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Indulge your palates at CALI with the delights of modern Southwestern cuisine. A series of dishes presenting fresh, vivid, and bold tasting flavors to tickle your taste buds. continue reading
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Whack-You Wagyu Burger Crab Meat Burger
Review (21)
Level2 2016-02-11
We order the $14 Cali Cafe Fish and Chip and we waited a whopping 45mins for it and the worst part is the food was not served in sequence. I am very sure me and my friend order our food first (the cashier even key in infront of us as we order direct through the cashier not waitress) follow by 2 other customers who came in later and they order their food later then us. Guess what, they are being served first. I observed for a while and 2 Ang Moh customer whom came in later then a table with Chinese customer and guess what. The food arrive first for the Ang Moh customer than the Chinese table customers. Both are paying customers.Not a single smile from the Indian supervisor (not surprisingly). The waitress is cheerful but over all service experience is a combination of food waiting time and being served in the right sequence to avoid biasness. To me this restaurant totally fail in their service.The food arrived and there was nothing special to be honest. The fried fish is very dry and thinly sliced. I got to squeeze all the lemon to make it more moistured. If without the lemon juice to cover the fish, there is a faint taste of unfreshness from the fish. The fries are saltish and the rocket leaf salad totally fail as the salad did not pick up the taste from the black colour sauce. Totally not worth it to pay $14 for each plate of fish and chip with a  waiting time of 45mins and moreover the tables are not full during lunch time and the food are not served in sequence with extreme biasness. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-28
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comCali Cafe is housed within Park Avenue Hotel in Rochester Park Area. Interior looks like any typical cafe in Singapore, complete with comfortable music playing in the background as well as soft lighting. Due its location that requires a distance from the MRT and the usual malls, the place is occasionally quiet on the weekends which I find it a perfect hangout over the weekends if you want to sit down on the chair enjoy some decent food, unwinding ourselves after a week's of work.Having ordered both peach and strawberries, we find that they taste more of yoghurt taste and similar to LASSI which we usually had from the North Indian Cuisine. Nonetheless, I find that drinking them was refreshing.Marinated French Cut pork chop was grilled to perfection paired with pineapple sauce. What amazed me was its extraordinary taste that is different from the local pork chop that we get from the market.It was served with vegetables too.Striploin Steak was cooked to our preferred doneness, medium accompanied by mushroom sauce on a separate portion. Besides that it was served with fries as well as salad.Standard was there as what you will expect from any steaks, juicy and tender to the jaws.Do note that if you are parking your vehicle within the same premises in the Hotel, you can ask for a complementary carpark coupon from the staff. It's so thoughtful of them to offer the complimentary carpark coupon even though we did not park there. continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-31
Cali Cafe is a Californian-styled cafe tucked snugly within Park Avenue Hotel. It provides a classic cafe atmosphere, complete with plushy seats and soft lighting and music - perfect for settling down with a book in hand in rainy weather.They have an impressive range of burgers, pastas, pizzas and other typical cafe bites to go along with their coffees and other beverages. They even have an in-house ice cream dessert cafe serving up Häagen-Dazs ice cream and Belgian Waffles. Sounds like a perfect, complete cafe experience, no?Despite being a cafe, the main I had, the In Coming Burger with Cheese, was indeed worthy of repeat visits. It was a classic American-style beef burger, with a thick and juicy beef patty, cheddar, lettuce and tomatoes sandwiched between two soft and fluffy buns. Fries, orange wedges and mesclun leaves completed the dish.My biggest complaint would be directed at the fries, which were way too salty. I would certainly ask them to hold the salt on future visits. Apart from that, the burger itself was hearty and satisfyingly beefy. Nothing really special, just a standard, timeless beef burger. It was, however, done really nicely, with the patty moist and tender, oozing juices with every bite. The cheddar complemented the patty well, adding a chewy, mildy salty tang to it. Together with the fries and salad, this dish filled me up really well, and I left a happy and satisfied patron.   continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-17
Came here with a groupon for a set lunch with soup that tasted burnt... The chicken was def just frozen thawed and reheated.. The fish and chips wasn't so bad and they were generous with the fish and the chips.There were quite a number of patrons that came for their "all American" breakfast which unless you just wanna eat cubes of potatoes... Yeah it was quite bad and they didn't have much to offer.Everyone that work there was Indian and I couldn't really understand their heavily accented English and no one seemed to care when I asked for our dessert 3 times..The food was so bad, I didn't even bother to take a photo. continue reading
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Level2 2014-11-08
Read this nly $8.80 NETT for an All - Day Set Meal, Choose between Fish & Chips, Bratwurst SpaghettiOlio or El-Camino Chicken Thigh - Comes with Free Flow Of Soup, Lemonade, Tea &CoffeeSounds good ? So I purchased some Deal vouchers to try out the food.Soup of the DayThis taste like the usual condensed soup you buy in cans.Fish & ChipsThis is deep fried dory fish (or the cheap sutchi fish) in bread crumbs. We were served pretty deep brown fish (not golden brown), meaning that the fish was over-fried. 2 pieces, served with straight cut fries.El-Camino Chicken ThighI think this is a better choice that the fish & chip. The brown sauce is quite tasty. Served with a hard chunk of carrot, mashed potatoes & another veg - mine was a piece of broccoli, while my companion's was 2 pods of pea.My Samsung phone's camera always give very intense colours. Actually the broccoli was quite yellowish with only some patches of green, not the bright 'healthy' green you see in the picture.Coffee & TeaFree flow, which you help yourself from the counter. Tea are from tea bags.Given the ambience of the place, the food is cheap. However, given the quality, it is not enough to lure me back again. continue reading
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