake ($5.50) :: This, on the other hand, has a different texture all together. Surprisingly, I love the combination. It wasn’t as tangy as I had expected, which is good. Crushed almond is mixed in the cake itself, which I suspect gives the rough and grainy surface of the cake. While the flavor was satisfying, the texture did not quite float my boat.I have no qualms that they will, like most small family-business, have consistent impeccable service. They’re constantly cheerful and approachable. If I am in the area, I wouldn’t think twice going through the glass door again.Note #1: Only cash accepted.Note #2: Prices stated are nett. No GST and service charge.Note #3: They also sell whole-cakes. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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